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Rooting the Greens

I am going to confound my critics by for once hoping that Labor wins a particular seat in the upcoming election. My reason is simple and strategic, I think that a Labor MP is infinitely preferable to a Greens MP and I am very glad to see that both Labor and the Liberals are going to put aside their  ideological fealty to neutralise the Loopy Greens:

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It will give me the greatest pleasure to see the Greens laid low at the next election no matter what else we are delivered in the counting.
Cheers Comrades

Saving the planet one root at a time

Saving the planet one root at a time


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    Well here’s a political post on which I agree with you, Iain. Most people don’t really understand that it was indeed the Liberals who got Adam Bandt elected as the Greens first ever MHR in 2010, by preferencing him ahead of Labor. It’s a fairly simple equation: the Liberals knew they couldn’t win the seat so, out of spite, they decided to give their preference (and therefore their votes) to the Greens, ensuring he got in. Good to see they’ve corrected their mistake. Now they’ve just got to sort out Dennison and get rid of Wilkie.

  2. Tel says:

    Voters give preferences, political parties don’t give preferences.

    Parties are entitled to recommend preferences to their faithful followers, but this is a recommendation only and the voter makes the decision.

    It is important that people understand this because the media go out of their way to confuse voters as to how our political system operates… which is illegal by the way, not that I expect anyone will be held to account.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    That is a fair semantic point however as most voters follow the recommendation of the HTV cards its still a reasonable shorthand to talk about “allocating ” preferences.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    I think most voters do understand that they can cast their preferences as they see fit, however, history tells us that the great majority will follow the recommended order of preferences and I’d suggest that’s because most people are (understandably) only really concerned about who they give their first preference to and are happy to leave the choice of the order for the rest to their chosen candidate/party.

    But I’ve never seen the media tell voters that they must follow the recommended ‘how to vote’ cards to a tee. Never. Not once.

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