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Is it time to shut down CSIRO?

I can’t believe that I feel moved to reblog a post form this site, because usually I just see pieces here as a place to fight the good fight against the silliness of the left. Instead this piece says something that I have long thought about the way that “science” positions itself as a sort of secular religion and that it uses all kinds of moral pressures upon government to maintain its churches institutions even when they produce nothing of substance and they duplicate other places of higher learning.
A most interesting argument that deserves deep consideration.
Cheers Comrades

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  1. Paul Murray says:

    “Australia has heaps of world-class research” – so let’s shut the CSIRO down. Riiiiight.

    Declaration of interest: I work around that area, I have been paid indirectly from a CSIRO bucket of money, and expect that I’ll have future work coming from them one day.

    The problem, of course, is climate change. The CSIRO is in agreement with most of the rest of the world scientific community that AGW is actually a thing. Various people don’t like this. But before turfing the CSIRO for that reason, it might be wise to look into the other 99% of what it does: breeding drought-resistant wheat strains, researching agricultural pests, dryland salinity, bushfire management – all the boring stuff that isn’t in the news at the moment. Long-term and basic research of every description. It’s also a rather important segment of Australia’s internet infrastructure (note the domain name: csiro.au ).

    Government organs do the stuff that doesn’t directly and immediately make money, mainly because moneymaking stuff gets sold off every time the coalition is in power. So of course it’s an expense on the budget. So is the military, customs, and the department of fisheries. That alone doesn’t prove that it isn’t worth keeping. These types of institutions are the difference between having a country and living in a corporate feudalism.

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