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BREAKING: Craig Thomson Guilty Of Fraud Charges

The Red And The Blue

FORMER UNION OFFICIAL and Labor MP Craig Thomson has been found guilty this morning of some — but not all — of the scores of fraud charges brought against him in the wake of the scandal around the Health Services Union, of which he was head; the development legitimises criticisms of the previous government for doing everything in its power to shield him. It also bolsters the need for a royal commission into unions generally.

Just a very short post this morning, as the development is quite fresh and events fluid; Thomson has been convicted this morning of many of the charges he faced for ripping off the HSU to pay for sex with prostitutes, dirty movies in hotels, cigarettes, and other unauthorised items.

At this stage it is unclear how many convictions have been recorded against Thomson, when sentencing is likely to occur, and what penalty he will face…

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  2. Richard Ryan says:

    MEANWHILE! As the failed abortions on Bolt’s blog, rant and rave about the taxpayer funded ABC, and Craig Thomson, they celebrate Rupert Mirdoch’s taxpayer funded $880 windfall, an American owned news corp——which will blow a $880m hole in the federal budget. These failed abortions on Bolt’s blog hang off Andrew, as they gorge themselves on his every word,—– like dags on a sheep’s crutch. What can I say,— fuck-em all.

  3. Jim Clarke says:

    Richard, That money was a taxation issue. Started with a claim in 1981 that the taxman refuted. (who were in power in 1991?) Ended in a court case on the 25th of July last year (who was in power then?). Yes, Richard, it has blown a hole in the budget, but it has had nothing to do with funding. As for your insults, nothing has really changed with you, has it?

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    Strange! No posts on the Murdoch tax story, on Bolt’s blog of smeer, Bolt is so far up Rupert’s arse, major surgery will be required to extract him

  5. Iain Hall says:

    I do have a live besides blogging and you do realise that I hardly read Bolt at all these days don’t you?

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