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Rudd, The “Yarralumla Prospect,” And Peter Slipper


-A well argued counter to the rampant optimism of the “true believers” are mouthing this morning.
Cheers Comrade Yale



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s pretty desperate to suggest the GG will in any way get involved in this. So very typical of the Liberals, let’s appeal to the umpire, “we were robbed”. Well boys it ain’t going to happen – Rudd has already been sworn in and if Abbott wants to run a no-confidence motion that’d be a first. He won’t, because he knows he’ll lose it anyway.

    And I hope the coalition goes with those anti-Rudd ads too – the more they run him down, the more popular he becomes. Abbott can focus on personalities as much as he likes but Rudd will be talking policy. And the voters will listen.

  2. GD says:

    Fun quotes:

    :Rudd …
    – the man who opened the flood gates to the illegal immigrant boats
    – the man who gave away billions to foreign countries to fight the supposed threat of global warming
    – the man who took the largest delegation to the Copenhagen climate talks despite our emissions being minor (and reportedly those 125 people had to go out and buy cold weather clothing, probably costing the taxpayer in excess of $250,000)
    – the man who started the pink batts fiasco
    – the man who wanted a tax on mining companies, which already pay a resource tax
    – the man who gave every tax-payer about $850 and then threw the budget into massive deficit”

  3. Tony says:

    I am not a labor supporter GD, nor am I one of Ruddy’s fan club, but, as to your list ?

    1. Indonesia did that, when they began their policy of fuelling the boats up, and pointing them our way. What were we supposed to do, sink the bloody things ?

    2. That was a UN mandate, not an Australian one. We are after all, part of an international community, and have responsibilities under that covenant ?

    3. Not unlike Howard’s (as well as Gillards for that matter) myriad of overseas trips.

    4. That was to try and save energy. A good scheme that only fell over, because state regulations regarding metal clips was antiquated and well out of touch. Also, lax state regulations in house wiring safety regulations caused those fires to start. Well out of the purview of federal government. ALL came under STATE law, not federal ! If you are serious about wanting to save energy, especially at this time of the year, housing insullation is the best place to start ?

    5. The mining industry was then, as well as now, hiding billions of dollars of profits under numerous guises. Future research funds, future machinery replacement funds, short depreciation periods, as well as paying sweet f/all in royalties to the Australian public, for the billions of minerals they are pulling out of the ground, every day for next to nothing in return ?
    6. What did you do with yours ? A new tv, perhaps pay the car reg, the rates or other massive state government charges that are now common occurrence ? What about an electricity bill, that you now need a personal loan to pay for ? (Also a state charge, based on a ficticious carbon component ?)

    BTW, what did Gillard do that already massive “defecit” ?
    She doubled the bloody thing, in only her first year.
    They are all hopeless, as has been labor’s history for ever.
    They have no idea on how to add up, never have had.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd didn’t introduce the carbon tax and I reckon he might act to reduce its impact. And those who received the $900 handouts and the insulation were thankful for it. Those who kept their jobs as a result of the stimulus are pretty thankful too. So I guess you must have handed your cheque back, GD?

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    One more “fun quote” you forgot to add, GD:

    Abbott: the man without a policy.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    What amuses me is the way you keep thinking that a Policy has to be something new or be all about massive change to some aspect of society when it is just as much a valid policy if Abbott says that he won’t change something. I suppose that is the shortcoming of the so called “progressive” mind set which thinks nothing of just good management of the core government responsibility to do things well. Especially when it comes to building or running infrastructure projects Like the NBN for instance. Just look at the dogs breakfast that The Rudd/Gillard / Rudd government have made of that. Shit they can’t even run cables through existing Telstra conduits without it turning into an asbestos fuelled panic, Its because none of these numpties in the ALP have ever run a business or even managed any sort of project in the real world Too many of them are either Lawyers or union aparachics and they are useless at anything else. You have managed your own building/development projects so surely even you must cringe at some of the really basic mistakes made by this mob when it comes to they way they manage things? Shit I have yet to come across a Labor player who I would have confidence in to do any sort of DIY let alone manage anything.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    The first email Kevin has sent me and its full of lies and insincere praise for Gillard if that is what is in store for us from Labor then they are fucked.

  8. Tony says:

    Don’t worry yourself King Kev, I am certain, that I, as well as my great grand kids, will be paying for your party’s “achievements” for many decades to come ?

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain, I am yet to experience a govt that builds or implements any program efficiently, Liberal or Labor. That is unfortunately the nature of govenment. They are not profit driven (or cost driven, it seems) and go out of their ways to find extra problems and extra work.

    The Liberals will face the same obstacles if they try to build a NBN too, only the difference being their system will be inefficient and out of date before it’s finished. But if we used private business they’d take short cuts and ignore such minor hazards as asbestos (I’ve been guilty of just covering the stuff up on some projects myself – such is the the nature of private investment).

