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One More Day


Cheers Indeed Comrades!




  1. Peter Dippl says:

    Cheers indeed comrade Iain.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    If Glasson takes Griffith from Rudd it just proves the theory that the Coalition attracts the biggest whack jobs in the land. I saw that video last night which includes Glasson poncing around and miming to a Les Mis. song and thought, “that completes the circle”. Previously I had thought the Coalition was bad enough for running candidates like that simple/stupid woman Fiona Scott, who seems to have completely avoided an education or ever travelling beyond her own suburb in Western Sydney for her entire life. But now it’s clear that even qualified and educated Coalition people like Glasson are a few bob short of a Pound. These people will do nothing but take up space on the back benches. Then again, looking at the quality of Abbott’s front bench, they’ll probably go straight into Cabinet.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    No Ray
    it shows that the Coalition have a very good sense of humour and they are far from being one dimensional political ideologues Bill Glasson is a real smart guy who has worked very hard to unseat Rudd in Griffith and I have more than a sneaking suspicion that he may well succeed, further that he won’t remain on the back bench either. As for Fiona Scott well she seemed quite OK from what I saw on Four Corners her comment about asylum seekers was a bit clunky but not as silly as some lefties want to suggest because it is to the already crowded western Sydney electorates that many come and that contributes to the perceptions of overcrowding there.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Fiona’s just dumb, Iain.

    Anyway, I was just thinking of another reason why Labor should lose today. I call it the ‘YOUR TURN’ theory.

    You see, in the modern post-Menzies era from 1972, when Labor were finally elected after being in the post WW2 wilderness, we’ve had a total of 22 years of Labor governments and only 19 years of Coalition ones.

    Hence, it’s ‘Your Turn’.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s just politics, Peter, it’s not ‘war’. Every dog has his day and Abbott the Pitbull is about to get his, it seems.

  6. Ray Dixon says:



  7. James says:

    I think your remarks Raymond show that you must keep your sense of humour well covered. One would even be forgiven for thinking that you more than likely sit on it.

    What the video showed was that whilst Bill Glasson is a highly educated and respected member of the community but also is a person who isn’t in the least bit stuffy, overbearing, a habitual blubberer or backstabber and that his campaign isn’t all about him, but the party and his team, who have as you can see have enjoyed their time working with him, not under him, and were prepared to show that to the world.

    Separated at birth, I don’t think so, today the pit-bull will strike, and strike a blow to free Australia from a pack mongrels that have too much free run for the past 6 years.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes, yes, James, the Coalition and its supporters are so funny …… without even realising it. You & Glasson prove that!

  9. GD says:

    The ‘Your Turn’ theory?

    Yes, Ray keep looking for excuses. Anything but admit that this has been an execrable regime.

    Didn’t like that positive, upbeat fun Glasson video?

    Perhaps you’ll like this one better.. It’s Kevvie saying goodbye.. Kevvie and his poley bear..

  10. Byron Webb says:

    You always have an excuse Ray. After tonight, you will have none and will be beaten fair and square. Socialism has no place in our country. I say the Coalition by 35+ seats tonight. I have been waiting for this night to shut you up Ray.

  11. Richard Ryan says:

    We are not beaten yet Webb!

  12. Tony says:

    Gee Richard, whatever will you do with yourself tonight, when the libs/Abbott is pronounced winner, in a landslide ?

    Scurry back to your cave in Afghanastan to plan the next coup ?

  13. Tony says:

    The Greenies must have been running the sausage sizzle here this morning ?
    They were charging five bucks for a sausage, a slice of bread, and a sachet of tomato sauce ?
    Very ominous for the next six or so years guys ?
    They must have known I put em last ? 😆

  14. Byron Webb says:

    Exit polls – Labor to loose 7 seats in QLD, 14 in NSW and 3 so far in Vic. Looks loke Bass and Braddon in Tas will fall as well. Its looking good!

  15. James says:

    Mirrabella is leading McGowan in Indi already . LoL.

  16. Byron Webb says:

    Thanks James please keep me posted. They must be a few small booths but it looks good.

  17. James says:

    Mirrabella primary votes 266 McGowan 119

  18. Byron Webb says:

    So much for Ray and his stupid comments!

  19. James says:

    Mirrabella 1093 prtimary McGowan 624, go for it Ray

  20. Tony says:

    steady guys, still too early…..

  21. James says:

    Qualified that earlier Tony, but the trend is there already, there are a number of surprises opping up all over which haven’t been previously predicted.

  22. Byron Webb says:

    Tassie is looking very bad for labor.

  23. James says:

    Mirrabella is recording 60.02 % of the vote a +1.03 % at this stage !!!!!!!

  24. Byron Webb says:

    Ray wont even get on here and comment. What a looser!!!

  25. Tony says:

    for labor fans tonight guys ?

