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Bling and a wheeled fat-man’s coffin

Here at Chez Hall I hobble around and try to make the things that I can’t afford to buy and one of my long term projects has been to refurbish/rebuild my trailer. Find below some pictures of the project which I have felt moved to finish recently because I need it to pick up some parts for the Morris. The final result does look rather funereal, in fact I make jokes about it being a fat-man’s coffin.


How is this Mascot for a bit of bling on the Morris? $45 on ebay


I have been building my trailer  for a while now and mainly it has been languishing unfinished behind the shed


The point of the exercise was to make something that was light weight and totally recycled, in fact the only thing that is new on this project is a few fasteners and some welding supplies .I will be fitting the lights today and they are all sourced from a motorcycle


The steel came from here and there , some courtesy of my brother’s scrap heap , the skin was from a couple of steel doors . The guards are from an old ford tyre ,the axle and springs   from the back of a Barina , The Jockey wheel came from the recycling shed at my local tip . the floor is a sheet of form ply from a ute -load of the stuff that I was given by a friend.  There are eight trunk handles that I have had in the cupboard for the last decade that will provide tie down points to secure  any load,

Cheers Comrades



  1. James says:

    A coffin on wheels, after todays budget update, looks like a fitting vehicle for Christ Bowen to be carted off in. 😆

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Looks more like a flat-bottomed boat, Iain. If it’s a coffin, I hope the corpse has a pointy head.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Its a little over a metre wide Ray so not as pointy as it looks in the picture.
    Yes James, I have been busy working in my shop removed an engine from my Morris, and now I can work on getting the ready to skin the body which should make it look far more like a car and with the trailer I can collect the sheet metal

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