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The Future of Weather – Uncommon Sense

A wonderfully insightful piece Jeff and what you say about your United States experience holds equally true here in the Antipodes where the stupid leftist government that we so recently threw out imposed a most pernicious Carbon Tax upon our economy and even though they were decisively thrown out of office as a consequence of the hubris the ALP and Greens still try to maintain the useless tax with their numbers in our upper house.

the Air Vent

USA today published yet another climate rant on the state of global warming.  This time they tied it to the polar vortex that is still freezing our ___ (insert anatomy here) off.  The article is filled with the ‘local is not global’ and ‘weather is not climate’ (until they say it is) mantra that has been so common in recent years.   The problem that  AGW scientists and left-wing mouthpieces have is identical, while things have warmed a tiny bit, the stupid thermometers are falling well behind the not-so-clairvoyant, modeled projections of planet-wide doom.

What to do

…what to do.

Well the general media seems to have congealed on a temporary strategy at least. The collection of like-minded opinion is not a conspiracy between writers, but rather an obvious shelter during the cold.  Strategically, it is basically a placeholder until something happens that looks politically better for global warming activists. …

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