  26. James says:

    Ray probably went to bed early, satisfied he’d be a winner without question. But the question is being put to McGowan.

  27. Byron Webb says:

    Very funny Tony. Thanks for the update James.

  28. Tony says:

    Sorry abuot the clip guys, but seemed appropriate ? 😆

  29. James says:

    Fine appropriate, there certainly are some un expected surprises starting to shape up, apart from the predicteds

  30. Tony says:

    seriously guys, the early tallies always go against the government don’e they ?

  31. Ray Dixon says:

    That does not make any sense, James.

    The reality is that Abbott has won, but only by a much smaller margin than all the pundits predicted and, as a result, he’s not a fully mandated and endorsed PM. He’s on notice.

    I see you’re not exactly doing hand stands over this result (and notably there’s no comment from Iain, either) and I understand that. After all, you lot were predicting a blood bath … and you clearly didn’t get one.

    Face it, Abbott was elected by default and – contrary to GD’s & Leon’s cynical views – I was actually right. IE: Labor only lost this election due to the internal ructions & instability over its leadership.

    I don’t think you have much to celebrate. That’s probably why you’re not (celebrating).

  32. GD says:

    Abbott was elected by default and – contrary to GD’s & Leon’s cynical views – I was actually right. IE: Labor only lost this election due to the internal ructions & instability over its leadership.

    Ray, you’re delusional, as Craig Emerson and other Labor apologists were tonight on FTA.

    Labor lost this election because they ignored the majority of this nation’s wish for stable government over grandiose schemes and pipe dreams.

    Labor lost this election because they failed to recognise that while we may fall for a scam once, we won’t a second time around. To wit, Tim Flannery’s economically damaging global warming scare.

    Labor lost this election because they believed they knew better than us. They believed that we weren’t up to their moral compass. They reckoned we needed guidance, because we were a racist, misogynist, bigoted bunch of bogans.

    Labor lost this election because they didn’t trust us to be able to read a newspaper. Instead Labor decided that the newspapers were against them and therefore should be censored.

    Labor lost this election because for six years they have failed to bring in a surplus budget.

    Labor lost this election because they sold out to the loony minority Greens at the last election.

    Labor lost this election because they opened the borders and allowed 50,000 unidentified people into Australia and awarded them welfare far beyond what an Australian welfare recipient receives.

    And lastly, Labor lost the election because they betrayed our trust.

  33. GD says:

    Congratulations Tony!

  34. GD says:

    btw Ray, coalition voters celebrated way into the night: 90+ Coalition seats to 50 something Labor seats.

    This is Labor’s lowest primary count for a hundred years.

    I think I’ll have another drink. Cheers.

  35. Richard Ryan says:

    “YE who have tears to shed prepare to shed them now” Still won’t come out from under your screen name GD—–
    Abbott has not yet being sworn in—he may yet end up in one of Alan Jones chaff bags. Shalom, Richard Ryan.

  36. Richard Ryan says:

    All dressed in white—virgins I presume!

  37. Iain Hall says:

    its a thumping great victory for the coalition by any measure and you can’t read my lack of ongoing commentary here as having the meaning that you suggest.
    I of course now await you making good on our bet you can send the bottle to PO box 132 Dayboro 4521

  38. Richard Ryan says:

    Iain. You will get your bottle after Abbott is sworn in—-he is not yet PM.

  39. Iain Hall says:

    you going to squib it Richard?

  40. Tony says:

    He’s probably planning his own version of a holy jihad Iain, and that’s not funny, but suits his character ?

    The reality is that Abbott has won, but only by a much smaller margin than all the pundits predicted and, as a result, he’s not a fully mandated and endorsed PM. He’s on notice.

    Labor didn’t have a mandate at all, yet, with their alliance with the devil, they still strode around the place spruking they had the right to rule ?

    Don’t know Ray, a twenty seat turn around ! would seem to the average Joe to be a bloody good thumping in the grand scheme of things ?

    Can’t get any more emphatic than that ?

  41. Tony says:

    Also Ray a now 40 seat majority would seem like a bloody good working majority to me, and to anyone else as well !

    Due to the gerrymandering going on, pretty emphatic, had the desired message to Rudd and Co, that they need to pack their bags, and quickly.

    He’s on notice to do what Ray ?
    With a forty seat majority, the only notice he has to give, is to rearrange the seating in the house, between the government and the opposition, to give the new incoming lib members a seat, and also tell them to sit down and shut up, and learn how to manage an economy ?
    The same practise that occurs, every time labor loses ?

    Perhaps they can organise a broom closet, and convert that into the new labor caucus room ?

  42. Tony says:

    that should be to tell what’s left of the labor house to sit down and shut up, and learn how to manage an economy !

