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We stop taking it, at last

We are beginning to see the strength  of the government’s resolve to end the  flow of illegal immigrants coming via Indonesia and I for one can’t help but applaud the effectiveness of the strategy. Naturally the  Indonesian  government are not happy but frankly they are just going to have to cop it sweet because quite laudably the Abbott Government are not going to be bullied the way that Labor was bullied and just tug our forelocks as we do as they wish.

click for source

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Australia is under no obligation to accept undocumented economic migrants as these men so clearly are, What amazes me is that these men are all Bangladeshis, who in heavens name are they claiming to be oppressed by? This has to be a case of well done to the Royal Australian Navy, well done to the minister Scott Morrison, and well done to the Abbott government for keeping their promise to turn back the boats when it is safe to do so. Its interesting to read the comments attached to may source piece in the Fairfax press where they seem to me to be running very strongly in support of the government actions. The “open borders” shrills are increasingly  pissing into the wind on this issue and the Australian people are quite rightly less than impressed by their blathering anymore.

As for Indonesia well what can they do? Whine and complain?  For too long they have tried to shirk the responsibility that they have for the foreign nationals that they allow into their country in transit to illegal entry into our territory and  they scream blue murder when we quite rightly jail their nationals for braking our laws. I think that they may well be tightening the visa-less entry for their fellow Muslim Bangladeshis  in the near future just as they have for Iranians.  What it boils down to is respect, Indonesia has for years failed to respect our right to control our borders and allowed all and sundry to transit their territory to facilitate the people smuggling trade, now they can’t get away with it.

Cheers Comrades



  1. les h matthews says:

    Bollocks. (that’s all your comments deserve)

  2. Iain Hall says:

    How so?

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Who gets to keep the orange boat? So ‘Stopping the boats’ only means stopping the old boat and giving them a new one that won’t sink? That’s clever.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Well a single use boat still cost a great deal less than detaining 56 “asylum seekers” and the flying them back to where they came from.

  5. Paul Murray says:

    Whenever people talk about refugees in detention centers, I like to point out that detention centres are full not of refugees, but of people *claiming* to be refugees. A very different thing.
    One of the things that totalitarian governments do it threaten their people, “If you oppose us, no matter where in the world you go we will track you down.” The irony of open borders for refugee claimants is the possibility that some of these refugees are agents for the governments that the real refugees fled to Australia to escape.
    The road to Hell, and all that.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Yes the veracity of claimants is the pivitol question that our friends form the left ignore.

  7. GD says:

    The Abbott government is already showing that it is a government of worth rather than a government of mindless platitudes and empty promises. Stopping the boats, while it’s making the lefties and luvvies shriek, is exactly what the majority of Australians voted for.

    Re-aligning foreign aid so that it is in the best interests of Australia and the intended recipients is the next move.

    Greg Sheridan calls it ‘A More Effective Aid Dollar’, although later in his piece he calls it

    ‘the most important aid reform in decades’.

    Both statements are true.

    So while a vocal minority push for us to hand over our country, or at least our welfare system, to all comers, it is re-assuring that the adults are back in charge.

  8. les h matthews says:

    Typical Conservative thinking, you know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

    You are talking about real people remember.

    Enjoy the group masturbation guys, it won’t last long.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for a slightly more detailed comment Les But I am curious to know just what you think the government should be doing instead of trying to repel and discourage those who are trying to come here in those leaky boats.

  10. GD says:

    Enjoy the group masturbation guys, it won’t last long

    So many minions of the left seem unable to mount a cogent argument for their spurious beliefs, instead relying on abuse to counter other viewpoints.

    No wonder Labor stuffed up during the last six years.

  11. les h matthews says:

    Resorting to a more detailed and articulated dramaturgical analysis of the comments of others hardly warrants anything more than a casual evaluative assessment GD.

    Enjoy the group activities provided by Iain.

  12. Iain, a few points to make.

    Australia, a first world nation, has approximately 25 neighbours of which approximately 23 are third world. For as long as that situation remains, people will always want to seek refuge on our shores. And who can blame them? People have the right to a better life, especially if the life they have is, in essence, awfully hopeless.

