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The 25% solution and religion of science

It is entirely unsurprising that The Abbott Government will run a tight financial ship, that is what they promised to do when in opposition and clearly its what they are doing now  in government. I for one think that if the new way of dealing with parliamentary travel expenses has a great deal of merit:


Ignore the Fairfax crowing, and instead look to the brilliance of the +25% penalty for an incorrect expenses claim
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Imposing a hefty and proportionate penalty for incorrect expenses claim should make all MPs think twice about making dodgy claims for travel expenses. This seems like a rather simple and elegant solution to the frankly rather small problem that has so enraged the minions of the left over the last few weeks. Well done Mr Abbott 😉

Which brings me to the victims of the Abbott Axe, those poor dears in the Labor bloated public service who will now find themselves out of a job:

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Its clearly sad for the “scientists” who will find themselves down at Centerlink but I can’t help wondering if we as a nation will even notice their absence from the public payroll. frankly I think that just because what they do comes under the “science” descriptor should not mean that we as taxpayers  can not expect some real  bang for our bucks. Am I the only one who thinks that “science’ has become like a secular religion? And scientists  its anointed priests? Like another religion its devotees think that questioning the  holy is blasphemy and that those who do so are agents of the dark lord.  I personally respect those who are learned in any field but I am just arrogant enough to question that which so many think to be unquestionable.  Sadly mine is a heterodox position when it comes to “science” all that I can do is thank the blessed  Saints (not of Kilda) that they no longer burn heretics…

Laters Comrades



  1. deknarf says:

    Hmm? And interesting view! I suspect you may not believe in AGW either. 😉 You are probably alive today because of antibiotics, discovered by science, your blog on an internet developed based on scientific theories, your probably have a mobile phone based on scientific theories, etc. I don’t think I need to go on about the value of science. Oh, and do I recall a discussion about your use of statins for high cholesterol levels just a little while ago? I’ll leave it there with a ‘thank the universe for science & the scientific method’! PS: This blogger is a ‘scientists’ but please don’t tell anyone because I’ll probably get burnt at the stake by the trogdolytes amongst us!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    As much as I respect those who do science I do think that many of those on the climate science bandwagon have ,to say the least,over egged the pudding, But that is a side issue to my greater point about how so many of the modern hipster barbarians who other wise reject the existence of the deity have transferred their allegiance to “science” instead. They use the same hushed tones to invoke the gods of science that theologians used to use when talking about Jesus or the saints. Their reverence may stroke the egos of those who, like your own good self, who do science however it does contain a type of unquestioning obsequiousness that is rather cringe worthy.

  3. deknarf says:

    So as I understand it climate scientists are over hyping one of most significant threats to the planet (barring an asteroid strike)! That anyone that doesn’t believe in the existence of a diety is a modern hipster barbarian who puts their faith in the scientific method and not in some construct which has no basis either in fact or science, or probably truth. And that these worshippers at the pulpit of science and the scientific method are giving my ego a good stroke! Crikey! I’m now a latte sipping lefty atheist lounging about having my science ego stroked by modern hipster barbarians who probably look a lot like me!!
    There was an interesting program on SBS 1 last night; ‘The Bible: A History (Pt 1)’. It was illuminating but certainly didn’t convince me that there was a god person running the whole show. Have a look, you might be illuminated too!

  4. sigourd says:

    The ignorance in this article is astounding. It is astounding not only because he like our “Prime Minister” can’t see the value in our nations scientists but that he would be so callous as to look at anyone losing their job and livelihood as “so what if we lose a few eggheads”. Australia has spent millions getting scientists here from around the world and trying to retain our science graduates from going overseas. In a matter of just WEEKS the Abbott regime has undone so much of that. For example, at my university there is a professor that has been working on extracting biofuel from algae. This process not only produces biofuel, it also has a by product that can be used as feed for Australia’s growing Aquaculture industry. Light energy in, biofuel and aquaculture feed out. Scrapped! Another Professor has brought the emerging field of Molecular Ecology to Australia. Using DNA to gain unprecedented insight in to ecological questions that has proven to be more cost effective. Most of his projects are now scrapped and with this current political climate he will probably have to return to Brazil. Once again thanks to this clown of a PM we are going to fall behind the rest of the world as our best and brightest are forced to go overseas for opportunities. Good job Tony!

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    It is entirely unsurprising that The Abbott Government will run a tight financial ship, that is what they promised to do when in opposition and clearly its what they are doing now in government

    Um, Iain, they’re actually going to bring in a bigger deficit than what Labor were this year – due to their extra spending. Abbott & Hockey et al have already proved they’re no more capable (and probably less capable) than Labor in terms of economic management.

  6. Iain Hall says:


    Firstly let me welcome you to the Sandpit, unlike some bloggers I enjoy and appreciate my opinions being challenged.
    Ok to the substance of your comment:
    No matter how brilliant any individual science practitioner may be they do have the obligation to argue for the science they do, this includes getting the funding for their research. The simple fact is that government does not have a bottomless money bin to fund every possible science project. like you I am concerned when some ideas, schemes and projects don’t get funding that they merit. However my post was really much more about the way that science has become more like a faith and religion in our increasingly secular society. and Like religions of longer standing the practitioners of the faith tend to think that the worst sin is for the laity to question anything they say or do.

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