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Vote Liberal. Vote Labor. Just Don’t Vote Greens

Yale makes a most passionate argument against voting for the loopy Greens that I expect the reader’s and the authors of The Sandpit can heartily endorse it is a lovely rant written with true conviction and for that I am truly thankful.
Cheers Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

WITH AN ELECTION imminent, the twin issues of promises and costings are about to take centre stage; Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd — and their proxies — will be subjected to endless scrutiny, but as always, the Greens will be allowed to slip through unchallenged. It’s time this changed, once and for all.

Readers know that I have absolutely no sympathy, time or tolerance for the Communist Party of Australia the Greens; it is a disgusting organisation, with policies rooted somewhere between the lunatic left and la-la land, and operates through an amalgam of pious conceit, moralising hypocrisy, and a complete innocence of any grounding in the real world or of the slightest suggestion of economic competence.

The CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia — Mitch Hooke — has today published an op-ed piece in The Australian, which rather neatly sums up the disconnect between what the Greens…

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