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In search of Triumph Herald Parts


My brother is making fine progress with his Triumph Herald project and his work ethic for this project puts my own efforts on my Morris 8 very much into the shade. In any event its very nice to see his car looking so good so quickly.

The whole car is now a very nice shade of blue and my brother has asked me to put the word out into cyberspace to let everyone know that he is looking for parts for this car, first and foremost he is looking for seats and interior for it as the previous owner had left the interior of the car at his fathers house and due to the length of time the project took these were thrown out!!! such are the problems  of restoration when it is a protracted project.

So if you have any parts for a Triumph Herald  or any other old Brit car parts  hiding in your shed please feel free to drop me a line at my usual email and I will pass them on to my brother.

Cheers Comrades



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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Try ebay! Shalom.

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