  43. Iain Hall says:

    Ray is grieving Tony and I for one am not going to rub too much salt in his wounds

  44. Tony says:

    Oh c’mon Iain, where is your line revenge is a dish, best served cold ? 😉

    We have been hearing nothing but how great labor is/was for the last ‘x’ weeks, and now the inevitable has happened ?
    Surely, if the result had been the reverse, we would all be copping the I told you speech to death right about now ?

  45. Iain Hall says:

    Maybe so Tony but I strive to be the better man 😉

  46. James says:

    Ray, we don’t have to do cart wheels in the street like children in a play-ground to celebrate a victory. LNP supporters are more mature than that. You see today is a fresh new day in Australia and there’s one hell of a mess left by the previous tenants to clean up before any downtime can be contemplated.

    It was a resounding victory and Labor have recorded the lowest vote since Noah landed the Ark here.

    Listening to Rudd last night, one would have been forgiven for asking, “Does this guy ever Shut-Up”?

    Now Labor have the problem, do they allow him to start a fresh new white anting campaign on the backbench or show him the door? That’s the big question.

  47. Tony says:

    Another big question James, is that we all hope that the faith that the Australian voter has placed in the LNP, was justified, and that they do what they promised. That is fraught with the normal inherrent dangers, of it all being to hard, and we end up only getting more of the same ?

  48. James says:

    I don’t see a problem with any of that Tony. I think the Australian public are fully aware of the hard decisions that will have to be taken to get the ship back on an even footing. I don’t see the team that the LNP having being in the giving up the game squad, they are built of strong stuff than that.

    I’d say this morning the first thing they will all be thinking about, is how to handle Clive Palmer if he gets into the house.

    Last night he once again proved to be a whacko, throwing down a microphone during a channel seven interview and I think he could prove to be just a fruit-cake let loose in the house.

  49. Ray Dixon says:

    I’m hardly “grieving”, Iain – the result was exactly as I’ve been saying it would be for over 2 years now. Well, not quite “exactly”, given that it was a much milder swing and a much better result for Labor than I (or anyone else, including you) predicted.

    Tony, your fingerpointing and carry on about me is absurd. I am not a Labor “diehard”, I have never changed my position on the outcome and I never tried to “rub it in” when Labor won in 2007 and 2010. Every dog has its day and Abbott’s Coalition of Pitbulls got theirs yesterday. Big deal. Your attempts to lay it on me are ridiculous.

    Anyway, the real surprise in this election is the very small swing in primary votes to the Coalition of only 1.6%.

    Also (Tony), from this chart below it’s quite clear that it won’t be a “40 seat majority” – more like 30. Labor will lose only 15 seats and that’s not a lot to make up at the next election.

    Iain’s prediction of a Labor wipeout and no chance of them returning to office for 20 years was way off the mark. No wonder the celebrations (here and at Liberal Party HQ) are subdued. I reckon the Coalition will be asking themselves “where did we go wrong?”. You see, they had a chance to blow Labor out of the water and guarantee a Coaltion government for at least a decade but somehow they blew it.

    Considering the disadvantage Labor gave itself with all the leadership trouble (which IS why they lost the election), the result was actually a victory of sorts. Notably, not one Cabinet Minister lost his or her seat and the most “senior” Labor MP to go was David Bradbury who lost to that dipstick Fiona Scott, of all people. But he was a lightweight. The (small number of) additions to the Coaltion team are even lighter lightweights and mostly a bunch of uneducated stooges – like Scott.

  50. Ray Dixon says:

    And I just realised that I put this comment on the wrong thread last night. It was made at the same time you lot (especially Byron) were carrying on about me, so I’ll just repeat it here:

    Submitted on 2013/09/07 at 7:51 PM |

    This is looking okay. Rudd has indeed “saved the furniture” and there appears to be no massive wipeout.

    The Coaltion were always going to win this but Rudd has reduced the size of the loss.

    As for Indi, it’s looking very close. Sophie ain’t home yet.

    Byron … SHUT UP you moron.

    And weren’t Byron’s early predictions of the count a laugh? “Labor to lose 7 seats in Queensland”. Um, no. “Sophie wins Indi”. Um, no, not yet.

  51. Tony says:

    I don’t envy you, or any other laborites this morning. A forty seat swing is not mild by any sense of the imagination. That is exactly what it was, the last time I looked at the list this morning. Regardless of that, taking gerrymandering into account, it is massive loss none the less. It sure as hell put the wind up Ruddy’s skirt, which is exactly what they all needed. A good swift reality check !

    They got trounced in Tasmania, and what’s more, the beloved greens got bugger all themselves to help them out any ?
    The only thing I wish to gloat about, is not ironically labor losing, but the country winning, by slamming the door on the greens. The country has woken up to their schemes thank goodness. Surely you as well, are glad of that happening ?
    I pray the same thing happens to them in the senate as well ?

  52. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s not a “40 seat swing”, Tony – look at the chart above.

    Labor had 72 seats, they’ll probably end up with 57. That’s a loss of only 15 seats.

