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Go for Grown ups

Today I’m inviting or readers to watch this speech form Tony Abbott which provides a good overview of the Coalition, its policy directions and more importantly  its  mature and grown up style. Now that we have Brother Number One two point OH!!all that Labor have to offer is the patched up bad policies like the mooted bringing  forward of the trading aspects of the carbon tax and other repainted failed policies.

Tony Abbott makes a very good point here too about the stability of his team who have all been responsible for the same policy areas for some time. In comparison  to Brother Number One two point OH!! having a team that has been shuffled more often than a poker deck. Like poker you never know if you will get a good hand when it comes to ministers with Brother Number One two point OH!! is dealing the cards but when you consider that the deck is marked by the blood of prime ministers, and foetid effluvia of  plot and counter plot we all know that no hand dealt by Brother Number One two point OH!! is going to be at all credible.

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