    If your current situation is dreadful, unending poverty, political turmoil with the very real possibility of death, no access to education or health infrastructure – in short, if your situation was dire – wouldn’t you too reach the point where making the decision to leave your country by whatever means necessary? The fact that 90% of people who come by boat are found to be genuine refugees proves the point that they are leaving truly dismal – and life-threatening – conditions.

    As to the Coalition’s handling of this complex issue – it is a disgrace. Antagonising an important neighbour for a supposed domestic gain is unsophisticated politics at best. What’s really driving Abbott and Morrison? A desire to appeal to the darkly xenophobic Australian underbelly that we apparently hate the thought of ‘being invaded’, especially if the invaders don’t look and sound and smell like us, whatever that means.

    As to why Bangladeshis are trying to come to Australia? It doesn’t take much to learn more about that country. Here’s a start: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/bangladeshs-ruling-awami-league-wins-election-marred-by-boycott-and-violence-9041436.html

    A regional, cooperative solution, especially if it upholds and acknowledges the key international treaties, is a far better way of approaching what is a complex situation. We deserve better than the ham-fisted policies of this appalling, inward-looking government.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    Abbott is also going against history. We’ve been ‘invaded’ before by people from poorer countries arriving in mass numbers by boat over decades and decades and no Prime Minister (Liberal or Labor) was the slightest bit concerned about ‘stopping the boats’. You know, the ones that carried the ‘Ten Pound Poms’. Well, that worked out okay didn’t it, why won’t these?

  14. GD says:

    Well said, Les 🙂

  15. GD says:

    Good news is that the Bolt Report will be back on Channel 10 in February. An hour instead of 30 minutes. Bolta must be doing something right.

    When he started the program, leftards reckoned he wouldn’t last a month.

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    I hear Bolt will have a cooking segment on his show, how to use a Dutch Oven—–snigger snigger, now who the f*ck would watch Bolt for 60 minutes. Dolt might be bonking Reinhart.

  17. GD says:

    Very poorly said, Richard 😦

  18. Ray Dixon says:

    Oh GD, it was “poorly said” because he didn’t agree with your fawning adoration of Andrew Bolt the Dutch-born and South African influenced o-so-reasonable non-racist. Yeah right mate ……………….

  19. Richard Ryan says:

    OH-OH, I hear wooden clogs stomping in the background at Ray Dixon’s retort!

  20. Ray Dixon says:

    How can anyone like Andrew Bolt? How can anyone not understand the bloke is pushing racist themes? And look at the size of his melon – he’s got a head like a basket ball.

  21. Richard Ryan says:

    He has a face like a constipated greyhound!

  22. GD says:

    At the moment this website is a laugh a minute. Ray is siding with anarchist Richard Ryan, both denying the reality of the Liberal government doing what they said they would do, and what they were elected to do: ie stop the boats and wind back the ridiculous, so-called, ‘green’ schemes.

    Meanwhile, Abbott and crew have not only slowed but almost stopped the illegal influx of boats of foreign freeloaders attempting to breach our borders and join the Centrelink free money queue. Previously, the ABC, Sarah Hanson-Young et al reckoned this was impossible, at the same championing the ‘rights’ of such interlopers.

    Despite all the shrieking from the tax-payer funded ABC and Fairfax, the Libs are doing what they said they would do, and doing it in a timely fashion.

  23. GD says:

    As for these ‘erudite’ comments from bosom buddies Ray and Richard, I mean really, fellas, is this all you’ve got?

    he’s got a head like a basket ball

    He has a face like a constipated greyhound

  24. Richard Ryan says:

    GD, Listening to your “political shit” on a daily basis would send anyone into the Taliban camp. I bet you would be the life of an Aussie Bar-Be-Cue.

  25. les h matthews says:

    “….almost stopped the illegal influx of boats…”

    stopped GD? really? and how do you know this to be the case?

    in absence of of any information from the relevant minister, what’s his name again?, how do you know the boats have stopped?

    the boats have been coming for over 200 years why would they stop now?

    the Lib’s are doing what they usually do well GD. being deceitful and dishonest.

    we need a proper election!