    The Coalition had 73 seats, they’ll probably end up with 89 but don’t forget two of those were taken from Independents Windsor & Oakeshott who didn’t recontest. Those “wins” were a given. So the coalition only picked up a net 14.

    Where you get “40 seat swing” from I’ve no idea.

    But yes, I was glad to see the Greens vote drop to 8%. They’re on the way out and I think in future we’ll see a number of Independents (like McGowan in Indi) become the real 3rd force in politics. This election proved that.

  53. GD says:

    all the leadership trouble (which IS why they lost the election)

    Ray you’re being either wilfully blind or delusional.

    Labor lost because of their policies, their failure to deliver and their disunity. And the massive debt they have inflicted on the next generation.

  54. Tony says:

    I wasn’t talking about just gains, I was talking about the swing in the vote. Add them both together, and there is your total swing.
    Your figures are, as well, only interim, so wait for it.

    What’s this about Combet as the new leader ? Bloody hell, the new Bob Hawke he ain’t !

  55. Ray Dixon says:

    The “total swing” is 15 seats. I.E. 15 seats swung away from Labor and over to the Coalition. Adding them together just gives the majority – which is closer to 30 than 40.

    And Combet did’t stand for re-election so how could he be the new leader. It’ll be Shorten or Albanese. I hope – for their sake – it’s not Shorten.

    And they are not “my” figures, they’re from the ABC and look fairly accurate.

    Your take (on all the above) is a bit hard to follow, Tony.

  56. Tony says:

    that’s 32 seats Ray, not including preference that haven’t been counted yet.
    As I said, nearly a forty seat turnaround, regardless of your you can’t count them, they were already going to lose ? spiel.

    That’s a trouncing in anyone’s language, add to that the bonus, that the Greens vote went backwards 3.1% its definitely a winner for everybody, even labor voters that are still in shock, and don’t see it yet.

    Just where the rest goes ? Who knows your chart doesn’t show that either so next week will tell us all.

  57. Ray Dixon says:

    GD, you can argue the toss on why Labor lost as much as you like but given the surprisingly small loss it seems the population wasn’t of the exact same mind you are.

    Anyway, how did your particular candidate go? And who was it? Was it King the ex-copper? He did well, didn’t he? And what about Jayme Diaz – you’d have voted for him if you were still in Greenway, wouldn’t you? Well, he recorded a swing against him.

    Come on, tell us which Coalition lightweight you voted for. Cough it up.

  58. Tony says:

    sorry meant shorten, stand corrected, still the same question though ?

  59. Ray Dixon says:

    The 32 seat majority prediction the ABC chart (not my chart) makes is based on the flow of preferences and is unlikely to be wildly out by more than a seat or two. 32 is not 40, Tony and neither is it the loss or the “turnaround”. The loss is the number of seats won, not the combined number of seats won and lost – they’re the same thing and to call that the loss (or total swing) is double-counting.

    I’ll let you think about that because I’m tired of explaining it to you but for one last time: Labor lost 15 seats. To the coalition. They did not lose 30 seats or 40 seats. They lost 15 seats.

  60. Tony says:

    I am tired of explaining it as well.
    They were below even after the last election, (not counting the independents which you shouldn’t), to now being 57/89 (by your source)
    That’s a 32 plus majority/gain where I learned maths.
    As I said, we’re not done yet ?

  61. Ray Dixon says:

    A majority and a “gain” are different things, Tony.

    The Coalition “gain” is 89 minus 74, which = 15 going by my maths.

  62. Craig W says:


    I stumbled upon your blog a while back and whilst I have never contributed it is a great read. All I can say is that if ray considers this a victory, well i hope to see many more ALP victories like this.

    It is probably obvious which side of the fence I sit on now. Good to see the Greens results, though Christine Milne will probably find a victory in there somewhere.

  63. Ray Dixon says:

    Craig, I said the small loss of seats was a “victory of sorts” in that it means Labor was not wiped out and remains competitive. The reality is that the public didn’t really buy all Abbott’s negativity. My guess is that’s because they know how much he exaggerated the state of our economy. The small loss of seats was due to the perceived leadership issues within Labor – I have no doubt about that whatsoever – and Abbott only won this by default, not on economic grounds and certainly not on his personality.

  64. Tad Vinda (B.Bus) says:

    ian, it is truly great to wake up on a sunny sunday morning and know that the nation is now back in responsible hands. the pathetic communist rabble that we have suffered under for six years has been cast into oblivion. now the grown ups are back in control of the shop. at last we may be able to get the nation back on its feet and clear some of the debt and debris left by the grinning idiot rudd and the useless whore gillard. it will take some doing but i think the liberals have the talent and will power to get things moving.

    p.s. i have enjoyed the election coverage on your blog. the labor stooge ray dixon is a first class comedian, and i love watching him squirming and moving the goal posts. long may your blog continue and more power to your arm.

