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Liberals Win Tasmania With 15% Swing



  1. GD says:

    As of an hour ago, the Greens had won just two seats. This can only be good for Tasmania (and Australia)! 🙂

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Don’t get too excited boys; after 16 years of Labor Govt in Tassie, the Libs were well & truly overdue for a win and would have been a laughing stock if they hadn’t. Even the new Premier elect seems to admit that.

    After eight years as Opposition Leader, Mr Hodgman joked that he was delighted to “bring to an end the longest reign of an Opposition Leader in world history, apparently, and thank heavens for that.”

    Earlier, Ms Giddings told the Labor faithful gathered to hear her concession speech at the Hobart Hockey Centre: “We do have to accept that after 16 years Tasmanians today have voted for change.”

    Besides, winning in Tassie (population 500,000) is like winning your local council election. Who cares? The real surprise is over in Sth Australia where your boys must be feeling a tad flummoxed over their less-than-magnificent result:

    In South Australia, what had been expected to be a comfortable Liberal victory failed to materialise, with Jay Weatherill’s Labor putting up a fight in the Adelaide marginals which have delivered it power for the past three terms.

    The South Australian Electoral Commissioner says with the high volume of early and postal votes, up to a quarter of the overall vote is yet to be counted.

    With nearly 70 per cent of the votes counted, the ABC’s election computer was predicting 20 seats for Labor, 19 for the Liberals, and two independents, with Mr Weatherill saying he was “hopeful of retaining government”.

    It looks like your hopes of ‘nationwide’ Liberal/Nat govts won’t be realised, unlike the ALP managed to achieve not so long ago after Rudd was elected and when all State Govts were ALP too. Even if the Libs somehow win Sth Australia (it looks unlikely) and you do achieve ‘wall-to-wall’ conservative governments, it’ll only be until Victoria goes to an election later this year. The Coalition is headed for defeat here for sure – after just one term.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Labor to form Govt in S.A. How did your guys lose that one? Victoria will probably go Labor too later this year.

  4. GD says:

    How did your guys lose that one?

    Quite simply Ray, because, even though the LNP won 53% of the vote, another cowardly independent has gone against the wishes of his electorate and sided with Labor in return for a cabinet seat. He explained his turncoat action on his electorate as a need for stable government. How the hell is a minority hung parliament ‘stable government?

    It seems these days that the only way Labor can gain power is through minority government propped up by lying, gutless independents. Did Brock warn his electorate of his intentions before the election? Of course he didn’t.

    Despite the Liberal Party receiving 53 per cent of the statewide two-party-preferred vote last Saturday and acknowledging his own electorate is a “conservative” seat, Mr Brock said he made the deal with Mr Weatherill in a bid to have a “stable” government.

    As ‘it’s in the DNA’, ex-Labor pollie Graham Richardson says, ‘whatever it takes’.

    Disgusting and disappointing.

    Update: I’ve now learned that had Brock sided with the Libs another election would have been called as the other independent is on extended sick leave. Not as disgusting as I first said, but still unfortunate and disappointing.

    LNP 53%.

  5. Jeff G. says:

    Crikey, what a tanty from the Sandpit’s resident right wing blowhard.

    I live in SA. Geoff Brock is a good man and a good MP. He comes from a working class background, was mayor of Port Pirie and was very involved in his community. He doesn’t deserve your insults. What contributions do you make to your community GD, if any?

    Also, the Australian’s report is obviously biased. If Frome was “a conservative electorate” then it would have returned a conservative. And the 53% figure is utterly irrelevant. Our political system does not work that way and never has.

    Interesting that whenever you bolted on conservatives don’t get your own way, you smear the people responsible. Childish and pathetic.

  6. GD says:

    If Frome was “a conservative electorate” then it would have returned a conservative

    Why did Brock say that it was a conservative electorate?

    acknowledging his own electorate is a “conservative” seat

    He acknowledged that there would be voter backlash against his decision.

    Fair enough though, I hadn’t read enough before my initial comment.

    the 53% figure is utterly irrelevant. Our political system does not work that way and never has.

    Perhaps it should, you know, to represent the wishes of the people..

  7. GD says:

    What contributions do you make to your community GD, if any?

    It is none of your business. I could also ask the same of you, Jeff. Please keep the personal comments out of the discussion. I am allowed to criticise the decisions made by a public servant paid by the taxpayer.

  8. Jeff G. says:

    As expected. You like spraying bile at others. Not so keen when the spotlight is shone back on you. I bet you are a real pillar of your community, GD, always helping out and getting involved. Unless there’s brown people involved that is.

    Two party preferred percentages have no impact on our political system. We’ve had elected governments before that won less than 50% of the vote.

    Just in case there is any doubt, I had no dog in the SA state race. Couldn’t care less who won. It was like having a choice between dog turds and cow pats (I use that analogy just for you GD.) I just enjoy watching blow hards bluster about the results of a state election, when they probably have no idea about it, aside from the results.

  9. richard ryan says:

    Jeff G. Imagine have to sleep next to GD every night, they say he sleeps with a book of Andrew Bolt’s “Still not Sorry” between his legs, very strange person,———-a muso he tells us, Me thinks he is a good f*ck gone to waste, why is he here, why was he born, no redeeming features what so ever,”What contributiond do you make to your community GD, if any?” hit a nerve that one? I am against abortion, but in GD’s case I make an exception

  10. richard ryan says:

    GD’s comments I liken to a tin of baked beans,as I wonder what bean caused the fart.

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    Even if both Independents had sided with the Liberals it wouldn’t have worked. The fact is the ALP won 23 seats and the Libs 22. Deduct a Speaker from the side they go with and work it out, GD. It means that going with Labor was the only way to ensure stability.

    As for your complaints about the two party preferred vote, I was watching the footy on Saturday night and one team had 53% of the possessions, 53% of the forward 50 entries, 53% of the tackles and 53% of the shots on goal … and lost. That’s how it goes sometimes.

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    I hadn’t read enough before my initial comment

    But you commented anyway, because it was an opportunity to bag the Independent and Labor, right? How does that sit with your refusal to comment on the Slippery Sinodinos matter on the grounds you “don’t know enough”? There’s those double standards of yours at work again, GD.

  13. Jeff G. says:

    Even if both Independents had sided with the Liberals it wouldn’t have worked. The fact is the ALP won 23 seats and the Libs 22.

    Which backs up my previous point. Voting percentages mean nothing. If you win 53% and don’t have enough seats to form government, then as Ma Sheela would say, it’s tough titties. It is also interesting that you think a party with 22 seats should have been entitled to be in government, ahead of a party with 23. But the hard right has always had a “born to rule” mentality.

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