  26. Ray Dixon says:

    And what a fine job they’re doing on the diplomatic front. Offending our largest neighbour is hardly worth the benefit (and cost) of Abbott’s border policy. He’s not got it right. The end does not justify the means.

  27. les h matthews says:

    I agree with Ray (I always agree with Ray but that’s not really relevant right now)

  28. Ray Dixon says:

    I agree with Les agreeing with me.

  29. Richard Ryan says:

    What did Tony Abbott know about pedophiles in the Catholic Church, when he war training to be a priest, before his pecker over- ruled his vocation?.

  30. Iain Hall says:

    I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. GD says:

    And thank goodness for that! Your leftard commenters have been quite unruly since you went AWOL. Their irrational hatred for Tony Abbott is beyond bizarre.

    The Libs were voted in by a majority of the population, based on Tony’s policies of ‘stopping the boats’, ‘ditching the carbon tax’, and winding back costly and ridiculous ‘green schemes’.

    However, the leftards continue to shriek, no matter that they are only a whinging minority.

    Restoring Australia’s cultural and political equilibrium, enjoyed by the majority of citizens prior to the mis-guided and much regretted installation of the 2007 Labor government is a welcome and overdue change.

  32. Richard Ryan says:

    Andrew Bolt and David Irving have a lot in common, both deniers, Andrew a stolen generation denier, and David a holocaust denier. For the record Bolt is a Dutch Racist. Shalom.

  33. Richard Ryan says:

    GD- Lapping up to Iain, pity, good sex gone to waste, you are.

  34. les h matthews says:

    Oh really GD you are such a pompous bore!

    Tony Abbott is as popular as dog shit on one’s shoe…

  35. Iain Hall says:

    Sorry GD but I had to take the family to a week by the sea in your state before they go back to school/teaching.

    you really could be so much better that a shouting man obsessed with shallow insults.

    It really depends on who you talk to when it comes to the popularity of our PM, the haters are of course still in denial about the election result and still delusional enough to think that the only way to deal with our neighbors is by way of craven obsequiousness.

  36. Ray Dixon says:

    Tony Abbott only became PM by default, not through any strong desire to have him installed and not by any strong acceptance of his policies. He was handed government on a platter by the ALP who stupidly stuffed around with their leadership. 53.5% of the 2-party preferred vote was not “an overwhelming majority” and hardly a “ringing endorsement”. ‘Stopping the boats’ was not the reason he won the election and his policies on that front are indeed damaging our international reputation and may well have serious long term impacts on our trading situation with Asia.

  37. Iain Hall says:

    It really does not matter now that Abbott won the election because the ALP imploded, what matters is that the current mob are focusing on doing the job of governing and being prober servants of the people.
    Time will tell if those policies really do any lasting damage to our “international reputation” something that I think is somewhat overrated because how we are perceived changes with every different circumstance and each different country. The important aspects of our reputation that will not be hurt are the fact that we pay our debts and honour our contracts and that we are a stable democracy with a reliable currency. The fact that the Abbott government is standing up to Indonesia shows that we won’t be intimidated by or populous neighbour. You just have to understand that timid quislings are never respected they are held in contempt. As Garrett sung “its better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” the sad irony is that under Labor our collective knees have been covered in bleeding sores as both Rudd and Gillard sought to placate Indonesia on the boats that flowed so freely from their Territory.

  38. GD says:

    Back in 2007 a lot of people voted for Rudd, not for Labor particularly, but for a ‘new messiah’. Look what a mess that turned out to be. In 2013 a majority of people voted for the return of a conservative Liberal government. Big difference. Rather than focusing on personalities, people realised that government isn’t entertainment. It isn’t soundbites delivered every hour and it certainly isn’t selfies.

    Tony Abbott said he would stop the boats and he has. He and the Libs are tackling the hard issues; the huge debt left by Labor and the incursions by the ‘Human Rights Commission’ into our right to free speech are a start. The hand-wringing, apologetic white-guilt for the indigenous without actually achieving anything is another.

