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$7 Billion Carbon Tax Proven A Charlatan’s Ruse

I have made the argument that the Carbon tax would be utterly useless in changing the climate since the moment it was first mooted and sadly those with the green religion were in denial then and they are stil bathing in that Egyptian river now, well that is the nature of religious belief and millenarian thinking.
Cheers Comrade Yale.

The Red And The Blue

THE NUMBERS ARE IN: Labor’s carbon tax — trumpeted as a “clean energy” regime that would banish carbon pollution — has succeeded, in its first full measurable year of operation, in cutting Australia’s emissions of carbon by just 0.3%; it did however succeed in reaping $7 billion in tax receipts to swell government coffers, and whilst this might have put a band-aid on the federal budget, it was, literally, money for nothing.

One of the greatest — and most basic — skills of the charlatan and the fraudster is to ensure that they don’t get caught; to foist their bullshit on their unsuspecting victims in the reasonably confident belief that nobody will ever be the wiser.

Speaking of Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan, I have been reading an article in today’s issue of The Australian that rather illustrates the fact that when it comes to pulling off a convincing hoax…

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