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Abbott Right To Fire Steve Bracks From Plum New York Post

Very succinctly put Yale, the Bracks sacking is the right thing for an incoming Abbott government to do and it should set the “no bullshit” tone of his administration .
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The Red And The Blue

WHILST THE ALP may bleat, the fact is that Steve Bracks should never have been appointed as Australia’s Consul-General in New York; in government, Labor thumbed its nose at opponents as it appointed cronies to plum jobs ahead of certain defeat, and it has no right to object to their dismissal now.

Former politicians, from both sides of the fence, have in the past (rightly) been appointed to diplomatic posts abroad; it has happened before, and it will happen again.

And — for the most part — they represent Australia’s interests properly and well, and to the extent their duties require it.

But I want to make a few points in relation to this particular appointment: observations that also extend to a raft of other appointments made by the Gillard government which either took effect prior to the election, or will shortly do so.

The first — and most obvious…

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