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Seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana

Credit where credit is due as it seems that the message about the futility of seeking asylum via a dodgy boat trip is getting through and that is something of a relief for those of us who have argued long and hard about the problem.


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Lets look at this issue as a whole though, Rudd opened the flood gates that has seen fifty thousand people arrive uninvited on our shores and over the last six years Labor have gone through the full spectrum of denial, blame shifting, failed brain fart ideas like the Timor and Malaysian solutions. Those of us who have argued for the return of the system that worked have been called cruel and racist and more than a thousand people have been drowned seeking Rudd’s Aussie nirvana. Yep its been six years of ALP moral glory and now they undoubtedly expect that the voters should reward them with the fruit of their franchise for fixing the problem that Rudd, in his vanity created in 2008?
Am I the only one who thinks that this is political trickery of the highest order?
I certainly hope not.
But then again there is always the possibility that such dark fortune can be visited upon the nation when you have a slick salesman leading team Labor…

None the less I hope that political Karma pays out on the man and his party who caused the problem and that we as a nation can deliver a nice long sojourn in the wilderness as the just reward to the man and his party who ignored the fundamental principle in politics, namely if it ain’t broke then don’t fuck with it.
Cheers Comrades


Should you buy his snake oil?



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t think the boat people issue will decide the election, Iain. Not now that Rudd has implemented a tangible plan while Abbott continues to deride him (without having a plan of his own). This issue is at worst a neutral one for Labor and (possibly) one that now favours Rudd, not Abbott, regardless of your fingerpointing and claims of “he caused it”. The people don’t care about that – they care about now and the future.

    Anyway, it’s small potatos compared to this breaking news which could be an election game changer:


    High-profile former Queensland premier Peter Beattie is poised to make a sensational return to politics on day four of the federal election campaign.

    Mr Beattie, who stood down as Queensland premier in 2007 and never lost an election, will run as a federal Labor candidate in the seat of Forde, south of Brisbane.

    Forde is presently (marginally) held by a little-known coalition MP . I reckon Beattie will be a major boost for Rudd, not only in Queensland but nationally. Game on.

  2. James says:

    No Ray I think what all this is showing is that Labor are becoming desperate desperate and it’s starting to show.

    What we have is another relic being dragged out of the past, shades of Bob Carrs resurrection, with Peter Beattie to stand for the seat of Forde in QLD and replace pre-selected candidate Des Hardman. Next they’ll announce that Gillard will stand for port Adelaide or something…

    And what about the selection process Mr Rudd was sprouting just a week ago, what has happened to the pre-selected candidate Des Hardman?

    Hardman has been trotted out in Queensland at every opportunity and been seen with all the Labor power boys, so why dump him?

    Can you really belive this circus and the Labor clowns.

    Is this the same Peter Beattie who on previous occasions had this to say about Rudd and his leadership and leadership ambitions;

    LABOR life member and former Queensland premier Peter Beattie has urged Kevin Rudd to leave politics, warning that leadership speculation is “killing Labor” and risks handing government to Tony Abbott.

    Days ahead of the anniversary of the coup that saw Labor dump Mr Rudd in favour of Julia Gillard, Mr Beattie has insisted his fellow Queenslander could show real “loyalty” by accepting that he would never again lead the party, and by leaving public life.

    Mr Beattie argues that Mr Rudd will never again lead his party because of the residual “poison” from his period as prime minister.

    Beattie was one of the first cabs off the rank last year to say that Kevin should go and that Julia should take over,”

    😯 Just goes to prove you can’t believe a word of what Labor says. 🙄

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Colour it anyway you like, James, but only diehard coalition supporters would see it your way. The fact is that Beattie (like most other ALP members) changed his views about Rudd earlier this year when he finally realised Gillard was taking them over the cliff. And that’s his right to do so and says nothing whatsoever about his credibility. Beattie is a big plus for Labor and would make a great Minister and it matters not what he has said before about Rudd while he was on the backbench.

  4. James says:

    FACT, Campbell Newman is still trying to clean up the mess left by Beattie and others in QLD.

    FACT, The rest of Australia, or the electorate over-all couldn’t give a hoot about Peter who?

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    They are your OPINIONS, James, they are NOT facts.

    Please don’t try to ram your opinions down my throat by claiming them as “FACT” in capital letters.

  6. James says:

    Seems like when you are presented with FACTS, you don’t like it.

