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“Abundance of Evidence” Against Craig Thomson

Sadly there are still some minions of the left who think Thomson is not guilty but they are a vanishing breed…
Cheers Comrade Reb

Sex workers look certain to be called to give evidence against ousted MP Craig Thomson if he refuses to sign a document admitting he used union credit cards to pay for porn and prostitutes.

In what could be a potentially embarrassing blow for the former MP’s case dozens of witnesses could be called to help prosecutors prove more than 170 fraud charges brought against Mr Thomson.

The charges stem from his time as national secretary of the Health Services Union and allege he used union credit cards to spend thousands of dollars on prostitutes, pornographic films, flights, accommodation, meals and cigarettes.

Prosecutors today told the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court there was an “abundance” of evidence against Mr Thomson.

Lawyers for Mr Thomson last week told the court he would agree to certain undisputed facts when the matter is heard in December.

But prosecutor Michele Williams SC today said she wanted Thomson…

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