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The left dancing on air

how the other side see things, sadly its utterly delusional.

how the other side see things, sadly its utterly delusional. click for source

This blog has no trouble or problem with contrary viewpoints, in fact as site owner I just love hosting posts like Ray’s effort yesterday even though I absolutely disagree with the premise and execution of Ray’s argument. That is because unlike the sad and deluded Mr Taylor I both understand and respect political diversity. As one of the “right-wingers” he alludes to in his piece I have to totally disagree with his claims about a lack of logic or rhetorical rigour. I was banned from his blog because I had a habit of forensically dissecting the arguments of the regulars there and thus making their arguments look very silly indeed. You see Taylor is a perfect example of just why the left is losing the argument in this election. Put simply they don’t understand that they do not have a monopoly on virtue and that it takes generosity to have civil debate about issues of politics. I foresee a very dreary time in the next couple of weeks on the blogs of the left Heck we may even see a few of their stalwarts on suicide watch because its hard being on the losing side when you have been fighting the good fight in the lead up to the election (as I well recall from 2007 and 2010) Ah well it must be time to remind them that tomorrow is another day  when they will have to face the defeat of a bad Labor government, So while they consider the pills and booze we more sensible “right-wingers” can enjoy the air-dance being performed by the left.

Cheers Comrades


  1. GD says:

    Iain, I agree with your post except for the music clip.

    This is the only acceptable, and original, version of Johnny Mandels’ famous theme song.

    Enjoy legendary guitarist Tommy Tedesco’s opening arpeggios.


  2. Iain Hall says:

    Fair call on the music clip GD but as much as I like the original I also like the cover 😉

  3. James says:

    I think the situation here is that sometimes these radical right-wingers forget to take their correct daily dosage of medications so that they can see the real world for what it is. Pity really


  4. James says:

    It’s also game well and truly over in NSW, with some of Federal Labor’s closest associates, hung out to dry. There’s nothing that Krudd can say to turn this into an election winning line. Of course he’ll blame it all on the Murdock press or Tony Abbott, or maybe on the Treasury.

    ICAC brands Macdonald ‘corrupt’

    THE NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has found former mining minister Ian Macdonald acted corruptly when he granted a lucrative coal licence to a company run by his ex-union boss “mate” John Maitland.

    The corruption watchdog published its report into Operation Acacia on Friday, just a week before the struggling federal Labor government goes to the polls.

    It found the former NSW Labor MP, Mr Macdonald, granted an exploration licence covering a coal-rich area in the NSW Hunter Valley to Doyles Creek Mining to benefit Mr Maitland, a former Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) official.

    Mr Maitland and fellow directors Andrew Poole and Craig Ransley were also found to have engaged in corrupt conduct.

    The ICAC has referred information about all three men to the NSW Crime Commission for possible assets seizure.

    The inquiry heard Mr Maitland turned his $165,000 investment in Doyles Creek Mining into $15 million, and that the other directors made similar windfalls.

    “There was evidence before the commission of the financial benefits accrued by Mr Maitland, Mr Ransley and Mr Poole as a result of the corrupt conduct the commission has found to have been engaged in by Mr Macdonald,” the report said.

    The Supreme Court can grant a NSW Crime Commission request for an assets forfeiture order if it finds a person has engaged in serious crime-related activity, even if the person is never charged or convicted of any criminal offence.

    But Mr Macdonald, Mr Maitland, Mr Ransley and Mr Poole have also been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for possible criminal charges.

    Mr Macdonald has been referred to the DPP for misconduct in public office over his granting Doyles Creek Mining both permission to apply for an exploration licence, and the licence itself.

    He has also been referred to the DPP for making false or misleading statements to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), and for failing to keep a compulsory ICAC examination secret and then testifying during the public inquiry that he had.

    Mr Ransley and Mr Poole have both been referred after they agreed to Mr Maitland publishing false or misleading statements to the DPI.

    Businessman Mike Chester was found to have acted corruptly in relation to statements made to the DPI, but has not been referred for possible charges.

    It’s the second corrupt finding against Mr Macdonald, after a separate ICAC inquiry recommended possible charges against him last month.

    It found he had acted corruptly in granting an exploration licence over land owned by the family of fellow former NSW Labor MP Eddie Obeid.

    He also accepted the services of a prostitute, Tiffanie, in return for arranging meetings between the businessman Ron Medich and executives from a state-run power company.

    Mr Macdonald has indicated he will fight the allegations.

    Spin this one Kevin.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/icac-brands-macdonald-corrupt/story-e6frfku9-1226707442508#ixzz2dPoJs8EW

  5. Treeman says:

    G’day Iain

    Given the bookies odds on Labour loosing , it was time for a look at that lair of losers, the cafe of no consequence. It was no surprise to me that the same old drivel was being passed off as reason and the same old hypocrisy hammered out by the same old dreary nommes de plume who don’t even have the guts to post a photo of themselves.

    After five minutes perusing the comments on two most recent posts, the urge to vomit overwhelmed me and surprise surprise when calling here, I see that you have taken cudgel to “the sad and delusioned” MIGLOAF, the real troll under the bridge!

    With six days to go before Australia rids itself of the most incompetent government in history, recollections of past election parties spring to mind. One particular event saw the conservatives win with a thumping majority and it was clear from the looks on a few faces that some of the many guests were less than pleased with the outcome.

    One of my mates who decided quite early in the night to celebrate in anticipation, announced loudly that it was time to play SPOT THE LABOR VOTER, and a cheer rang out in support, much to chagrin of the sad and deluded who immediately packed their bags and left the party.

    I too was banned form the cafe of no consequence and consider it a badge of honour. To be banned from a site that the same old eight or ten group thinkers inhabit, suggests that one was silly to visit there in the first place and begs the question will Migloaf pack his bags when reality bites?

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