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Weddings, Expenses, Anything: Bury The Bipartisan Hatchet


  1. James says:

    Strange how not a squeak over the wasted tax payer money of Rudd flying all the way to Middle East and back with wifey to see the troops as a special fly in /flyout vote ME exercise?

    Shorten and Albanese have been doing a lot of travel lately with their party’s election campaign. Who is paying for their travel expenses??

    Simon Crean and his wife are currently on a pre arranged “study tour” and he’s already resigned from Parliament and had done so before he left. His and her expenses are funded by taxpayers. Not much of a ripple about that from Fairfax.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yes James I think that the Labor party, along with Fairfax are trying desperately to get any traction against the Abbott government. As I see it most of the people don’t give a toss about expenses. Personally I think that as pollies are essentially on call 24/7 its very petty to whine about these piffling amounts of money.

  3. James says:

    Earlier today there was a chorus of various Labor luminaries all ready to jump on the ‘Get Tony & The Boys’ bandwagon including one shadow Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus who was particularly vocal. I just love it when something turns around and bites them on the butt…

    ,i>As the Labor Party steps up its criticism of the Prime Minister’s travel claims, one of its own frontbenchers has confirmed he will have to repay more than $400 for accommodation at a ski resort.

    Mark Dreyfus has decided to pay back the money he claimed for two nights accommodation in Canberra when he was instead skiing at Perisher Valley – two hours’ drive away.

    A statement from his office says the claim was “an administrative error”.

    This morning the former attorney-general was leading the Labor charge against Government MPs’ use of travel entitlements, telling AM there was a “pattern of conduct”.

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    MEMO TO TONY ABBOT: Stop The Wedding Rorts!

  5. Richard Ryan says:

    MEMO TO Tony Abbott: Will taxpayers have to cough up for your daughters weddings?

  6. James says:

    MEMO TO MARK DREYFUS: Stop The Sking Rorts!

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    Anyone who charges the taxpayers with the expense of attending a ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding in lovely Wangaratta should be jailed.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    Hey Iain, I just noticed the time stamp on my comment – you’re an hour behind. Hasn’t Queensland realised it’s on the eastern seaboard yet?

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    Now the slipper is on the other foot—-Abbott who destroyed Peter Slipper, will now get a taste of his own medicine, Abbott is just a political thug. Does he get paid expenses for having sex with his wife? snigger, snigger.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Just because you lot down south are incapable of handle the notion of proper time keeping or changing your habits according to the day length don’t take it out upon those of us who keep the faith with chronological veracity.
    In any event I am sure that the sun shines out of my fundamental and I am not getting up an hour earlier just to please you lot 😉

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes, Iain – we wouldn’t your curtains to fade due to the extra sunlight.

  12. Iain Hall says:

    Fortunately Ray I don’t need curtains for privacy or to keep out the bitter cold of southern winters, we have just got through our entire winter without once turning on a heater…

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    What time does the sun come up there Iain, 5 am? So, if you put your clock forward and get up at dawn (as usual), you’ll be getting up at 6am. That’s not “an hour earlier”. What have you lost? – nothing. What have you gained? – an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day. Oh, and you’ll save on energy for lighting.

  14. Ray Dixon says:

    Abbott’s sports rorts

    Getting back on topic, this report from the ABC is damning of Tony Abbott:


    Abbott’s (um) expenses:

    2011 Port Macquarie ironman
    Flights: $941
    Travel allowance: $349
    Total: $ 1,290

    2012 Pier to Pub race in Lorne
    Flights: $1,095
    Travel allowance: $349
    Total: $1,444

    2012 Coffs Harbour cycle challenge
    Flights: $653
    Travel allowance: $349
    Total: $1,002

    2012 Wagga Wagga Lake to Lagoon fun run
    Total: $515

    (1) In 2010 Mr Abbott paid back $9,400 used to promote his book Battlelines.
    (2) Mr Abbott has also repaid about $1,700 he claimed to attend two weddings in 2006.

    My take on this is that Abbott’s expense rorts are way over the top, especially for someone who at the time was either a Cabinet Minister (as he was in 2006), or the Opposition Leader/Alternative Prime Minister, as he was at the time of the other claims.

    Dreyfuss is definitely a ‘doofus’ for attacking Abbott while having himself made what seems (to me) a fraudulent claim for $400 for staying in Canberra when in fact he paid that money to a ski lodge. He should be sacked for that, if not charged.

    And Abbott’s claims are much worse. He has clearly charged the taxpayer for engaging in his sport/hobby/personal pursuit/passion/obsession by calling it official business? It’s not on. It’s fraud, in my opinion.

    Abbott’s sports rorts are no more acceptable than claiming expenses for promoting his own book or attending Sophie’s wedding, both of which he has now repaid, effectively acknowledging that they were illegally claimed in the first place.

    This guy is now PM and has repeatedly claimed to be above board and squeaky clean while attacking other rorters like Slipper & Thomson. He’s also claimed to be a better economic manager. Well, it seems not.

    Tony Abbott has already proven what I was saying before the election – he is not fit to govern.

  15. […] upon the feel good message of their new leadership process and I can’t help thinking that this whole load of nonsense about expense claims  has been a very bad political move for Labor. They have just not thought it […]

  16. Iain Hall says:

    Ray what you fail to appreciate is that the closer you get to the equator the less twilight you get between night and day. Up here we get virtually no transition between day and night and a sunset is rather like the light being switched off Those who live at your sort of latitude or even closer to the pole get far more advantage from conceits like daylight saving quite simply because you have far longer morning and evening transitions.
    As your comments suggest I don’t tend to live by the clock anyway so the time I get up or retire for the night is much more governed by other factors. The simple fact is that we don’t like daylight saving up here(its been argued many times and trailed just as often)and to be frank in the age of the internet it just does not matter that much what sort of time we keep.

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