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Four times the Rudd requires a bigger hit of insulin

Ray chided me yesterday because my re-blog of Yale’s post did not have the latest Rudd vid as prominent as he would have liked, well here we have four times the Rudd which should please my friend.  To my mind the vid is a great example of the power of mockery and the truth that Anthony Ackroyd so well enunciates here is that our Brother Number One is ALL ego and that he thinks that its all about him. Frankly as we approach the two week anniversary of the end of Gillard we would be hard pressed to find a single viable policy that has been delivered by Rudd. 

The sugar hit of the change is clearly evident in the Polls however sooner rather than later  the country will have to have a shot of insulin and when it does I expect that the truth will dawn on the people that the big spoonful of sugar that Rudd is serving covers the very nasty medicine of Labor incompetence and stupidity over the last six years.

Cheers Comrades

its back to the past with Kevin

its back to the past with Kevin


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  1. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd is remaking Labor – maybe in his own image but then again, he’s doing what needs to be done – and it looks like the greatest comeback since Lazarus. Keep watching those polls, Iain.

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