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Disgusting: Outrageous Indonesian Newspaper Hypocrisy

The Red And The Blue

INDONESIA may well believe it has legitimate grievances to pursue in the wake of the diplomatic fallout from revelations of Australian surveillance activity undertaken in 2009, but disgusting personal attacks mounted in state-sanctioned newspapers are not the way to resolve them.

There has been no attack made in this column on either Kevin Rudd or his government over the “spy scandal” that has rapidly enveloped Australian relations with Indonesia, and there won’t be: I have already made it clear that I regard the work of the intelligence services to be of critical importance, and — in any case — figures in or near the Indonesian government have admitted their country undertakes similar activity in relation to ours.

In fact, about the closest I am going to go to it is to simply observe that it was on the watch of the previous government, in 2009, that the surveillance activity in…

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  1. Stuart.W says:

    It’s time Kevin Rudd apologized for this mess of his creation.

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