    The list of Labor’s failures is long. The Libs are working hard at the minute; addressing the national school curriculum to focus on learning rather than an indoctrination into leftist ideology, ie Maths and Science being required to include climate change, gender studies and indigenous history in their course work.

    Hopefully next up is the so-called Fair Work Commission and the bias of the ABC.

    The ABC’s ‘reporting’ of the Navy’s successful efforts to turn the boats back has been nothing short of treasonable.

    Rather than promoting Australia’s right to border protection, the ABC has internationally launched a divisive attack on the Liberal government, while siding with the Indonesian government.

    Unfortunately their ‘source’, their ‘go-to guy’ turns out to be none other than Indonesia’s version of Eddie Everywhere McGuire. Watch till the end. It is both illuminating and hilarious.

  39. Richard Ryan says:

    Memo To Ray Dixon: Is it true Andrew Bolt wants the wording of our anthem “For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share” to be changed by Tony Abbott to stop encouraging the boats coming here. That Bolt is deranged, what a nerve he has.

  40. Richard Ryan says:

    IMAGINE! Bolt and his ABC blogger haters in charge of our beloved ABC—-a pox virus on the this lot of failed abortions.

  41. GD says:

    Richard, I am loathe to ask this, but what sort of Australia do you envision? You obviously are in support of anarchy, given your past comments on the Sandpit. You also reckon it’s best if we open our borders to all-comers, whether known or unknown.

    As most of these all-comers, passport burners, are unemployed after being paid Centrelink payments for five years, what benefit do you see that is to Australia?

    Or are you simply a snivelling grunt living off the benevolence of our capitalist society while mentally masturbating about your imagined socialist/anarchic utopia?

    Or are you a parody, an Alene Composta, here to entertain us?

    If so, you’re not a very entertaining one..

  42. Ray Dixon says:

    most of these all-comers, passport burners, are unemployed after being paid Centrelink payments for five years, what benefit do you see that is to Australia?

    That’s just made up rhetoric, GD. A load of hate-filled crap. It’s untrue. Our history shows that refugees make up a strong and important part of our work force and economy and in general add to the variety and interest in our culture. And you question the benefits of offerring refugees new lives and new opportunities all because they get a bit of assistance at the start? Why don’t you just admit your real reason for being so obsessively anti-refugee? You know, your dislike of people from certain countries who look different to us. That’s why you spout this crap, isn’t it, GD? You are simply prejudiced against (and scared of) dark people.

  43. les h matthews says:

    GD is just a figment of Iain’s imagination…

    Australia open for business…. eventually!

  44. Richard Ryan says:

    Is GD for real?

  45. GD says:

    I know you’ll all enjoy this. Tony Abbott’s 2014 address to Cabinet.

    I notice also that the leftard Global Mail is faltering due to their philanthropist Graeme Wood withdrawing funding. He was the guy that gave the largest political donation, in history, to the Greens. Funnily enough the Greens had only just come out ranting about political donations. It’s funny how leftist media always needs government funding. As Queen sang, another one bites the dust..

  46. Richard Ryan says:

    A leftist? Someone who does not suit GD’s political requirements.

  47. Ray Dixon says:

    Anyone to the left of Atilla the Hun is a “leftist”, apparently.

  48. Richard Ryan says:

    Andrew Bolt the David Irving denier of White Australia.

  49. GD says:

    I said:

    most of these all-comers, passport burners, are unemployed after being paid Centrelink payments for five years, what benefit do you see that is to Australia?

    Ray reckoned:

    That’s just made up rhetoric, GD. A load of hate-filled crap. It’s untrue.

    According to a survey by the Immigration Department

    Of the migration streams represented in this survey, Humanitarian entrants are most likely to be unemployed, even after five years of settlement

    Also in the same survey:

    Humanitarian entrants are heavily dependent on Centrelink payments and based on information reported in this survey that dependency reduces only slightly over time

    Add to that:

    Afghans have a different settlement experience compared with most other cultural groups, such as having poorer English skills and lower qualification levels. Yet they are more likely to borrow money, obtain mortgages and experience difficulties in paying for them

    Ray, this current influx of so-called migrants is not like your remembered history of Italians and Greeks. The Greeks and Italians weren’t given immediate welfare benefits, yet they had both a work ethic and a compelling financial reason to work, at any sort of job.

