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Tardis in a timey wimey TV thingy

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Well it will surprise no one that I watched the Doctor Who specials on the TV last night, I am a life long fan who can boast having seen the original shows when they first aired, heck I even tried to have may appendectomy postponed so that I could watch the episode that was just beginning as i was being wheeled into theatre at age 9. I thought it was a great show full of a delightful sense of whimsy and fun which is precisely right as far as I am concerned.

I confess to some dislike for the later part of David Tennant’s sojourn in the Tardis but his reprise of the role saw him get back to the fun in preference for the angst and anger riven tortured soul that he was at the end of his tenure . Matt Smith, as the current doctor did not need any re-invention  and I found the double act to be very funny. John Hurt as the “war” doctor was a good choice. Overall I think that the episode was most worthy and up to the task of celebrating the 50 year run of Doctor Who.

Likewise the program that followed it on the ABC about the inception and creation of the show was a delight to me on a number of levels. Firstly I have always thought that William Hartnel’s Doctor had tremendous depth and I loved that he was an irascible old curmudgeon who nonetheless stood up for his beliefs. But it was also a great piece of nostalgia about the world of my childhood. The way that everyone smoked incessantly is how I remember the early sixties, along with the  hair, the cars and the clunky fashions it was very well done.

Doctor Who has always been about the imagination of the viewers and like so many long running shows it has had some great episodes and some real stinkers, frankly I think that if we were to see it like the curates egg we would have to conclude that it was only ever bad in very small parts.


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