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Electricity Bill’s polling blues

Who would have thunk it?

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The Abbott government has regained the lead in the latest Fairfax-Nielsen opinion poll for the first time in two months, helped by a sharp drop in support for Bill Shorten’s performance and a Labor primary vote lurching back into the low 30s.
The result has all but restored the balance that saw the Coalition easily elected last September.

There has been something rather sad and desperate about the way that the luvvies were taking great comfort in the short lived downturn in the polling for the coalition but this poll reversal must come as a very bitter blow to those who have been clinging to the vain hope that the Labor party can come back into contention without the reformation that it so dearly needs if it is ever to be credible enough to return to office.

I also think that their parliamentary tactics are backfiring badly. Simply put they are being obstructionist to the government legislative agenda in a rather shallow attempt to demonstrate that they still have parliamentary  teeth. A sensible party would have waved through the repeal of the Carbon and Mining taxes but in an expression of political machismo Electricity Bill Shorten has just succeeded in shooting himself and keeping the very reasons that his party was thrown out front and centre in the minds of the voters.

The utter brilliance of the coalition’s proposed Royal commission into the Unions  can not be underestimated every new revelation of thuggery or other nastiness will stain the reputation of the party that is the creature of the union movement and that means that things can only get worse for the ALP under the current leadership and the truly sad thing is that none of the alternatives are likely to do much better. Shorten had a chance to draw a line under the follies of the last government and move on to rebuilding the party’s fortunes but he chose (or was instructed by his union masters) to carry on in the usual Labor style. Frankly If he is still leader by Christmas I will be very surprised indeed.

Cheers Comrades

The bitter brew

The bitter brew


  1. les h matthews says:

    How shallow and insignificant can you get?

    These numbers are irrelevant 6 months after an election, in fact all things being equal your conservative thugs should be much further in front. But they are not because a, they haven’t actually done anything yet and b, people are giving them the benefit of the doubt and waiting to see if they will do anything.

    Interesting to note that your comments are mainly about Bill, nothing to say about Tony is there?

    It’s all down hill from here until we can have a proper election.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    any blog post here is merely a starting point for discussion, and while I agree that all is not peachy for the way that Abbott is perceived the fact that his fortunes have improved shows that he is at least more respected by those polled than Shorten. feel free to opine about Abbott as much as you please but as this is my blog I will choose the topics and determine just how they are constituted.

    If you think that you can do better and want to write a guest post (on any topic) my email addressees for submissions is easily found via the toolbar the head of my page.

  3. GD says:

    your conservative thugs should be much further in front. But they are not because a, they haven’t actually done anything yet..

    Thugs? Hang on, that’s reserved for Bill Shorten’s union buddies, you know, the ones about to undergo a Royal Commission into corruption.

    As for the Libs doing anything, I’d reckon that stopping the boats, to a large extent, and sending the rest back to Indonesia is a huge achievement. It’s certainly something the Labor government couldn’t do.

    Remember also that it was Rudd’s Labor government that opened the borders to all-comers thereby allowing 50,000 interlopers to gate-crash our country and subsequently gate-crash our welfare system.

    Rudd’s call also led to the drowning of 1,000 people.

    Certainly not wise policy by anyone’s standards.

    Then look at the debacle over spying with Indonesia. This occurred under the Rudd regime, however it’s the Abbott government that has begun to repair diplomatic relations.

    Similarly, Julie Bishop is building bridges with the formerly ostracised Fijian government.

    Next take a look at the Green energy scam. PM Tony Abbott has directed that the exhorbitant costs of the ridiculous RET scheme scam be examined. He should go further. Such schemes scams will do nothing to the world’s climate and everything to bankrupt governments silly enough to implement them.

    Come July, when the Senate gets an oil change, Tony will throw out the useless and costly carbon tax.

    As far as I can see, it’s all looking good.

    The adults are in charge once again. There is a steady hand on the tiller and Australia can rest easy that climate scams, union corruption and wasteful spending will be under the microscope for the foreseeable future.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes GD, it’s all “going well”. How’s the job front looking? Toyota, SPC anyone? Oh what a feeling – we’re heading towards 1,000,000 unemployed. Yes, it’s all “going well”.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    you obviously forget that the unemployment levels were predicted by Labor on the assumption that they would remain in power, in other words attributing blame to the coalition is something of an own goal.

  6. GD says:

    Actually Ray, I didn’t say ‘going well’. Those are your words. I don’t know why you put them in quotes.

    I said ‘it’s looking good’. That infers that there is more work to be done to repair the damage inflicted on both our economy and our social fabric by the previous Labor government.

    It will take time, but Tony Abbott is showing enormous patience in dealing with inequities such as the bias of the taxpayer funded ABC and the already acknowledged corruption rampant in the unions.

    His tackling of the latter first is proof of his stalwart and sensible approach to reform, rather than the knee-jerk reactions of the Rudd and Gillard governments.

    The majority of Australians are grateful that a mature government is once again in charge.

    The leftards, anarchists, socialists and communists can have the twitterverse and social media to gnash and grind their teeth over; their hatred for Tony and the conservatives is water off a duck’s back for mature Australia.

    Gnash and grind away, leftards.

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