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Staying sane in a post Seven world

This is my current project and although I can’t work very fast on it I can and do try to do a little bit for it as often as I can . When completed I will be able to register it on “club ” plates which are relatively in expensive even though they do have limitations in how often I can drive on the public roads.
Cheers Comrades.

Iain's Seven

Man does not live by seven’s alone so I have been working on a new project whcih is sort of a seven circa say 1950 essentially its a 1946 Morris Z chassis (common to the Morris eight) with a light weight body of my own design the only body panel that it has from the original Morris is its grill piece the rest is based upon a square tube frame (sound familiar?) that is bolted around the perimeter of the chassis. At the front I have the standard suspension which is a beam axle on semi elliptic leaf springs that have had three of the six leaves removed at the back I had to improvise because I have been unable to find a set of Morris springs instead I have some modified Suzuki Sierra
rear springs, like the front I have removed leaves to soften the ride and to lower…

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