    So, don’t expect to win anyone over with the Liberals so called “good management & governance”. They’ll make just as many mistakes and get less done. Doing nothing is not “good management”.

  10. Iain Hall says:


    They’ll make just as many mistakes and get less done. Doing nothing is not “good management”.

    You can surely be arguing that Labor have been as efficient as we can expect from government? by any measure they are well below par, even for government projects.
    Further I am not saying that the coalition will “do nothing”only that they will be far less keen on changing things for the sake of change as is the usual practice of the labor party in government. Just look how well changing things for the sake of symbolism worked for Brother Number One (2.0) on the asylum seeker policy.

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain, regardless of the mistakes, we are still better off than we were in 2007. Labor has kept Australia going, while other countries faltered. Abbott has not outlined how he would make it any better.

    Tony, I’m sick of hearing from Gillard and her “I was discriminated against” bullshit. We gave her (more than) a fair go. Much more than what she gave Rudd. It’s now Rudd’s turn to show he should have not lost the job in the first place. I’m confident he will.

  12. Tony says:

    Hey, easy on Ray, I totally agree with you ?
    I don’t know about you (or anyone else for that matter ?), I couldn’t believe it, when she came out with the sexism, oh whoa is me crap.
    Got to be the greatest display of sour grapes I have ever seen from a polly. Man or woman !
    For her to pull the sex card out, she had to be pretty desperate, and pretty p*ssed off.

    Tough cookies for my money.

    Now she has some inkling about how Rudd felt when she pulled the same card out of the deck.
    Quicker she disappears into the mire of history the better.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes, I was agreeing with you too about Gillard’s overuse of the sexism card. It surprises me how much attention she’s still being paid, although it’s only been 24 hours since her fall. Hopefully, by next week we’ll just be talking about the real issues.

  14. Richard Ryan says:

    In days of old Bill Shorten would have got a bullet at the back of the head, for his act of treachery, not once but twice.

  15. Iain Hall says:

    For once Richard, you have said something that is both true and sensible well done and keep it up!

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    Keating said “A souffle never rises twice” but he forgot about Kevin Rudd. giggle giggle, and Honest Bill.

  17. Ray Dixon says:

    So Rudd is PM and not a whimper out of Abbott over the so-called constitutional aspect of the changeover. Not even a hint of a no confidence motion. There’s an eery silence coming out of the coalition ranks while they scratch around for a response. I’m reminded of the famous last words of the Mayor of Hiroshima … “What the f*ck was that?”

  18. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony Abbott?——Cardinal Pell’s altar boy—snigger snigger.

  19. Tony says:

    You forgot Howard, as well as Abbott Richard.

    Both have had more reincarnations than Lazarus ?
    Both shifty-eye movers, Shorten and Swanny River’s careers just took a right angle turn,
    Right off the nearest cliff ! and as such, I doubt whether either will ever be heard of again.

    Opinions ?

  20. Richard Ryan says:

    The Taliban of the ALP——–Bill Shorten.

  21. Richard Ryan says:

    IF Treachery was an Olympic sport—–Shorten would win a basket of gold for that alien event—–and then he would tell us he did it for Australia.

  22. Iain Hall says:

    Just because some thing is mooted in the media does not oblige Tony Abbott to do any of those things.

  23. Tony says:

    I think it goes deeper than that guys.
    If there was a no confidence motion, all that would do would put a caretaker government into place. The GG since Whitlam, is collectively loathe to put themselves into that position again.

    For Abbott, he has already seen his margin drop by some 9 points, and is also loathe to give Rudd a further jump by a sympathy vote lift, if the no confidence motion was successful ? Rudd has still yet to confirm the election date, and Gillard’s huge leaway into her selected date, hoping to hell that her electoral fortunes would change (which of course they didn’t), has given Rudd the chance to take full advantage of his ‘hooneymoon phase” ?

    All Abbott has to do, is CONTINUALLY remind the electorate of the last three years, and the economic bank balance as a result of labor mismanagement.

    Insofar as the media Iain, you’re absolutely correct. Abbott need do nothing at all.
    Labor’s past record, re the last three years, is all he has to point to. That speaks for itself.

  24. Ray Dixon says:

    If Abbott “does nothing”, he will lose. Rudd has already clearly thrown down the gauntlet and it’s “game on”.

    And, so far, Abbott looks like a stunned mullet.

