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Paul Howes, Australia’s Next Labor Prime Minister?

I too have been impressed with the unusually sensible position that Howes is taking about the need for reform in industrial relations, especially as Shorten has been trotting out the very tired old lines that try to aspire to class warfare just because the current government makes a submission to “Fair work Australia ” arguing for the re thinking of aspects of the award system.
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The Red And The Blue

HOPELESS JOKE Bill Shorten — whose performance to date as Labor “leader” in the face of issues of union corruption, industry protection, workplace relations and ALP gamesmanship in the Senate has been abysmal — has a new problem to worry about; ambitious young union leader Paul Howes has easily outshone Shorten in recent weeks in a series of speeches, announcements and press comments. Is this Labor’s next Prime Minister?

I have been impressed over the past few weeks by the public conduct of AWU secretary and widely rumoured ALP parliamentary aspirant Paul Howes; it seems Howes is beginning to stake out a claim on a seat in federal Parliament publicly and with it, an eventual aspiration to the Prime Ministership.

I should just reassure readers that I haven’t taken leave of my senses; I do from time to time recognise merit in my political opponents and criticise those on my…

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