  65. Craig W says:

    Ray, the reality is that the ALP was never going to be wiped out. I for one never considered it likely that a QLD size wipeout was on the cards. Anything above 53% 2PP to the winning side is not common in a Federal election – and this one was 53.31% at present. There will always be a rump of seats that always go both ways and in my opinion QLD is close to that. NSW is close to that but I would say that Parramatta and Greenway are two that could have been won. Indeed the latter *should* have been won. I live in Macarthur which was a Coalition hold – but it also had an 8.4% swing to the LNP. Qld still had good swings – the swing in Griffith was still 5% I do not think anyone expected the PUP results, and Bob Katter had a very close call. A small loss? Since 2010 the ALP has lost everything they won in 2007 and actually have less seats than before the 2007 election. I call that a pretty dismal result myself.

    Anyway Ray, the sun will still rise and life will go on. Probably time for an afternoon tipple!

  66. Tony says:

    Before the election Ray the figures were ?

    LABOR – 71 LIBERAL – 72

    NOW ?

    LABOR – 57 LIBERAL – 89 (predicted acknowledge that)

    That’s a thirty two seat swing where I learned maths ?

    Regardless of that, labor’s done, at least for six years.
    I will admit, that under the libs, it is going to be a tough six years, and not looking forward to that, but someone has to do it, to get this country out of the massive fiscal black hole it’s in. Labor have proven, over decades, that they are hopeless when it comes to that facet alone. Fortunately, the Australian voter has seen through the fog, and judged accordingly.

  67. James says:

    Adds up correctly for me Tony. I think Ray has spent today trying to find some new batteries for his ‘Abacus’.

  68. Ray Dixon says:

    Being insulted and labelled a “stooge” by someone like you who posts comments like you did on the other thread:

    “filthy dung punching sodomites. fags are a lot like a.l.p. politicians and their supporters …”

    is like being told by a dog with rabies that I’m sick. Mate, the disease you have is all yours.

  69. Ray Dixon says:

    Fair comment, Craig. At least you’re not like the other rabid coalition supporters around here.

    Tony, the ‘swing’ is gauged by how far it has swung and it swung by 15 seats. The 32 you refer to is the “majority” or the lead. But it’s not a swing of 32 seats – you are counting seats twice.

  70. Tony says:

    For God’s sake Ray.
    From one seat down to over thirty up, can’t you ffs add up ?

  71. Tony says:

    I see where you are coming from, and we can argue minutia til the cows come home, labor is still cattle fodder for the next three years at least.

  72. Ray Dixon says:

    Tony, FFS yourself, the 30 odd seats is the resultant gap created by the 15 seat swing – the gap is not “the swing”. The seats the Coalition took from Labor are the same ones Labor lost. You have called it a “30 odd seat swing” but that is not right. If 30 odd seats had swung then the majority would be 60 odd. The “swing” was 15 seats. Labor lost 15 seats, the Libs gained those same seats. You’re counting those seats twice by saying it’s a “swing” of 30 seats.

  73. Tony says:

    Regardless of you “arguing the toss” Ray, reality is that the libs have a 32 seat majority apparently.
    That, I know is tough for you to deal with, and the senate may be just as bad.
    Labor is stuffed, as it also looks the same for the Greens (thank God !)
    The next three years for you, and the labor brigade, are going to be difficult to swallow
    Now, with a bit of luck, parliament maybe able to get something done, instead of pandering to piddly little interest groups.

  74. Richard Ryan says:

    Australia’s own George Bush—-Tony Abbott a failed Catholic Priest, and a liar, now enters the lodge..

  75. Tad Vinda (B.Bus) says:

    ray dixon, as your a labor supporter and an apologist for the socialist filth gillard and rudd, it comes as no surprise that you are also a poofter lover. you probably buy organic groceries, drive a prius, watch the abc and go to springsteen concerts too. another useful idiot who is blind to the dangers of socialism.

  76. Ray Dixon says:

    Tony, I don’t give a rats that we have a Coalition government. I know that you (and Tad) want to find someone to piss all over re the election result but I think you need to look elsewhere. In the words of Bob Dylan, “It ain’t me babe, it ain’t me you’re looking for”.

    And Tad, you are simply not worth responding to, mate. You disgrace yourself with your gutter-type comments and anyone – even the loopy Greens’ supporters – have more good grace and integrity than you ever will. Piss off.

  77. Richard Ryan says:

    Ray, you are far too civil—–tell the bastard, that it is time his mother got married.

  78. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony Abbott is unfit to be Prime Minister of Australia—–Mike Carleton told me so, and I agree.

  79. Tony says:

    Hang on Dick.
    I thought you said Abbott would NEVER be prime minister of this country ?

    More accurate, death defying dribble from you.

