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You don’t tell the Prime Minister to “shut up”, Tony

(by Ray Dixon – not “shutting up”, not yet)

"Does this guy ever shut up" ain't a good slogan, Tony. To start with, it's more than threee words ....

“Does this guy ever shut up” ain’t a good slogan, Tony. To start with, it’s more than three words ….

I don’t usually quote News Ltd’s The Australian Newspaper because, let’s face it, it’s clearly backing the coalition in this election and most of its stories and editorials are slanted that way – heavily so. However, this article appears reasonably balanced and points out (without a hint of bias) that Tony Abbott did indeed lose “control” in last night’s debate and may just have opened the door a little for Kevin Rudd to make a contest of this election yet:

Mr Abbott appeared to have a momentary lapse in control last night as Kevin Rudd hammered him on the costings of his paid parental leave scheme.

“Does this guy ever shut up?” Mr Abbott said during the debate at the Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane.

It might not be enough to turn Labor’s fortunes around but it’s a start and Labor is right to exploit Abbott’s angry retort for all it’s worth:

TONY Abbott’s “shut up” moment in last night’s debate is set to become a central theme in Labor’s campaign as it attempts to paint the Opposition Leader as arrogant and aggressive.

Labor candidate Peter Beattie has already turned the phrase against the Opposition Leader, declaring on Twitter this morning:

“Mr Abbott, I will never `shut up’ about LNP health cuts in QLD especially at Logan & Gold Coast hospitals; 1000 nurses’ lost jobs in QLD.”

Labor insiders said the theme was likely to be worked into its broader attack on Mr Abbott’s character during the second half of the campaign.

And that’s fair enough. My own thoughts are that Tony Abbott will need to make at least one more major gaffe before he’s in any danger of losing what should be the unloseable election. He’s still capable of doing that.

As for those (like Liberal Senator George Brandis and the rusted-on conservative sycophantic barrackers here and elsewhere) who think there was nothing wrong with Abbott’s remark, you’ve got to be kidding.

Firstly, you simply don’t tell the Prime Minister of the day to “shut up” (or even suggest that he should) to his face. On National TV. In a debate. It’s not only poor debating, it’s also weak and disrespectful.

Secondly, why should Rudd “shut up”? He’s behind in the polls. It’s half way through the campaign. Complaining that Kevin Rudd is talking too much and taking the fight too seriously is like a football captain complaining that the other side is trying too hard to win.

Come on, Tony – man up and play the game. And give us your costings.

Game on ….

I think.

Well, game sort-of on.


  1. deknarf says:

    Onya Ray! Abbott’s a thug, bully and misogynist, unworthy to hold the Prime Ministerial office

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I can’t possibly agree with your argument here Ray, for a start we are not a society like the USA where we show undue deference to anyone in power and in fact our leaders, to a man( or woman) ALL insist or suggest that we address them by their first name when they meet and greet the public. So to show great deference to the new Again Dear Leader just because he is the serving PM in the context of an election debate is a total nonsense. Secondly if you are going to criticise Abbott for his debating aside then you should criticise Rudd just as harshly for the flat out lies he was telling about Abbott and his time as Health minister ect ect.

    Horses for courses though the debate showed the strengths weaknesses and relative demeanour of the protagonists. Rudd was just talking a million miles an hour yet saying bugger all where as Abbott was making a real effort to connect with the public asking the questions.Sad to say but most people have already made up their minds about who will get their vote and this will change nothing. Clearly to me Abbott did far better in in the town hall style debate than Rudd and his suggestion that the New Again Dear Leader “needs to shut up” will do him no harm; for those who find Rudd annoying he will get praise for saying what they are thinking and those who are upset about it are not likely to be LNP voters so no loss there either.

  3. GD says:

    Sounds like Kevvie back in 2009 when he abused an RAAF cabin attendant for bringing him the wrong sandwich.

    Seems like you can’t take Kevvie anywhere without him abusing staff and personnel. Fancy not being able to get a hair-dryer when behind the wire in Afghanistan. Don’t all soldiers carry one in their kit?

  4. James says:

    Looks like Kevie has spat the dummy and debates even on his own home turf are too tough for him. He won’t even get a chance to scoot out the backdoor at full time. 😆

    PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd’s constituents will be cheesed off that he’s snubbed a candidates’ debate at the eleventh hour, his Liberal National Party challenger says.

