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Political hypoglycaemia and Laurrie Oakes

Minions of the left are suffering terribly at present, not only do they have to contend with their side losing the last federal election they also have to put up with a total change in style in the way that the government. presents itself to the people. And they are clearly flummoxed by the change. You see they have become addicted to a constant diet of sugar rich media hits from the the previous Labor administration and now they are suffering form a sort of political hypoglycaemia. Take Laurrie Oakes as an example :

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As I see I think that Oakes, like a lot co commentators and media players think that governments exist to give them something to talk or write about. That it is the duty of Government to keep giving them the political sugar that they crave. Its a vestige of the Labor years and I can’t be the only one who thinks that Labor created a rod for their own backs in the way that they insisted on being total media whores and now that they are in opposition and well totally irrelevant we get the likes of Oakes  whining about the much more grown up government refusing to play by the old paradigm.

To some extent its all about the ever shorter attention span of the political classes that feeds the angst of Oakes and his cronies at Fairfax, lefty bloggers, and the Twiterarti  that are   to blame here.It used to be not so long ago that our news cycle was all about what has/was/is happening today. now with in instant message culture. The desire is to have something new every minute or so. Kevin Rudd and to a lesser extent Julia Gillard were both very keen to try to tap into the social media demographic and they tried to use social media as a tool to promote themselves and their government’s activities, they may not have created the short attention span of the media but they certainly entrenched the sugar addiction of polity.

Maybe, just maybe, the fact that parliament will be sitting again soon and that will mean a bit more colour and movement which  will silence the interminable whining about the government being “secretive” and or that Tony Abbott is “hiding”. Somehow though I expect we will continue to hear the whining of the Hypoglycaemic leftist media  braying for another of the sugar hits that they got so used to from  the Labor days.

I’d  suggest a good twelve step program if I believed in them or maybe hope that there was a type of political Narcan  for this sugar hungry leftist-polity but sadly I think that the addicted are going to be obliged to go cold turkey., It won’t be pretty and the wailing will be loud and long but those of us who are politically grown up should cover our ears and look away from the tantrums because what matters in the public  life of the country is not the smoke and mirrors of political spin but good solid administration. That is  what we elect governments for; to do the job not just to talk about doing it.

Cheers Comrades



  1. deknarf says:

    Hmm? No-one can say that the MSM (that icon of huffy puff, sensationalism, lies, bullshit, propaganda and political (Murdochian) bias) doesn’t have a lot to answer for! But there’s something in there about the responsibility of governments to keep those who voted for them (and those who didn’t) appropriately informed. It’s one of the cornerstones of that thing called ‘democracy’! The signs of repressive governments: Covert behaviour, secrecy, repressive laws and identifying a population sub-group as targets for vilification and hatred! Sound like a government you know? Does to me!!

  2. GD says:

    No-one can say that the MSM (that icon of huffy puff, sensationalism, lies, bullshit, propaganda and political (Murdochian) bias) doesn’t have a lot to answer for!

    Well, deknarf you could say the same about the Fairfax and ABC coverage of the Rudd/Gillard years, six years of failure yet the ABC and Fairfax supported Labor, Rudd and Gillard to the dying end. And die they did.

    Suck it up sweetheart, the adults are in charge again.

  3. deknarf says:

    Really? We obviously weren’t watching/reading the same material. Oh! And thanks for the typical conservative ‘suck it up’ advice! Adults, maybe! Narrow-minded, 99.9% probability! Have a nice day now! :-]

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Although I have pointed out the plaintive wailing form the minions of the left here my real point is to suggest that the frequency of government pronouncements, press releases, and interviews under any government can be truly over the top. Something every day has created an expectation from the chattering classes that there would be fresh sugar to feed on. I actually remember what things were like in the past and as I recall it not even the blessed Gough (peace be upon him)would have been producing such a continuing flow of political sustenance for the media (not deliberately anyway.
    Just because the internet and social media makes minute by minute “updating” possible should we even expect it? the politically active may think that the answer is a resounding “Yes!!!!” but the ordinary people have their lives to live and they will probably welcome more concise information less often.

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