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Well, I have a bigger hammer so I won’t be forcing anything


The first day back at school after the holidays is rather tough. Firstly you have to remember to get up early enough to get your charges out of their slumbers in time to perform their morning ablutions , to eat their breakfasts and dress then you have to get them to the bus on time and after the laid back holiday its hard to get them to fare well their pillows.Well as I write child number one has gone already and child number to is still saying his fond farewells to his pillow and I know that I will have to go back down to his room and wake him up again in about five minutes. not to worry because I have his school uniform and his breakfast waiting.

Once I have the boy off to his lessons for the day I have a demolition job waiting here at Chez Hall and to be frank I’m not really very keen to do it, the subject for destruction is our couch, now this is no ordinary couch but a huge thing that I made about 20 years ago from half inch plywood (eight full sheets) and it is so big , even though its in two sections that to get it into the house I had to take out the sliding door to the living room . My beautiful wife has finally given up waiting for me to re-upholster  the cushions and bought a lounge suite instead.  In theory I could recycle the materials But to be frank I can’t be bothered and instead I think that a  big bonfire will be in order.

All of this destruction is on a time limit as well (something that is tough for me ) because the new lounge suite is arriving tomorrow which means that we need a the old lounge gone before it arrives….

I can feel the pain already but what choice do I have ?

Cheers  Comrades




  1. Ray Dixon says:

    A home-made couch built from 8 sheets of half-inch plywood? And so big you had to remove the doors?

    This I’ve got to see – we demand photos, Iain.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Photos below Ray (said he catching his breath after doing half the job) The couch consisted of two section each eight feet long, with one being a corner it was designed with storage under the seat bases

    It was also built to fit the squareness lounge room in the humpy we lived in before buying this place so the corner piece was angled at eighty degrees.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Thanks for the photos, Iain – that’s one monster couch. I’m not sure about the upholstery work but I’m impressed with the design and construction of the modules. Pity you have to demolish it – I reckon you could sell it on eBay.

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