    LNP candidate for Griffith Dr Bill Glasson had planned to face off with Mr Rudd in Brisbane on Thursday night.

    But Mr Rudd pulled out on Thursday morning, saying he had already debated Dr Glasson and that he had a responsibility to lead the election campaign.

    Dr Glasson says it doesn’t affect him but he feels for the 500 people who registered to watch the debate.

    “It’s not so much (that) he’s pulled out, or that he didn’t want to debate Bill Glasson, if he’d made that decision weeks ago no problem, but the reality is he hasn’t made that decision until five minutes to midnight,” he told reporters.

    “The organisers behind it will be obviously be fairly cheesed off and I don’t blame them, but more importantly the people of Griffith will be cheesed off.”

    Labor senator Claire Moore, who lives in Toowoomba, has reportedly been called in to take Mr Rudd’s place.

    But Dr Glasson joked that he would be prepared to debate a cardboard cut-out of Mr Rudd if no one turned up for Labor.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/rudd-snub-is-wrong-glasson/story-e6frfku9-1226702146476#ixzz2cfzuIwtM

  5. James says:

    The title of this item is misleading to say the least. You don’t tell the Prime Minister to “shut up”, Tony Tony Abbott didn’t tell the Prime Minister to shut up, he asked a question, “Does this guy ever shut up?”, there is a difference.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    Boy, what a lot of diversionary tosh you guys engage in whenever your man Abbott is called out. Let’s deal with them. I’ll start with the most trivial ones first:

    GD. This is the latest on that non-story re Lily Fontana, who btw is employed by Sky (ie by News Ltd):

    A BRISBANE make-up artist who said Kevin Rudd was her worst-ever customer says she regrets the comment as the Prime Minister blamed a “misunderstanding”.

    Storm. Tea. Cup.

    JD: Who the hell is Bill Glasson and why the hell would the Prime Minister waste his time in the middle of a crucial election campaign debating a nobody who is not even a member of Parliament? That doesn’t even rate a splash in a tea cup.

    Iain. At least you’ve attempted to address Abbott’s behaviour, but to excuse it on the grounds “we are not a society like the USA where we show undue deference to anyone in power” is not only laughable, it’s out of step with our society. Telling someone to “shut up” like that – in front of an audience – is unacceptable by my standards and, I’d suggest, by most people’s standards. Moreover, it shows that Abbott has no answers on the key questions of his costings. He just wants Rudd to “shut up”. It was a moment he might yet live to regret.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    And saying “Does this guy ever shut up” IS effectively telling him to do so. A question framed as rhetorically as Abbott’s was is clearly not a question but a statement.

  8. James says:


    Kevin Rudd is trailing Liberal rival Bill Glasson in his apparently safe Brisbane seat of Griffith, in alarming news for Labor from the latest Guardian Lonergan poll.

    Glasson, who is running an intensive local grassroots campaign, leads Rudd on a two-party preferred basis by 52% to 48%. The poll’s margin of error is 4%, but its findings raise the possibility that without a big effort on his home turf, Rudd could become the third prime minister in Australian history to lose his seat, behind John Howard in 2007 and Stanley Bruce in 1929.

    It raises a dilemma for Labor strategists who need to salvage Labor’s national campaign but also give Rudd time to campaign in his seat. Rudd was criticised for pulling out of a local candidates’ debate in Brisbane on Thursday night because he was campaigning interstate.

    “This shows Mr Rudd needs to be very conscious of what is happening in his own electorate. He needs to focus on the battle as well as the war,” Lonergan research managing director Chris Lonergan said.


    Who is Bill Glasson, yes well may you ask…….

    Bill has strong links with the Griffith electorate. He was educated there and has raised and educated their three now adult children there with his wife Claire.

    He is also a medical specialist, a small business owner and passionate advocate for the disadvantaged in our society. He regularly conducts clinics in remote and indigenous communities and in third-world countries, and has advised successive governments on public health issues.

    Bill’s character if reflected in his belief that all Australians should be able to access quality health care, regardless of their circumstances or where they live. As president of the Australian Medical Association he fought hard for that outcome working with governments of all persuasions.

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Oh, so Tony Abbott will hold a debate with the ALP candidate for his seat too? And will Sophie debate Cathy McGowan? I don’t think so. Put the teacup away – it’s spilling over your keyboard.

