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Why Heavy Kevvie Won’t Rule Forever — Or, Perhaps, At All

If ever a leader was the epitome of style over substance its Kevin Rudd. I tend to agree with you that he will be going early rather than late to maintain the advantages of the honeymoon period, but once the election is announced I expect that instead of running on idle the Coalition will instead take the fight up to the ALP and I don’t think that they will be able to sustain the saccharine sweetness during the campaign .
Sadly there are far too many wishful thinkers among the swinging voters and they may well be sustained by the glitter on the ALP turd, now if they can only be encouraged to bite down and taste what they are presently admiring they might just realize the error of their ways.

Cheers Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

VOTERS impressed enough with Kevin Rudd’s so-called “reforms” of the ALP to vote Labor should tread warily; Rudd’s moves are no guarantee they’ll get what they vote for, and no guarantee he’ll end the year as PM if re-elected. Readers can do their own research, but here we show where they should look.

Yesterday I wrote about the grand and splendid plot Kevin Rudd has devised to insulate himself from ever again being involuntarily deposed as long as he remains Prime Minister; presented using the populist carrot of rank and file Labor members directly voting on the party leadership, Rudd’s “reforms” are unlikely to ever become reality.

Indeed, Rudd — should Labor win the looming election — is unlikely to be Prime Minister at Christmas time.

It is instructive to commence my remarks this morning with a little perspective; last week — when Rudd’s stunt of the day was a…

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