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Moggie on the menu, or what wine is right with cat?

Unrepentant carnivore, that’s me, I like a tasty meat dish, from a spicy curry to a bloody piece of steak  if its made of meat I will at least try it. In that vein I’ve eaten the flesh of many different species’ Not too keen on trying dog or cat but under the right circumstances those reservations could be put aside. With that in mind I find  this story in the Daily Mail darkly amusing   


What I want to know though is how a charge of animal maltreatment could be maintained if he had slaughtered the moggies in a humane manner? Because it surely could not rely at all just upon the fact that the man admits killing the cats to eat them any more than someone who kills a chicken to eat it could be charged with “cruelty to animals” if the killing was done as swiftly and painlessly as is humanly possible.

An ethical question for you all to consider…

Chaio Comrades



  1. deknarf says:

    Indeed it is! Similarly to the Asian desire for doggy delicacies. 😉
    I’m afraid that rationality (and ethics) disappear out of the window when pets are involved.
    Must admit that I would probably draw the line at disposing humanely of our dog and consuming him in a sumptuous repast redolent with spices, crispy fried skin, delightfullyly roasted potatoes with a hint of salt and pepper, carrots, succulent green peas, and a gravy made from the residuals of the roasting pot mixed with thickener and a nice red wine!! Where were we again?
    Oh yes. I’d recommend a nice Vasse Feline Cabernet Sauvignon followed with an Arrogant Frog should the celebrities continue past the gnawing of the bones! ;-))

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Sounds like the recipe for social success Deknarf!

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