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Deal On Boats With Sri Lanka: Greens Should Be Ashamed

This is very good news indeed Comrade Yale, now if only we could do a similar deal with Indonesia we would have the problem nearly solved.

The Red And The Blue

TONY ABBOTT stands on the cusp of doing what Labor and the Greens couldn’t — or wouldn’t — do: stopping the boats by dealing with the problem at its source. Sri Lanka has agreed in principle to work with Australia to end this scourge once and for all. The Greens, especially, ought to be ashamed.

Who would have thought it? Talking, to the right people in the right way, actually works.

Working on the sidelines of the CHOGM conference in Colombo, Tony Abbott appears to have all but sealed a deal with the Sri Lankan government to crack down once and for all on people smugglers; given the perilous journeys of so many asylum seekers begin in Sri Lanka, the agreement represents the first real breakthrough on boat arrivals since the Howard government instituted its Pacific Solution in 2001.

The deal apparently exists at present as a memorandum of understanding…

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