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An Excellent Post from Jeff Id about the nature of the Green Religion to be recommended for all who still have a working brain and an open mind on the climate Issue
Cheers Comrades

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Time, time, we can’t get more time.   The climate grinds though on with or without our opinions.   Rather thoughtless of it to ignore what we think, at least in my opinion, but I suppose that is the point, or perhaps that it should be the point.   Still, people feel the need to insert their opinions in the face of climate, even when it is in conflict with climate itself.  It is as though the self-absorbed belief in the reality of their opinions trumps the reality of climate.   Climate change is real… it has always been real.  The earth warms, cools and was even a ball of lava at one time.   If we look far enough into the future, we can even see a time when the Earth becomes a superheated ball of solar plasma.

Still, our vaunted science has made the decision for us that today’s global temperature is…

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  1. omanuel says:

    Jeff’s anger is well justified.

    Others will be a angry too when they realize they have been betrayed by leaders of the scientific community.

    The story began in the closing days of WWII when a nuclear geochemist, Dr. Kazuo Kuroda, took secret A-bomb plans from Japan in 1945.

    Kuroda became my research mentor in 1960. If you save the following documents, you can use them to decipher the New World Order, “settled science,” “consensus science,” “standard models,” etc., for yourself by:

    _ a.) Studying reliable observations of the Sun – Earth’s heat source – and

    _ b.) Diligently putting together the pieces of this 69-year old puzzle:

    Click to access A_69_Year_Puzzle.pdf

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  2. Paul Murray says:

    And for more betrayal, here’s some footage of the Larsen B ice shelf collapsing into a puddle of slurry:

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