  25. Iain Hall says:

    politics is a long form game and like any game of longer duration is not a good strategy to go hell bent for leather from the off. Simply put that is the way to waste your energy and political capital. Surely you must realise after the last three years that Abbott is a long game player who is quite happy at this point in time to give Rudd enough rope to hang himself. From the talk of the carbon tax that has been bouncing around today I am expecting that Brother Number One will be going with a quicker move to an ETS. As the Carbon Tax is loathed and derided even by many “True believers” a-on top of the fact that “climate change” as a viable issue has well and truly peaked. Can’t you see that the wise response for Abbott is to attack what Rudd actually does rather than jump at the shadows of what he might do now. Its something that we chess players probably understand better than you devotees of the four stick faith .

  26. Ray Dixon says:

    Abbot has spent 3 years doing nothing but being negative, Iain. Because that’s all he had to do to beat Gillard, who was her own worst enemy. I think you’re being over-generous in suggesting he plays “a long game”. He plays no game whatsoever except to sit back and take government by default. Well, now he’ll have to give us a reason to put him in. Pity he didn’t develop any real policies.

  27. Iain Hall says:

    With Brother Number One being Born again all Labor policy is effectively in abeyance So that puts Tony Abbott well ahead when it comes to “policy” because at this point in time it is Labor who have NO policies AT ALL, heck they haven’t even got a proper ministry at present

  28. Tony says:

    There is no money in the bank to promise anything Ray, for either side ?
    The carbon tax, already raking in millions for state governments on our electricity bills, may change it’s name, but it is not going anywhere.

    You’re a Victorian Ray ? Remember the “Pyramid” levy fiasco ? How long did it take the Vic Govt to rescind that ffs ? Bloody years from memory !

    Tell you guys now, it will be the most fiery campaign seen for years. It will be all about labor’s mismanagement, of the massive surplus left to them. Labor’s defence will be the world financial crisis, which the libs will blow out of the water the first week. Labor can’t promise anything new, there’s no money to pay for it, and they have no new ideas on the table anyway.

    If they did have we would have heard about them already ?
    If they have a chance, it will be to go to the polls as soon as a date can be fixed, in an attempt to take advantage of Rudd’s honeymoon period.
    If too much time passes, the libs will remind the electorate of why labor came into power in a coalition with the devil in the first place, and that will be the ball game.

  29. Ray Dixon says:

    Just about every country in the world has had to run deficits over the past 5 years or so, and all of them are far bigger in proportion to Australia’s. This talk of the debt has been done to death and we’ve already established it’s not a huge imposition on you, me or future generations. Surpluses will return when economic conditions allow them to but right now, neither party could responsibly claim to be able to bring one in. Not without severe cutbacks, not without creating unemployment and not without sending us into recession (like the rest of the world).

    We should be thanking Labor & Rudd for keeping the economy going, not jumping on them for using debt to do so. A government is not a private business and can afford to run its budgets in the red during hard times. Well, we can. It’s actually responsible government and this debt matter is a red herring.

  30. Tony says:

    Your points are classice dyed in the wool labor Ray.
    No harm in that for certain, BUT you have to realise, that for certain the propaganda coming from labor about wfc and other furphies, is, in the long run, going to do nothing for the economy but squirrel away money, in interest payments, that should be going to schools, hospitals and so forth. They are what make the economy grow, not spending absolute millions on development of new schemes that in reality, all that is required, is a toughening up of existing laws ?

    What am I talking about above ? What about the interest bill on that $200b ? We discussed this a while ago, and you shrugged it off, as you usually do, as merely being the norm, in a westernised society. What about our massive mineral wealth, being squandered by Canberra ? That alone, is what kept us out of the wfc. Not wonderful labor financial management.

    It is pretty pointless trying to tell someone who’s mind is so fogged with minutia, and propaganda, that they can’t see the truth, so will just say, just wait until the true budget position is released, just before the election, and watch all the die hard labor trogladites rush for the nearest rock to crawl under.

    The next three years, we will ALL be paying for Swanny’s swan song ?

  31. Iain Hall says:


    Even if stimulus was the right way to go, Brother Number One 2.0 still deserves criticism on several levels,The spending was panicked, when a little caution would not have hurt, the spending schemes were poorly thought out, badly administered and gave us little of lasting value, the Labor government did not know when to pull back the stimulus once the GFC was past its worst effect. All of these aspects of Brother Number One 2.0’s stimulus make your continued citation of this aspect of the Brother Number One 2.0 stimulus rather dodgy. Especially when you never acknowledge the fact that without a large Howard/Costello surplus to draw on Rudd would not have been in a position to do anything in 2007. That said though the economic cavorts under Labor by far out weigh any virtues of the initial decision to stimulate the economy in 2007. the billions spent on the climate change nonsense, the failure of the mining tax,the huge blow out in border protection costs, heck you would be hard pressed to find anything done by labor over the last six years that is worthy of and economic tick of approval. In fact I challenge you to do so.