    I thought you would have crawled back under your abode, you know, that rock near Kandihar, by now, in embarrassment ?
    Hell, Abbott PM, what an ego crusher for you ?
    Enjoy it, I know we are. Labor’s incompetence, and petulence is gone, for at least three years.
    Now, that is worth celebrating !

  80. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony, The United States Of Australia is open for business—–Thank You Mr. Murdoch—snigger, snigger. Tony blogger tarts like don’t worry me. Abbott has not yet being sworn in, giggle giggle, now f*ck off cretin.

  81. Iain Hall says:

    I look forward to getting that bottle Richard …

  82. Tony says:


    Oh meow Dick.
    Your like this after a day and a half of liberal rule ?
    What the hell are you going to be like after three years.
    f*ck off yourself, you undeducated bogun.

  83. Tony says:

    I wouldn’t keep you hopes up re that bottle Iain.
    It has proven that anything he says here, has same level of credibility that Gillard/Rudd had.
    Other words ? Nil !

  84. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain, if Richard sends you a bottle, I’d be wary about drinking it, if I were you.

    f*ck off yourself, you undeducated bogun

    Sorry, Tony, but that’s one of the most ironic comments ever written here.

  85. Byron Webb says:

    Your the Moron Ray!! Sophie will be returned. Please name one single seat that your Labor Green mates won from the Coalition? That was the worst Labor primary vote in 100 years. Yes it was a very heavy defeat. You may keep coming up with these childish excuses Ray but facts and figures don’t lie.

  86. Ray Dixon says:

    First of all, Byron, the Greens are not my “mates”. I have made it clear to you over and over that I have no time for the loopy and arrogant Greens whatsoever, yet you still keep moronically saying that I do. I don’t – have you got that yet?

    Secondly, the point about Indi is that Sophie is the ONLY coalition MP to record a swing against her, and it was a massive one. And the result will not be known for days. Even if she scrapes home, she’s on notice and probably won’t be re-endorsed by her own party for the next election. She’s managed to do the impossible, mate – turned Indi into a marginal seat.

    Thirdly, it’s looking like the Coalition will have about 87 – 89 seats out of 150. That is not a “massive” majority or result and they would be very disappointed with that outcome. And a two-party preferred of something like 53.5 to 46.5 is not a “massive” defeat either.

    And finally, the reason I called you a “moron” is because of your idiotic and insulting style. If you keep behaving like a moron I will keep calling you one – okay?

  87. Tad Vinda (B. Bus) says:

    tony, hell is populated by pillow biters and stupid marxists mate. and i am neither.

    richard ryan, i have been reading this blog long enough to know that you are bat shit crazy. every time i dropped in here in the last six months you were saying that tony abbott will never be prime minister of this country. well guess what idiot, you were wrong. i hope you are suffering.

    mirabella will hold indi and be given a cabinet ministry. i hope ray dixon is prepared for another three years with her as his local m.p.

  88. Tony says:

    Sorry, Tony, but that’s one of the most ironic comments ever written here

    Don’t see the irony there at all Ray. Perhaps you need to explain you unusual slant on the ironic in this respect ?
    The dictionary states a bogun is (admittedly spelt incorrectly in my case, but anyway>

    The term bogan (/ˈboʊɡən/) is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for an individual who is recognised to be from an unsophisticated background or someone whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplifies a lack of manners and education.

    Don’t know about your irony Ray, but would seem like a rather relevent description of Dick’s comments ?

  89. Craigw says:



    Have a look at this site Ray. 53:47 2PP is up there as one of the highest swings.

    More than the swing that took the ALP to power in 2007.

    Where the seats get tricky is because a lot of the large swings were in LNP held seats – something that caused the ALP trouble in one of the elections during the JH era I believe.

  90. Tony says:

    btw Ray, ever heard of the term gerrymander ?
    Apparently, the last redistribution of electoral boundaries was 2010.

    Might that not be a reason, as to why the punishment of labor was not as devastating as would be imagined ?

  91. Tony says:

    don’t know if that was a “dig” at me or not Tad ? 😉
    qué ?

  92. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony—I hear you were a product tester for Viagra——-do they know you sleep around?

  93. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony Abbott is not yet PM of this country! he may have a heart attack, he could be run over by a bus. I will keep you posted, snigger,snigger.

  94. Tony says:

    sounds like your jealous Richard ? 😉

  95. Byron Webb says:

    Its amazing that you only comment on issues that suit you Ray. Labor recorded its lowest primary vote in 100 years.

  96. Byron Webb says:

    Your beat again Ray!

  97. Tony says:

    I find it still rather ironic Ray, that in your own seat of Indy, the swing was massive. Apparently, 10.8%, and yet, that swing did not go to labor, rather, and by the looks of it all of that 10.8%, went directly to an independent ? Wow, that had to hurt the labor propaganda machine no end ? A protest vote to be certain.