  10. deknarf says:

    I understand Fontana has removed comment from her Facebook page! Put up job perhaps?

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    I reckon so, deknarf. More diversions away from Abbott’s “shut up”, for which HE SHOULD APOLOGISE.

  12. Tom Harley says:

    Reblogged this on pindanpost and commented:
    Tony Abbott got it right, it’s about time someone did. It serves KRudd right, he tried to get into Abbott’s face and kept interrupting. He gets into everyone else’s face too, just ask the make-up lady who attended them both. Even the left’s AFR and Fairfax have noticed Rudd’s demeanor is becoming diabolical.

  13. Byron Webb says:

    Cop this Ray. Rudd is behind in his own seat. After last nights attitude towards the young make up lady. He is gone. Good riddance Ray. Your party is over. I have been waiting 6 years for this.

  14. Byron Webb says:

    Don’t deny that you are a Rudd supporter Ray!!!

  15. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t deny that at all, Byron. I think Kevin Rudd is a better PM than what Tony Abbott would ever be. Anytime you’d like to comment on the actual issue – being Abbott’s “shut up” moment – is fine by me.

  16. Byron Webb says:

    You need to shut up Ray and it will happen on September 7th. You Faceless Man!

  17. James says:

    We’ll all get the best result for the country when the majority of the population the sensible people get to shout loud and clear on 7th September … Kevin, you can now go and Shut Up, for good. You’ll find that will also get the full approval and backing of the Labor Hierarchy then too.

  18. Ray Dixon says:

    Charming stuff from the pro-Abbott sycophants. Following the leader’s example of how to debate with good grace and respectability, I see?

    (Gotta laugh at Byron calling me “faceless”)

  19. Richard Ryan says:

    Memo To Byron Webb: F.O.A.D.

  20. GD says:

    Ray said:

    It might not be enough to turn Labor’s fortunes around but it’s a start and Labor is right to exploit Abbott’s angry retort for all it’s worth:

    Ray, this comment shows just how out of touch you are with ordinary Australians.

    Ordinary Australians cheered when Tony Abbott said “does this guy ever shut up?”

    Even the audience at the Bronco’s club applauded.

    Tony was mobbed at the end by audience members, they stayed long after the debate to talk to him, questioning him or simply engaging with him.

    On the other hand, smarmy Rudd snuck out the door, although not before he tried to force a few people to shake hands. A pathetic performance.

    Rudd’s verbose, obfuscating waffle coupled with the fact that his government is leaving Australia with a $350 billion debt, a raft of so-called policies which have either failed or stalled, is proof that this guy and the Labor party aren’t fit to run the country.

    As for the Libs’ costings, Ray, if you are seriously concerned about them wouldn’t you be equally concerned about the massive budget blow-outs on every one of Labor’s policies?

    Were you this concerned when Labor delayed their costings in 2007? I doubt it.


  21. Richard Ryan says:

    Ordinary Australians? Like Me—-would like to see Abbott, F.O.A.D. snigger-snigger,—–just before the Federal Election,giggle giggle.

  22. Richard Ryan says:

    GD,SMOKING that Zombie Grass again—-“Ordinary Australians cheered–blah-blah” what a dork! Sophie been giving you a head-job.

  23. Iain Hall says:

    You are a far left nutter/conspiracy theorist,apologist for Islam which means that you are a long way removed from “ordinary Australians”

  24. James says:

    Here’s a question for you.

    Why didn’t Kevin Rudd stick with the election date of September 14th, why did he have to change it to September 7th?

    Could it be that it was his final act in the Rudd/Shakespearian play … “The Knifing Of Julia”.?

    But then again, why did Julia Gillard choose September 14th in the first place?

    Well it runs it’s course like this;

    For a PM to receive FULL parliamentary pension and perks, they need to be leader/PM for three years within a full term of government.

    Julia Gillard would have been eligible for the full parliamentary pension and perks on September 13 this year.

    Good news is she never made it, meaning she loses the perks and … gets about 2/3rds of the Parliamentary Pension she would have got.

    She will still get more than she deserves, but at least it’s less than she could have received.

    If anyone was naive enough to think she ever cared about this country, hopefully they can now all see that for the entire period of her time as PM it was always ‘What’s in it for Me?’ Julia!

