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The ‘PUP’ just grew some fangs


(by Ray Dixon … the owner of two ‘pups’)

From unemployed to holding the balance of power in the Senate (not to mention being on Palner's payroll!) - Ricky Muir's Christmases have all come at once.

From unemployed to holding the balance of power in the Senate (not to mention being on Palmer’s payroll!) – Ricky Muir’s Christmases have all come at once.

I’ve just watched Clive Palmer’s press conference in which he presented his three new Palmer United Party (PUP) Senator elects plus Motor Enthusiast Senator elect Ricky Muir, who has signed a memorandum of understanding that he will effectively join the PUP Senators as a voting bloc.

This means, in effect, that Clive’s party will hold the balance of power in the Upper House after July 1 next year and become an extremely important part of the political process. 

No matter what you think of Palmer and his antics one thing is for sure: 

He’s got power and he intends to use it. Watch out.

I have to admit though, that Clive came across as quite credible in the presser, as did his 3 (sorry, 4) Senators. Even Ricky knew his lines and made sense. And even the rough-sounding chick from Tassie handled herself pretty well, as did the meathead ex-rugby player.

I also watched Clive on Lateline last night and he was shooting nothing but pretty straight bullets.

Believe me, Clive Palmer is now a serious player and you will deride him at your peril.

I’m looking for a photo of the Tassie girl and I’ll put it up later but, meanwhile, any thoughts?

Joke away but Clive is no longer a joke. He’s arrived.

UPDATE: Here she is, ex-military policewoman and  42-year-old single mother of two boys, the Senator elect from Tassie Jacqui Lambie sounds ‘rough as guts’ and “won’t back down”:


And you’ve gotta love this quote of hers from the SMH:

“Tony Abbott will find out that, because of my military training, I don’t back down,” Ms Lambie said.

“I was a military policewoman, and so before I make a decision I want to see all the facts on the table.”

Her sights are currently set on policies such as the Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme.

This is absolutely ridiculous,” Ms Lambie said. “You’ve got pensioners around me living off dog food, and who can’t afford heating. It makes me wild.

She’s ‘wild’ alright. I would not want to lock horns with ‘Wild Jacqui from Tassie’. Wow!



  1. James says:

    Don’t get too carried away there.

    The Electoral commission has announced a total re-count of the senate in WA. Word is that a recount could see Muir loose out and the labor bod too.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Muir is from Victoria. The WA recount doesn’t affect the PUP.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Correction: One of the 3 PUP Senator elects is from WA. Not Muir though – it’s the Asian bloke.

    My guess is the recount will return status quo (that means ‘no change’).

  4. GD says:

    I’ve just watched the Clive Palmer Lateline edition.

    Be careful Ray. Just because Palmer is threatening to oppose the Libs doesn’t mean he will support Labor gung-ho.

    Don’t get your hopes up.

    Still it’s better having his mob in the Senate than the loopy Greens.

    BTW what is it with the ABC presenters’ ‘sneer’? Is it because they are sucking money from the taxpayer to pay for their rampant leftard-driven opinions?

    Watch Tony Jones on Lateline or Q&A, or Jonathon Holmes on Media Watch. Tony Jones switches off the sneer only when he is fawning, as was the case with the Palmer interview.

    I guess it comes with the territory.

    Latest re-host of Media Watch Paul Barry has yet to emulate the sneer, although he has adopted the ‘everyone but the ABC is fair game’ rationale.

    A bit of accountability from the ABC would help, especially as the taxpayer is paying for this leftist indulgence.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    As GD suggested Ray it will be nice for the balance of power to be taken away form the Loopy Greens

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    I agree that the PUP might be better than the Greens but it’s early days – Palmer’s not exactly stable, you know? Anyway, I don’t think they (or should that be he?) will oppose the Liberals on much, except to get what they (he) want. Overall, I think you’ll find the PUP is basically conservative.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    GD, I deleted your off topic anti ABC video. This post is about Clive Palmer and his PUP.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Nothing basic about it at all Ray the PUP is totally conservative. That said I disagree with you about the “stability” of Palmer because I think that you are confusing carefully crafted public image of the silly fat man with the underlying very canny political operator who has been playing the game of politics for a very long time and who totally knows how to “feed the chooks”

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Palmer is a mixed bag, Iain. For instance, he’s very pro-asylum seekers. I wouldn’t call him “totally” conservative at all. He also has some out-of-left-field ideas for reshaping the economy – ones that won’t sit too well with the Coalition or Labor. As for him being a “very canny political operator”, that is far from proven. To start with, he’s never been in politics. I see Palmer as like someone with bi-polar – he goes from flashes of brilliance to the opposite extreme of insanity. I’m not necessarily knocking him though – not yet – because from what I’ve seen this week, maybe (just maybe) he can do some good.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    He may not have been elected Ray but he has been involved in conservative politics since he was a student so don’t make the mistake of thinking that he is at all “new ” to politics

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    I realise that, Iain. Wasn’t he the President of the Nats in Qld before they merged and became the LNP? Something like that. Still, there’s a big difference between that and the politics of Parliament and I’m not sure Palmer has the temperament to handle what goes on there. Or the time. Look, Palmer is a business person first and comes from the background of shady land dealings on the Gold Coast where he was a real estate salesman. The real value of his holdings is also largely unknown as it’s wrapped up in such a tangled web of different companies. Do you know that despite him being labelled a ‘mining billionaire’ he’s never owned or operated a mine? Anyway, I think it’s best to tread with caution before getting on Palmer’s bandwagon or, for that matter, before getting on his back.

  12. James says:

    GD, I deleted your off topic anti ABC video. This post is about Clive Palmer and his PUP.


    GD, I appreciated the video about HIS LABOR ABC. Just goes to show that their (The Labor ABC) agents of doom have infiltrated every corner of our LIBERAL society and will stoop at anything to present a false squeaky clean image, even deleting informative video.

    Relativity of this post, it relates directly to a previous post above.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    It goes to show nothing of the sort, James. GD’s anti-ABC diversion was completely off-topic, as is your petulant and churlish follow up. This is MY POST and I will keep it on topic as I see fit. My deletion of the video has nothing to do with my political views – it’s just too far off-topic. But, if you and GD want to divert onto ABC bashing, then try it on another post – it won’t bother me if Iain allows it. In fact, GD has authoring rights here too and could even put up his own separate ABC-bashing post if he feels so strongly about it. NOT HERE THOUGH.

  14. GD says:


    GD, I deleted your off topic anti ABC video. This post is about Clive Palmer and his PUP.

    Fair enough.


    GD, I appreciated the video about HIS LABOR ABC

    Thanks, James

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