    As often occurs, that against a trend, a local member is either liked (as was thought Sidebottom in Tassy, and even he lost ?), or disliked so much, that the national trend goes out the window. This was obviously the case in your seat. Hardly a victory or a loss, and nothing that can be pinned to a trend, just an abhoration.

    It still looks like the Greens will have some say in the senate unfortunately, but it will be an interesting mix with palmer’s party also having a say there as well ?

  98. Richard Ryan says:

    How is the “pig with lipstick” ( Sophie) going? Ah well she still has the dead man’s assets to cry into.

  99. Ray Dixon says:

    McGowan started yesterday behind but now leads Mirabella by 1700 votes.

  100. Ray Dixon says:

    Tony, the swing towards independent Cathy McGowan and against Mirabella in Indi has come from Labor & Liberal voters alike. The Labor voters who, like me, switched to the Independent McGowan did so because we realise that this is a seat Labor could not possibly win, so we got behind the candidate who offered a better alternative to the utterly despicable Sophie Mirabella. And the Liberal voters who swung over to McGowan did so because Sophie Mirabella has neglected this electorate for 12 years and, not only disgraced herself on the national stage but also over several local issues like:

    * Being instrumental in wiping out the tobacco industry

    * Opposing a hi-tech abattoir in Wangaratta that would have brought 500 jobs (but was “too close” to her home, that she bought AFTER the abattoir was proposed).

    * Claiming credit for the Wodonga Oncology Centre despite having no input whatsoever.

    * And, of course, the infamous Colin Howard matter in which it is alleged Mirabella manipulated herself into an old and mentally impaired man’s fortune.

    It’s hardly a ‘protest vote’ or an aberration.

  101. James says:

    But at the end of the day, the GOOD news is that Sophie Mirrabella will win, and be apart of the new Government that Australians have been waiting for over the past couple of years.

    She will also play a key role in ensuring that Australia finally moves forward again and isn’t held back because of idiots who voted for Labor or worse still for Independents that have done so much damage.

  102. Tony says:

    I think you are jumping the gun a little there James.
    The latest info, from the ABC site, as well as AEC site, puts Mc Gowen 1000 votes or so in front with only one booth to count.

  103. Tad Vinda (B.Bus) says:

    of course mirabella will hold indi. it was never in any doubt. she is a fine minister and a person of personal and political integrity. the labor rabble and the labor stooge independent cooked up a conspiracy to get her booted out of indi. but like most other filthy labor schemes it has and will fail. long may she serve the people of her electorate and of australia. time for mcgowan and her idiot supporters to now disappear for ever.

  104. Tad Vinda (B.Bus) says:

    tony, 20,000 odd postal and pre poll votes to be counted and you can be sure that mirabella will win 70% plus of them. she is a shoe in.

  105. Tad Vinda (B.Bus) says:

    richard ryan, your pig comments re: mirabella are sexist and disgusting. you want a good hiding for writing filth like that. pull your f-in head in.

  106. Tony says:

    Certainly history dictates that absentee/postal votes generally go to the sitting member, but, even if she does win, she is put on definite notice, that the voters in Indy will no longer put up with her work ethic ?

    Two Candidate Preferred
    Polling Places Returned: 102 of 103 Turnout: 78.06%

    Candidate Party Votes Margin This Election (%) Last Election (%) Swing (%)

    McGOWAN, Cathy Ind 37,170 1,051 50.72 0.00 +50.72
    MIRABELLA, Sophie Lib 36,119 -1,051 49.28 0.00 +49.28

    source: http://vtr.aec.gov.au/HouseDivisionFirstPrefs-17496-218.htm

  107. Ray Dixon says:

    There is no reason to believe that this time the postal & pre-poll votes will favour Mirabella. In past elections she picked up 65% of those but then again, she was not against serious opposition in those elections and the 65% was pretty much in line with her normal share.

  108. Tony says:

    Certainly, in her case, she was definitely “on the nose” locally, that is why I qualified the statement by saying generally

    But, with only one booth to count above, it would seem that the trend would continue, and Mc Gowan would pick up maybe a few hundred more, hopefully nullifying the postal vote effect ?

  109. Richard Ryan says:

    ” on the nose”—–she’s overdue for reincarnation.

  110. Richard Ryan says:

    I hear she was born on a farm. There were six in the litter—oink oink to you

  111. Richard Ryan says:

    Tad Vinda—–I hear you like it Greek style—–go for it baby.

  112. GD says:

    Ray said:

    Face it, Abbott was elected by default and – contrary to GD’s & Leon’s cynical views – I was actually right. IE: Labor only lost this election due to the internal ructions & instability over its leadership.

    “I was actually right”.

    Who confirmed that for you? The ABC? The Age? I’d suggest you spread your media coverage farther afield than the bastions of leftard politics if you want a balanced view.

