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“It wern’t me Guv”.

are these the sort of immigrants that we want?

Are these the sort of immigrants that we want?

There is no doubt in my mind, or the mind of other fair minded people who want justice to prevail over the rioters from Nauru that they do not need a legal process with all the bells and whistles for a just outcome to the process. Its not like a street riot where the participants could both arrive and disappear out of the general population the perps in this case were all from a confined population and they were definitively there and I have no doubt that there is video footage of the riots which will show who among the detainees was involved and once their involvement with the riot, in any measure, is established then they are all culpable for the damage that was done.

Our friends from the left are usually very keen to support collectivist ideals when it suits them but when the collective breaks the law they seem rather determined that every miscreant should be tried as an individual and able to tie up huge amounts of the court’s resources in a futile effort to argue “It wern’t me Guv“. Maybe* what we need is a few very public floggings of the ringleaders on Nauru to remind this cohort of mendicants that we don’t want import scum bags into our country, after all we have enough of our own here already chief among them the crew led by our New again Dear Leader…

Cheers Comrades


* dark sarcasm


  1. Tony says:

    I watched a live news report on Sunrise this morning, which showed vision of the damage to the place.
    It truly was an eye opener for me.
    Amongst the ruins, were plain to see, at least three external air conditioning units, on each building. What are those valued at ? Probably about $1500 a piece ? All trashed.
    These cretins had bloody air conditioning ffs ? I wish I could afford central air conditioning ?
    Lets deal with this for a minute ?

    * They don’t have to work
    * Their digs are air conditioned ? (or at least were ?)
    * They have power as well as fresh food and running water. Probably ten times better than where they came from.
    * They have access to limited social security benefits like partial dole (as was stated on sunrise this morning ?) to buy extras ?

    So it goes on ? What the bloody hell else do these people want ?
    I know what they want.

    * They want access to Australia, and possibly their friends, and relatives, that help set up this scam in the first place ?
    * They want access to full Centrelink benefits
    * They want access to free health, education etc
    * Most importantly, they want access to the “Family Reunification Scheme”, so they can get their rellies out on the next Qantas flight !

    The Nauru PM had it right on this morning, when he said, that he wanted extra training and funds for more local police on Nauru, so they could deal with these thugs properly. Put them through the courts, and either jail the guilty parties, or deport them to where they came.

    PNG will not solve these problems. Rudd and his crew of desperates, think that PNG will take attention away from Nauru, Manis etc. It won’t.
    All it will do, is allow the problems suffered at those camps, to be transferred to PNG.
    This problem won’t be solved until a prime minister has the guts to stand up, and say, enough is enough, and start to turn boats back. It was stated again this morning, that “refugees” come into Indonesia by plane, then look for boats for the last part of the journey. If they can afford air fares, as well as the boat fees, then they are not refugees are they ?

    Watch them grizzle about the tents that they will have to live in, until everything is rebuilt. Personally, I would not rebuild at all. The climate this time of the year in Nauru is not that bad. Let them look at the burned out air conditioning units, looking back with envy, when they were working, before they trashed them ? Boy, I wouldn’t mind living on a tropical island for free, and have nothing to but walk along a beautiful beach, or sit under a palm tree perhaps sipping a matai ?

    I know what I would be stamping on their individual TPV’s ?

  2. Tony says:

    After a little rethink, I have the perfect solution here ?

    Get them to rebuild those huts, that they destroyed in the first place, THEMSELVES !

    Not only will it keep them occupied, with less time and energy for burning, they just may pick up a few new skills in the process, as well as learn a little respect for what has been given them, whilst their claims are processed ? Might also help the “character” portion of their refugee applications to look a little more positive ?
    Just a thought ?

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Tony do you think that these rioters could be trusted with tools like nail guns?

  4. James says:

    All the talk on the news wires this morning has been about the coalitions plan to expand Nauru with tents, FIRE-PROOF one would hope.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Well at least tents are easy to replace James and far less expensive than proper buildings.

  6. Tony says:

    Their modular type buildings aren’t they ? I thought all those types of buildings needed, was a bloody big shifter ? 😉

    As for other tools, it would depend on how they acted.

    Treat them like kids. The more they behave themselves, the more benefits you give them. They misbehave, they lose them.
    Before the lefties go collectively go off their nuts at that suggestion, let it work, just like the rest of society/humanity works.

    BTW, I don’t see any sensible solutions coming from those lefties either, apart from building another camp elsewhere ?

    Funny about that huh ? About the same result, as when you bring up the massive national debt we now have.
    The old she be right mate !

  7. James says:

    As I said in an earlier posting on site I have a pretty good knowledge of PNG, and yes I know that’s not Nauru, but there are a lot of similarities between the two and the facilities that are there, were there or are proposed.

    I don’t know if you guys and girls? saw the 7.30 report on the ABC, but here’s a link on YouTube to it. It pretty well sums up how the locals at both places feel about all this and should be compulsory viewing for all Australians to see how they are being presented off-shore by the Government.

  8. Tony says:

    Certainly an interesting watch James. A lot of vision included that the real world wasn’t supposed to see perhaps ?
    Probably the reason as to why these places, including PNG was selected in the first place ?

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