    This lot are pampered from day one. Given that life on the dole in Australia is better that life in Afghanistan, they are happier to milk the system for all it’s worth.

    Wake up and smell the roses Ray, or realise that you are selling your country down the drain by supporting unlimited refugee incursion into Australia.

  50. Richard Ryan says:

    GD—war causes boat people—-ie. Vietnam, remember, the one based on a lie, along with Iraq, and Afghanistan. Now stick this ditty on your guiitar “Terrorism is the greatest weapon used by the oppressed against the oppressor” Quite simply really, more war. more refugees, as you strum your guitar in tune with the American war tom-toms. Every action causes a reaction, so they told me at school. Now get back to your Mosque. Shalom.

  51. GD says:

    Richard, there was a war in Vietnam long before Australia became involved, similarly with the mess that is Iraq and Afghanistan. Why should Australia be liable for the refugees of these altercations?

    As I asked you earlier, how many refugees should Australia take?

    Leftist cowards like yourself never own up to that one. Name a figure, or is it unlimited? Would you prefer that the millions of displaced, unhappy about where they live and just hate their country, people jump onto Centrelink?

    It’s your taxes, that’s if you pay taxes..

  52. les h matthews says:

    Like I said at the beginning GD, Bollocks.

    Your comments are becoming dull and boring much like yourself. Heard it all before nothing new here folks move along now.

    Iain, we need a proper subject to discuss please.

  53. Iain Hall says:

    like what Les?

  54. les h matthews says:

    The role of goodies and baddies in today’s modern conservative society.

  55. Iain Hall says:

    write the post and send it to my email and if its a reasonable argument you can have a guest post.

  56. Iain Hall says:

    Dawood Amiri spoke to Fairfax Radio’s Neil Mitchell by phone from his jail cell in an Indonesian prison and claimed corrupt Indonesian police, immigration officials and navy personal were aiding and profiting from the people smuggling trade.

    The Afghan national said people smugglers and their clients were being put off by the [prospect of being turned back at sea by the Royal Australian Navy.

    Asked if he believed the Abbott government’s controversial policy of “turning back the boats” would work, Amiri replied: “Of course it will work, it is working.

    “It will stop the boats from Indonesia to Australia”, he said.

    “[The threat of being turned back at sea coupled with the risk of the voyage] will stop the boats coming. As far as I know, people smugglers have made their money and they will stop.”

    A single journey to Australia cost between $1500 to $5000, he said.

    It is understood that as part of the Coalition government’s Operation Sovereign Borders policy the Royal Australian Navy and Border Patrol officials have turned back or performed tow-backs on up to 10 boats that have entered Australian territorial waters since December.

    Amiri is serving a six-year sentence in a Jakarta prison after playing a direct role in sending up to five boats of asylum seekers to Australia and for a minor role in organising the fatal journey of a boat that sank off Christmas Island in June 2012 in which 96 people died.

    Amiri said he was guilt-stricken over the 96 people who had drowned during the fatal voyage which he had “indirectly” organised.

    “I feel for their lives,” he said.

    Having himself fled from war-torn Afghanistan, Amiri was firm in his assessment whether those who paid for a perilous passage to Australia on rickety fishing boats were genuine or economic refugees.

    “Of course they are genuine, of course,” he said. “There are too many target killings, too many killings in [some countries ]. They have no choice but to run.

    “People fear for their lives.”

    Amiri also made claims of corruption against members of the Indonesian police, custom and immigration officials and Indonesian Navy officers saying many were directly profiteering from the people smuggling trade.

    There was not a single recorded boat arrival in January, making it the quietest period in boat arrivals in six years.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/turnback-policy-will-stop-the-boats-says-people-smuggler-20140203-31wjk.html#ixzz2sDu4YZyZ

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