    However, if, as you say, Abbott was elected by default and Labor lost the election “due to the internal ructions & instability over its leadership”, then it must follow that the Labor voters who defected had no problem with Labor’s policies or subsequent policy delivery.

    Therefore they were glad the borders were open and allowing all and sundry free and easy access to Australian citizenship and welfare.

    These defecting Labor voters also approved of the supposed ‘climate saving’ carbon tax.

    In addition they were ecstatic about the notion of gay marriage. Clearly ‘two men and a dog’ was their idea of a family.

    They also approved of Conroy’s attempts to censor the media and Roxon’s attempt to render opinions that offended as illegal.

    They also revelled in the fact that maybe, in twenty years or so, they would have the NBN connected to their house.

    They were also reassured that Labor was watching after their best interests by borrowing 100 million dollars a day to pay back the massive debt Labor had accumulated.

    Clearly these disaffected voters weren’t at all concerned about Labor’s policies and track record, they were just bloody upset about Labor’s leadership instability.

    So bloody upset were they about Labor’s leadership instability that they voted for a party that opposed almost every one of their party’s policies.

    Must have been bloody upset about that leadership thing.

  113. Tony says:

    Mc Gowan still by by 764 votes.

  114. James says:

    There’s also the seat of McEwan that’s on a knife edge and the seat of Labor’s mike Kelly not over and done by any means.

  115. Ray Dixon says:

    Who confirmed that for you?

    GD, I’ve already told you – the general population confirmed for me (and everyone but you, it seems) that they didn’t really buy ALL the negativity that Abbott and News Ltd were putting out about Labor’s general governance and economic management. The relatively small loss of seats (much less than the Coalition and you had hoped for) reflects that. And what most reflects that is the FACT the swing to the Coalition on primaries was a meagre 1.6%. Those deserting Labor were more pissed off over the party’s instability and went more to the Independents, minor parties and even Clive Palmer than they did to the Coaltion. I know you still want to keep arguing about this but face it mate, you’re just bitching because you didn’t get the bloodbath you wanted and Labor will still have a sizeable opposition in the house. Tough. Bad luck.

    Now when are you going to tell us which candidate you voted for?

  116. Byron Webb says:

    Remember Ray that your Labor Green mates didn’t win a single seat off the Coalition. Stop trying to hide behind the banner of being an Independant. You are a Wolf on Sheeps clothing Ray. You are a looser and have lost again.

  117. Ray Dixon says:



  118. Tad Vinda (B. Bus) says:

    in that reply you can see the childhood and intellectual vacuum of the dysfunctional left. no ideas, no understanding, no awareness.

    even days later and i am still thrilled to bits that the country is again back in adult hands. some people cannot accept this of course, but they would never be able to accept any government other than the socialist soviet union of australia.

  119. James says:



    I guess that confirms and tells us all we really need to know. I mean to say that’s quality commentary isn’t it, says so much about the quality of the person as much as their education and social standing.

  120. Richard Ryan says:

    Sophie SHUT THE F….UP——your use-by date has arrived.

  121. Ray Dixon says:

    It was all Byron deserved. He has been answered politely over and over yet he continues to harass and harangue. He’s a bit like you, actually.

  122. Luzu says:

    Well, I did my bit on election night. I handed out HTV cards for my local MP, a hard working, engaged Liberal. My husband and I had an absolute ball. The lady handing out cards for the Greens was very friendly and the guy supporting the Nationals was an absolute hoot. We three commented on how lucky we were to live in a country where elections were free, fair and safe and how we three, ranged along the ideological spectrum as we were, could have our say and do our bit with no fear of repercussions or violence.
    The only fly in the ointment was the three Labor HTV hander-outers whose demeanour was distinctly unfriendly. They kept their eye on us, obviously baffled that the three of us could get along so well despite having competing interests. Stood around the whole time with faces like slapped bums.They even harangued people who didn’t take their cards!
    Thankfully, our MP was re-elected with a larger than majority than previously. The Labor candidate, yet another union official foisted on us by the ALP, has now begun to be criticised for losing his bid for the seat, despite a very large injection of resources into his campaign. Truly, nobody does infighting like the ALP.

  123. James says:

    Well said Luzu, similar experience here. Prior to Saturdays event Lab HTV hander outers were being extremely rude and harassing people trying to negotiate the street where a pre-poll office was. I don’t know how many people must have complained to the electoral officer.

    It must be in breeding or whatever, shows up here with certain people also… I think this picture sort of says a lot where the mother of an Australian MP has forced her daughter to stand on a street corner in Canberra holding a sign apologising…..

  124. Iain Hall says:

    Hi Luzu
    Glad to have you back!
    Yeah I think that friendliness of political rivals is really a wonderful aspect of our sort of democracy which is why I sometimes despair about the acrimony shown by some commentators on blogs. If only we could get that same sort of good humour in the fifth estate I would be very happy indeed.

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