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Holidays and Ruby Slippers


Don’t we all love family holidays?

There is the joys of packing  and preparing one’s house for the planned absence, making secure that which you otherwise don’t ever lock, ensuring that nothing will be left to rot while you enjoy the seaside. The packing is  a battle between having all that you need and not overloading the car (four people and everything needed for a week into one Tiida makes that pint pot look voluminous) but we did it. Then there was the drive there, which was mostly OK thanks to the driver having a good grasp of pain management and a Zen like discipline that enabled him to distance himself from the inevitable squabbles on the journey.  Supermarkets are much the same, even in Yamba and once we had added groceries into an already tight squeeze well things got even nicer for the last little bit of the journey to the house that we had rented.

For me being horizontal was the long held dream and I left the family to unload and set up while I tried to recover…

My son was keen to try fishing and we gave it a go a couple of times, he caught his first fish sadly it was tiny and too small to keep but I think that it was a lovely moment none the less.

I read a complete Ian Rankin Novel which I enjoyed even though the plot was rather untidy and not exactly well resolved. I also read about half of “The snow falling on the cedars”  which I found annoying because of the way the narrative jumped backwards and forwards in time I don’t think that I can be bothered reading it any further.

My beautiful wife did the walks north and south of where we were staying at Brooms Head, went swimming with the boy every day and generally reminded me of the things that I just can’t do any more. My daughter, who was most reluctant to come with us at all spent most of her time on the play-station enjoying virtual adventures but I did manage to get her to see the beach once while we were there.

All good things must come to an end and its also the same with family holidays and I would love to say that the journey home was just as smooth as the the drive there bit is was rather more tense and well, some war zones are more peaceful, all I will say is that teenagers are fun in confined spaces when mixed with emotional mothers and meal breaks and our  neurotic  hound who was the other passenger on this adventure. To top it off my beautiful wife left the hot chicken that we stopped to pick up for our dinner at the checkout of the Dayboro IGA  so when it was time to make dinner we had just what I could scratch up from the (depleted) pantry for dinner last night.

As I opened with “Don’t we all love family holidays?” you may think that I hate them but the truth is I don’t, but this last one will not go down as a great time over all but I am sure that given time it will not be considered a disaster, just one of the lesser lights in the holiday firmament.

There is no place like home Comrades, no place at all.



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