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BREAKING: Craig Thomson Guilty Of Fraud Charges


  1. […] reading on today’s verdict can be found at Iain Hall and The Red and the […]

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    MEANWHILE! As the failed abortions on Bolt’s blog, rant and rave about the taxpayer funded ABC, and Craig Thomson, they celebrate Rupert Mirdoch’s taxpayer funded $880 windfall, an American owned news corp——which will blow a $880m hole in the federal budget. These failed abortions on Bolt’s blog hang off Andrew, as they gorge themselves on his every word,—– like dags on a sheep’s crutch. What can I say,— fuck-em all.

  3. Jim Clarke says:

    Richard, That money was a taxation issue. Started with a claim in 1981 that the taxman refuted. (who were in power in 1991?) Ended in a court case on the 25th of July last year (who was in power then?). Yes, Richard, it has blown a hole in the budget, but it has had nothing to do with funding. As for your insults, nothing has really changed with you, has it?

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    Strange! No posts on the Murdoch tax story, on Bolt’s blog of smeer, Bolt is so far up Rupert’s arse, major surgery will be required to extract him

  5. Iain Hall says:

    I do have a live besides blogging and you do realise that I hardly read Bolt at all these days don’t you?

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