  32. Ray Dixon says:

    Well Iain, most major economic experts both here in Australia and overseas disagree with you on Labor’s economic management. The fact is our economy is still in a strong position, unemployment is low, inflation is low and interest rates are at record lows. If a $200 billion debt is the price of that, so be it.

  33. Iain Hall says:

    I don’t think that Labor can take that much credit for the economy which is doing well DESPITE labor mismanagement. Just look at the Mining tax, The Carbon tax, Border security huge cost over runs on the NBN The list of labor bad economic mistakes is as long as your arm and to my mind what you should considering is just how much better off we all would/will be once those expensive issues have been put to bed. On the other hand what you neglect to mention when you cite the praise of “economic experts” is the caveat that they all make about the low government debt PRIOR to the Rudd panic of 2007.

  34. Richard Ryan says:

    We follow America like lap dogs and help fight its wars, not long now till we follow the USA and legalize gay marriage here in the good old United States Of Australia, which I support.

  35. Tony says:

    22% price hike in Qld, for a broke state government.
    Hang on to your hats gents, that’s just the start of the pain.

  36. Tony says:

    That’s just for electricity in Qld, wonder what the rest of us, will have to pay ?
    whatever happened to such wonderful state systems such as “The Prices Justification Tribunal”, and promises etched in stone such as utility price increases are legislatively fixed to be no more than cpi ?

    About time we turfed out ALL these tossers, and started again from scratch !

  37. Iain Hall says:

    Its the curse of gold plated electricity networks and the way that the instrumentalities insisted on selling air conditioning to generate more revenue by increasing consumption.

  38. Tony says:

    More like individual governmenst, both federal and state, that refuse to learn basic accounting 101.
    Damn, it’s a simple lesson to learn ffs ?

    When you ain’t got any money, it is time to stop spending, rather than continually blame in on ficticious gfcs ?

    When will it stop ffs ?
    How many more years, do the people of this country have to pay for political greed, glory seeking, and incompetence ?
    Viva la revolution ?

  39. Richard Ryan says:

    The French revolution was my favourite, and the sound of guillotine as it lobbed of those heads was music to my ears.

  40. Tony says:

    I thought the fun part for you Richard, was the sound of the heads, as they hit the bottom of the bucket ?

  41. Richard Ryan says:

    You heard it here first: The three failures of Tony Abbott——–(1) He failed to become a Catholic Priest. (2) He failed to get that girl pregnant. (3) And he will fail to become PM. SNIGGER SNIGGER! I am overjoyed. Shalom.

  42. Iain Hall says:

    just because you wish for something will not make it happen

  43. Ray Dixon says:

    There’s a saying, “The world is run by those who turn up” …. and it looks like Abbott is afraid to turn up and may yet grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Rudd has thrown down the challenge but Abbott is nowhere to be seen.

  44. Iain Hall says:

    the other side of the coin is that a wise man does not do battle on the field chosen or on the terms decided by your enemy. There is no precedent for the sort of debates being proposed by Brother Number One so I see no reason that Tony Abbott should even consider the arrogant and hubris laden challenge until an election date has been announced and the writs properly issued.

  45. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd is just outsmarting him, Iain, by proposing the venue in advance. He’s probably mindful of those faux debates of 2010 between Abbott and Gillard that were arranged by the DT and held @ Rooty Hill and were clearly formatted to favour Abbott. Rudd realises that Abbott won’t debate him until the election date is announced but now, when it happens, Abbott will have no choice but to accept the more neutral territory that Rudd has proposed – the National Press Club. He’s running rings around him and Abbott is now looking like a flat footed and dumbstruck opposition leader of no substance.

  46. Iain Hall says:


    Rudd is just outsmarting him, Iain, by proposing the venue in advance.

    No Ray brother Number One is trying to goad Abbott onto the back foot and failing.

    He’s probably mindful of those faux debates of 2010 between Abbott and Gillard that were arranged by the DT and held @ Rooty Hill and were clearly formatted to favour Abbott.

    There was nothing Fake about those people’s forum meetings at Rooty Hill you only dislike them because Abbott did consistently better than Gillard.

    Rudd realises that Abbott won’t debate him until the election date is announced but now, when it happens, Abbott will have no choice but to accept the more neutral territory that Rudd has proposed – the National Press Club.

    There is nothing “neutral” about the National Press Club given the tendency of Journalists to be of the left.

    He’s running rings around him and Abbott is now looking like a flat footed and dumbstruck opposition leader of no substance.

    Abbott is boxing like Muhammad Ali here dancing around and letting Brother Number One throw punches at the empty air in the reasonable expectation that Brother Number One will over reach and with his take over of the NSW branch of the party it looks like Abbott is on the right track here.

  47. Tony says:

    “The world is run by those who turn up”

    Abbott doesn’t have to show up Ray, the voters of this country will do that for him come polling day ?

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