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Thanks to Richard Ryan



I checked my mail yesterday and I was delighted to find an envelope from Richard Ryan containing a post card and twenty bucks. It pleases me greatly that , despite some very unfortunate political views that he is a man of his word who has made good on his wager.

Cheers Comrade Richard

20 australian dollar note john flynn



  1. Tony says:

    Check it for Sarin ?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    aRRG gURRGLE DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. James says:

    A little bird told me, he actually prints those things by the thousands they all have the same serial number, so just be careful.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    What was the bet, Iain? Wasn’t it that Tony Abbott would never be our PM? Well is he? And if he is, where is he? Where’s our Prime Minister, Iain? Why hasn’t he acted on the economy yet? He’s had three weeks to act on what he says was a “crisis” and what’s he done apart from sending the embarrassing Julie Bishop to Indonesia to make a fool of us on the international stage? I think you might owe Richard $40 (the $20 he gave you and the $20 you bet him). Tony Abbott is the invisible PM.

  5. Tad Vinda (B. Bus) says:

    you can thank the australian taxpayer for that $20, it probably came from richard ryan’s dole cheque, austudy payment or (mental) disability pension.

  6. Tony says:

    Where is he Ray ?

    Probably at his desk, working his butt off, writing out the thousands of bureaucratic termination notices, now required, for the mass population inhabiting the former labor gravy train ?

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t think Abbott carries out the clerical paper work, Tony. That’s not a PM’s job. If that’s what he’s doing he’s not being a leader. Face it, so far Tony Abbott looks like a fish out of water and an empty vessel. If Australia was in “crisis”, as Abbott said it was, why has he done f*ck all in 3 weeks? You guys got what you wished for … a total dud.

  8. Richard Ryan says:

    American Ambassador John Berry has yet to meet our PM, I hear Tony Abbott will present the American Ambassador with his booklet ‘Real Solutions’ that should be a gay old meeting between those pair—-I wonder will gay marriage be on the agenda—snigger-snigger.

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    I have Real Solutions booklet along side Mein Kampf on my book shelf.

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