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Dangerous Musings: Sex, Children, Capital Punishment

My view is very similar to yours Yale, there are crimes for which it is most appropriate, and as you suggest as long as there is no doubt of their guilt then the rope definitively removes them from society. and that is after all the most important thing, that society be protected from their recidivism.
Cheers Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

I HAVE TO BE CAREFUL what I say here; despite this relating to legal matters on the other side of the world, it concerns a case that sickens and revolts. Should convicted paedophiles — those who rape their own children, no less — be executed? And what, in such cases, is a “mitigating” factor?

First things first: this isn’t an ordinary issue in the retail political sense, although crime and punishment certainly fall within the remit of governments across the world.

And secondly, a warning: readers should keep their comments to the issue, not the actual case I am going to briefly talk about.

Have a read of this article; I saw it in my Twitter feed just as I was about to switch off for the night, and was so incensed that I simply had to put a few words together.

It seems too often the case —…

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