    Kevin twisted the knife in her back in the final scene of the play.

  25. Richard Ryan says:

    ONLY red-necks and bogans will vote for Tony Abbott—as for ordinary Australians on this blog, only Ray Dixon and of course myself come to mind.

  26. Ray Dixon says:

    GD, how the fruck would you know that the few (yes, few) people in that audience who applauded after Abbott said “does this guy ever shut up” were: (a) “ordinary Autralians”, or (b) for that matter, actually applauding Abbott? Maybe they were applauding Rudd’s retort or maybe the applause was a combination of both.

    Talk about clutching at straws, you’ll go to any lengths to justify Abbott, his policies and behaviour. As I said earlier, if he’d sworn, abused and chucked up on the floor, you’d say “ordinary Australians” admired him for it.

    And how the hell would you know what an “ordinary Australian” is anyway? You’re certainly not one – you’re in a tiny minority, remember? A tiny minority of extreme right-wingers who advocate a one-party conservative dictatorship, a ban on all muslim immigration and a cut back on assistance for aborigines.

    James, for once I agree with you. I have been saying since 2011 that Julia Gillard was only interested in serving one term and then getting out with a big pension. She was entirely self-serving and didn’t give a shit that she was leading her party to oblivion. The damage inflicted by her was unprecedented and, unfortunately, Caucus acted too late to reinstate Rudd, leaving him very little time to implement his reforms and rebuild them for this election.

    As for the other stuff you keep posting on my thread here, I’ve given you fair go, but it’s off topic and I’ll delete any further such diversions.

  27. GD says:

    Caucus acted too late to reinstate Rudd, leaving him very little time to implement his reforms and rebuild them for this election.

    Ray, what were those reforms? Could you spell them out? Could you spell out just one?

    It seems to me that Rudd had a mandate in 2007 and failed monumentally to realise any of his initiatives or policies. Every single one was stalled/abandoned, completely failed or is currently running excessively over budget.

    I know how much you care about costings. So please, tell us misguided coalition voters just what his reforms are. Just spell out one.

    From where I stand, all I see is further waste, overspending and ill-thought out brain-farts that will lead Australia further down the track of ever increasing debt.

    So, please, what are these reforms that we should gladly look forward to?

  28. Ray Dixon says:

    what were those reforms?

    Rudd’s reforms of the ALP since he was reinstated include the method & rules for the election of the leader and the watering down of union/faction influence in pre-selection of candidates, for a start. The latter he wasn’t given enough time to implement. Didn’t you read about that, GD? Too busy reading Pickering or idolising the lovely Sophie, I guess. Or perhaps you were distracted by your discussions with Pauline Hanson to form a new White Australia Party?

  29. GD says:

    Rudd’s reforms of the ALP since he was reinstated include the method & rules for the election of the leader and the watering down of union/faction influence in pre-selection of candidates

    Ray, when you said reforms I thought you meant policies that would benefit the nation. I didn’t realise those reforms were just Kevvie making sure he can’t be stabbed in the back so easily next time and a smoke-screen to cover future union/factional interference in the selection of Labor candidates.

    As it turned out, Kevvie’s ‘reforms’ haven’t resulted in much except for Kevvie parachuting union man Beattie into the seat of Forde. Sort of goes against what Kevvie said, doesn’t it?

    So much for Rudd’s reforms.

  30. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd has indeed also introduced policies that will benefit the nation, GD, like the NBN. That was his baby. Before you jump up & down and say it doesn’t benefit us, just remember that Abbott has now finally conceded we need a NBN too – the difference being that Abbott doesn’t really believe in one so, instead, he’s going to waste $30 billion on giving us a system that still relies on 100-year old copper wires, that are still owned by Telstra. Brilliant!

    I will admit though that, in hindsight, the Beattie move seems to have been a big mistake and one that may backfire on Rudd in Queensland. They’re a fickle lot and not-so-bright up there and bringing back Beattie has perhaps been perceived as disingenuous and a bit of a gimmick. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the polling for Labor has gone into reverse since that announcement.

    Now, you’d never make an admission like that about Abbott, would you GD? Not in the heat of an election, at least. I could go back and dig out some of your quotes from the past where you clearly stated that Abbott was the wrong person to be leader of the Opposition let alone PM but wouldn’t it be better if you were honest enough to admit that you don’t really believe in him?

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