    FACT; Des Hardman was the selected candidate for Forde, now dumped with Rudd parachuting in Beattie, FACT, that is contrary to Rudds boast about the new transparent selection process for the ALP. So what was wrong with candidate Hardman?

  7. Tony says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, Ray is correct here ! 😉

    Ruddy has single handedly, given labor a real fighting chance here.
    Unless Abbott stops pussyfooting around, and actually release some policies, and quick, the libs will blow, what was considered the unblowable ?
    The longer he leaves it, the harder it will be to defeat what is vastly becoming a labor resurrection.

    All they have to do, is to remind the electorate, continually, of labor’s fiscal failures.
    Looks like the libs can’t get their act together enough to accomplish that. What should have been a cakewalk for them, is quickly turning into a farce.

    Got ot give you credit Ray. You, and the labor propanda machine are in full steam ahead mode, and it may be difficult to stop.
    God help us if they win though. I know this swinging voter has yet to change his mind.
    Sort of proves just how bloody gullible the average voter is though unfortunately.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    James, I certainly don’t like it when someone shouts “FACT” when it is merely their opinion, like you saying “The rest of Australia” doesn’t think much of Peter Beattie when you clearly can’t know what the rest of Australia thinks of him. That was not a “FACT” it was only your opinion.

    But yes, I agree it’s a “FACT” that Hardman was the selected candidate but he willingly has stepped aside for a bigger player (and that’s a “FACT” too) … and it in no way diminishes Rudd’s party reforms, which are about the leadership, not candidates. You’re really clutching at straws to suggest this goes against Rudd because I think “the rest of Australia” (or the majority) will agree with me that Beattie’s inclusion is a giant plus (note, that’s just my opinion, not a “FACT”).

  9. James says:

    Hardman willingly stepped aside, really, funny that callers on radio in Brisbane this morning said he was still door knocking in the seat yesterday afternoon, pushing HIS personal electoral material!

    He must make some pretty sudden decisions, like the person driving on your left in three lanes of traffic who suddenly decides to cross in front of you and continues into the lane on the far right of the highway.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    I have a certain affection for Beattie BUT there is no guarantee that he will even win the seat or that he will add much to Labor’s overall chances of winning. The local ABC have been doing vox pops of residents of the electorate and very few have been that positive people remember the madness of his time as premier up here, they remember the amalgamation of councils, the expensive and redundant water grid, they remember to the fact that it was Beattie who privatised electricity retailing and how we never got the promised cheaper power.IF he wins the seat and Rudd loses the election he may have some value to the party as a reformer but I wonder how long it will be before he finds being in opposition rather dreary and he decides, once again that retirement has a great deal to recommend it.

  11. Tony says:

    I have been reading, again, the above, and fair enough statements, but no one has brought up another extremely valid hypothesis here ?

    There could be a very important underlying plan afoot here gentlemen ?
    What if, (and I grant you, its a pretty big what if, at least at the moment ?), labor loses the next election.

    The first thing that will happen, is Ruddy will accept his ambassadorship, and jet off never to be seen again ?
    They are going to need a new, strong, likable leader aren’t they, for the rebuild ?

    Who have they got to fill that role now ? Gillard ? Won’t be her, the electorate at large hate her arrogant guts, and she knows it, so who ?
    Can anyone else think of a strong, experienced leader to be able to fill the shoes ? I can’t.

    Beattie would fill the role rather nicely, anyone else agree ?
    Again, labor thinking about the next election, rather than this one perhaps ?

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    There’s possibly some thought of a contingency plan in Beattie’s resurrection – that in the event of Rudd losing, Rudd would step down and Beattie would become Opposition leader. But it’d only be an interim plan because at age 60 already, I don’t think Beattie is planning to become PM in 2016 or 2019. And I think the predominant reason for Beattie joining up is aimed at Labor’s best (and only) hope of winning the election – by picking up seats in Queensland. If they don’t pick up at least 4 seats then they lose.

    But, contrary to your view, I think Labor is still the underdog and the odds still favour a Coalition win because the simple reality is they will win the 2 seats previously held by Windsor & Oakeshott putting them at 74 seats before we start, and meaning they only have to pick up 2 more to form government. This is the best and tightest election ever, in my opinion.

  13. Tony says:

    Nice thought Ray,
    pity it wasn’t your own ?

  14. Ray Dixon says:


    Oh, you get full credit for coming up with the unlikely scenario that Beattie is only there to take Rudd’s job, Tony. You are welcome to that one.

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