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a short rant about Larna Watmough and co-accused Layni Cameron

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I know that public transport is very much beloved by our Latte sipping brethren but for me personally I loathe it, I detest the fact that you have to share your journey with others, I hate the discomfort of the accommodations, the uncertainty that you will even be able to get a s seat mostly though I just dislike the fact that you could  be sharing your journey with the violent and uncouth as was the case with Larna Watmough and co-accused Layni Cameron, these two young scrubbers filmed assaulting the nearly blind elderly man on a Gold Coast bus the other day.

That they were so quickly identified and shamed into surrendering to the police thanks to social media is something that I think is a big tick for the social networks. It certainly is one of the virtues that we can applaud, as for the disgusting behaviour itself well what can I say? That these young women should be receive  the most severe punishment that the court can hand down? Hmm well that’s a given what is far more concerning is that there is a a much larger cohort of young men and women with precisely the same lack of respect for the elderly and the disabled who have absolutely no concern abut anyone but themselves and constant indulgent pleasure.

Some may hold out hope that there young women can be redeemed and become better people but I don’t share that optimism. I also think that there will those who offer the excuse of their intoxication, I don’t think being pissed is any excuse for such behaviour, in fact I think that the whole idea that intoxication being a mitigating factor in anti-social behaviour is utterly wrong headed. Just as the thinking about the so called “cowards punch” assaults is changing to see intoxication as an aggravating factor that indicated the need for a more severe sanction  I think that is cases such as this we should do the same.

My hope would be that these two scrubbers will receive custodial sentences but my expectation is that they will both be given some sort of community corrections order.

Just one final thought and that is on the matter of gender when it comes to punishment for such offences. There is no doubt to me that had this assault been committed by male offenders that they could expect a bigger tariff for the same crime than any woman. Its a sort of patronising  sexism that we should be striving to end because if this incident demonstrates anything its that feminist thinking has liberated a whole swag of women into thinking that they can do anything, the trouble is that the anything they are now prepared to do is neither nice nor at all a social virtue which means that when it comes to sentencing for their crimes that female offenders should expect the same punishments as male offenders .

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    and they are poor and smell. GIGGLE-GIGGLE

  2. Iain Hall says:

    How can you know that Richard?

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    That blonde one can kick me anytime.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    The other one is prettier/less skanky but hey what ever rocks your boat mate

    Do you really fancy this skank?

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Not based on that photo, Iain, but she had a mighty good kicking action in that vid.

  6. These low-lifers Larna and Layni are both cowardly dogs who CRY when their ugly faces appear on national and international media sites. Where was the tears for the DEFENCELESS old man that they bashed? They were SO TOUGH in attacking the old bloke yet they break down in tears when the attention that they craved focussed on them. Both of them must have been wacked out on some strong BRAVE medicine for them to act like they did. Gone to ground now these pair of gutless girls. I hope they do get jail time for their cowardly attack. Tougher females in jail will no doubt sort this type of scum out. I wonder what their family thinks about their UNCOURAGEOUS combined act of cowardice? Better lay low Larna and Layni…what goes around is sure to come back on you two weaklings. You both wanted attention… now that you got it…how does it feel? The REAL HERO of this disgusting attack is the BRAVE young teenager who filmed your shameful attack.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    My sympathies are for the victim too. Apologies if my prior comment seemed to condone the ‘kicker’ – I don’t, I just wouldn’t mind being attacked by young girls!

  8. Andrea says:

    I cannot believe that no one on that bus stepped in to stop this absolute disgrace of an incident! I feel so sorry for that man and I hope that these two girls are not let off with just a slap on their wrist but they are in fact forced to suffer the full force of the law. Bring back corporal punishment I say, these two should receive several doses of it!

  9. Hannah says:

    Very disappointed that the brother of one of the girls (Mitchell Watmough) is drawing parallels to the death of Charlotte Dawson due to the apparent cyber bullying these two sick individuals are now receiving from all of the media exposure. He maintains the video has been edited to make the girls look like villains, does anyone have the complete original? I just cant see it somehow ! Others are now creping out of the woodwork saying they’re come across the gentleman that was attacked and they’re saying what an abusive horrid old person he is. Again … can’t see it somehow. Perhaps after being provoked, hit and spat on I’d be abusive as well.

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