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The “Maiden” Newspoll: Tony Abbott’s Thumping 56-44 Lead

This is good news indeed and shows how shallow and very hollow are the confected outrage over the non-rorts being cited by the desperate minions of the left. The Abbott government are travelling just as I have expected with little effort expended to be media darlings and it is paying off in respect form the people who clearly prefer prefer quiet competence and a focus on the business of good governance rather than the daily cycle of inane press release politics.

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I heard today on the ABC radio that Labor are now more likely to concede the point on the carbon tax repeal, something that I have long predicted. this is of course the only sensible thing that they can do but my guess is that they will continue to act without the “cannyness ” that Bob Carr was chiding them for lacking. for the the sake of the country one can only hope that the Labor party continues on in its current style so they remain unelectable for a very long time.
Cheers Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

THE FIRST NEWSPOLL since the September election is out, and it’s a ripper for Tony Abbott and his new Liberal government: leading the ALP by a 56-44 margin after preferences, the Coalition is building on its election-winning lead. Despite the honeymoon factor, the findings raise questions for Labor.

Since Australians went to the polls six weeks ago, two things — broadly — have happened.

The new government, headed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has quietly gone about the business of setting up its operation, and getting on with things; the ALP, meanwhile, engaged in a protracted and farcical leadership “ballot” that delivered the predictable result — albeit not the one in the best interests of the Labor Party, and certainly with considerable collateral damage done for the Liberals to collect on at the next election.

Amid all of this, a scandal erupted over expense claims, engineered by the ALP —…

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