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Lesson to be learnt

This documentry from the BBC has a great deal to tell this country about the potential effects of  the sort of “throw open the doors ” mantra we so often hear from the Loopy Greens and other defenders of those who hop onto those leaky boats. Certainly this is a large country with a potential for a great deal of future growth but the lesson of the British experience is that we should be far more cautious that the economic  growth junkies would have us be. Because if we don’t learn from the experience of Britain and other ever more crowded first world nations we will be condemned to suffer the same social problems that are becoming  evident in places like Britain, the Netherlands and the other countries of western Europe.

Unlike Britain and Europe we have the luxury of a geography that helps us have effective control of our borders and the real ability to control the future shape of our nation. Frankly we would be delusional and stupid if we don’t learn the lesson here without repeating the follies of both the left and right when it comes to managing the way that line of least resistance  decisions taken will affect the nature of the society that we will be leaving our children.

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Hat tip to “Sparta of Phoenix, AZ USA” in this comment


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