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Evan Keith Beaver , RET and Twitter


I never wanted to be the sort of blogger who writes about their Tweeting stoushes but the exchange that I had yesterday was both amusing and revealing about the nature of the devotees to the Green religion,

Evan Keith Beaver@evcricket 

We’re in a democracy, so now to hold the LNP to account we get organised and stick a fork in them. If you want renewables TELL THEM LOUDLY

@evcricket why should I be paying for your renewables through my power bill

@evcricket because if you want them then you should pay for them

@evcricket Now you are copping out! Either justify the subsidies for renewables or admit its unfair to bankroll the Green vanity

@theiainhall Or option 3: don’t debate obstinates on twitter.

@evcricket You assume that renewables are a virtue if so what do they even need subsidies?

@theiainhall Look, you don’t think carbon pollution is a problem so I really couldn’t care less what you think of energy policy

@evcricket whay should what I do or don’t believe oblige me to pay for Green vanity?

@theiainhall Iain, are you impaired? I think I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not going to waste my time on you

@evcricket In the last decade my energy bills have more than doubled, some due to gold plating & Green subsidies. Zero effect on climate

@theiainhall Okay you won’t answer the question. Thanks for playing.

@evcricket Evan, the collapse of renewables energy subsidies coming for a long time, it has become too popular&expensive and unsustainable

@theiainhall Whatever. Like I said, I don’t care what you think of energy policy

@evcricket but you still want ME to subsidize renewables??

@theiainhall Exactly. Same reason you pay for cancer research yet know nothing about it. Experts do, let them make decisions

@evcricket your faith in “EXPERTS” is so delicious in its naivete, If an expert suggests you suicide for the sake of the planet would you?

@theiainhall What is a suicide expert Iain? Anyway, can you answer my question?

@evcricket your “question” is no question btw

@evcricket A question has to have a particular form and your tweet is no question

@theiainhall ok I get it. Being a dickhead just comes naturally.

Evan Keith Beaver@evcricket 13h @theiainhall What evidence would convince you that we need to do something about CO2 emissions?

@evcricket AT Last! Strewth that was worse than pulling a bad tooth with rusty pliers!

@evcricket Firstly I would need to know what that “something” is and that the act would be more than just symbolic.

@evcricket secondly I would need to be convinced with empirical evidence that the “something” would be cost effective.

Iain Hall@theiainhall

  • @evcricket Thirdly that enduring global cooperation for the next millennium (or longer) could be achieved

Isn’t the attitude of my interlocutor just so cute? He really believes that everyone should be happy that policies like the Renewable Energy Target raises the cost of energy for ordinary people, I have no doubt from previous writings of the author that he believes that the Carbon Tax is the best thing since sliced bread and its immanent repeal will be a terrible sin against Gaia. But most sadly amusing is his intense faith in “Experts” and is total suspension of any reasoning when it comes to what they say. Its what the faithful used to say about the clergy when they held far greater sway over the lives of the people the sad thing is we are consonantly told by the trendies and social media wonks that this is the age of the individual who is both connected and contribution to our collective wisdom through the wonders of social media.  To the likes of Evan Keith Beaver though all that matters is that those  with the “correct” political orientation, the cultural elite that he sees himself as part of, should impose their ideas and values upon the rest of us. Notions of social democracy go straight out the window so  his “experts” are to remain unchallenged.

I actually like the idea that social media can be an important tool in a vibrant and active democracy but it saddens me that so many of the leftists who have been its early adopters now think that it should forever be their instrument of control, that their clicktavissm should be supreme and anyone who dissents from their orthodoxy is to be derided and ignored. The irony is that the review of the Renewable Energy Target has been scheduled since before the last election, in fact its part of the legislation under which the target was created in the first place so there is no reason at all to think that it means that this article of faith for the Green religion is, of necessity , going to be abolished. Personally I think that having a diverse variety of energy sources has great virtue. However the quest to achieve this through subsidies and overly generous feed in tariffs and other incentives   has had some rather nasty consequences for those who are least able to afford them. I am talking about those who rent, those who can not afford to put the solar panels on their roof, the poor who struggle to pay their energy bills all of these people subsidise the likes of Evan Keith Beaver ‘s religious belief in Climate Change while he and his Latte sipping cronies think that they are “doing their bit” for climate change the poor and downtrodden in our country are struggling to pay those ever increasing energy bills. Its not just , its not fair and the hypocrisy of minions of the left who think like this is just breathtaking.

Cheers Comrades

Pay for your own bloody renewable energy!!!

Pay for your own bloody renewable energy!!!


  1. evcricket says:

    That’s not a very complete record of our conversation Iain;;;; are you trying to hide the decline?

  2. Peter says:

    Evan Beaver (if that even is his real name) is a notorious troll all over the internet. He has a long history of derailing intelligent, informed discussions about the anti-science of so-called “climate change” with his pathetic and logic-bereft AGW rantings. Good on you, Iain, for calling him out. “Evan” “Beaver” will shrivel and die if he is exposed by the light of truth and common sense from all angles.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    that is what I got when I went to the twitter archive, I agree that is not exhaustive but it does contain the gist of our exchange.

  4. I have heard rumours that “Evan” “Beaver” is a robot

  5. One time, Evan Keith Beaver confiscated by barbeque pit to pay for his LUDICROUS GOLD-PLATED WIND TURBINES

    Needless to say the garden salad was unsatisfactory.

  6. GD says:

    Fortunately, Iain, the house of cards that is the AGW scam is starting to fall. The writing is on the wall and there is no turning back from the fact that while CO2 emissions have been rising for the past twenty years, the temperature has remained stable.

    The AGW hypothesis that man’s CO2 emissions are causing the climate to heat is null and void.

    Real climate, that dictated by the Sun, or God, continues to change as it always has.

    The sooner these charlatans stop trying to take our increasingly successful civilisation back to the dark ages the better.

    Perhaps they should try a dose of their own medicine and live somewhere with only wind and solar ‘electricity’ for their lattes.

    They are fools, charlatans and schemers.

    It is scandalous that government money that could have been spent on infrastructure, hospitals and the homeless et al has been wasted on ‘pie in the sky’ latte sipping dreams which are now being debunked daily.

    The Labor Party is particularly guilty on this front.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    All so true GD but the worst thing is that most of these schemes serve only one purpose and that it to make the comfortable middle class latte sippers feel good about themselves believing that their solar panels makes them morally superior to the ordinary plebs, the ordinary plebs meanwhile have ever increasing energy bills which is no fun if you have a fixed income…

  8. Iain Hall says:

    I saw that cartoon and loved it immediately GD 🙂

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for the link Evan I always appreciate such things because contrary to your expectations I am more than happy to read and consider arguments that I may not agree with.
    Would you unblock me from your twitter stream please?

  10. evcricket says:

    Only because you asked so nicely.

  11. evcricket says:

    Now we’re never going to agree on AGW by the looks of it, so let’s discuss something meatier; how did you decide on the engine you chose for your Westfield? I would have probably used a 20V 4AG or SR20 for something a bit scarier.

  12. Iain Hall says:

    Engine choice was dictated by the requirements of the engineer, and the fact that it had to be compliant with ADR at the time that I built the car. which meant that I could not use a 2O valve or an SR20 the other issue is that its not easy to get a suitable RWD gearbox for most complaint engines. I got around that by making my own adaptor plate to mate may engine to an Auto trans out of a KE70 Corolla, check out my car blog where I detail the build process http://iainseven.wordpress.com/

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