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Final Countdown

A "white kinght" , but not as we know it

A “white kinght” , but not as we know it

Is there any other song to sum up the leadership stoush between Brother Number One  and the Red Queen? as Kevin is due to fly out to China today its now or never so I tend towards it being never . I have been away form home down in the big smoke of Brisbane , which has  made me even more thankful for my personal rural circumstance . I even rode on a bus for the first time in years and the experience certainly confirmed my loathing of public transport. It was expensive ,the ride was rough , the seats like rocks and I detested the necessity of waiting to travel at  the mercy of the timetable. I have to go to the same place today and I am going to pay for the exorbitant parking cost rather than repeat the horrid experience again.

Cheers Comrades

Abandon hope all that go through this gate


  1. deknarf says:

    Welcome to the world of poor public services primarily due to poor government! Note: I haven’t apportioned any blame to any particular party or belief system! ;-))

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    He’s flying to China tomorrow afternoon, not today, Iain, so he’s got another 24 hours to act.

  3. deknarf says:

    Don’t think Rudd has the support & I don’t believe Rudd answer. Gillard the better choice. NO Coalition & msm too keen to replace JG with KR.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    If Gillard believes she has the numbers she would have already called a spill by now, to force Rudd’s hand, like she did the first 2 times. The fact she hasn’t suggests she either doesn’t have the numbers or it’s too close to call.

    How can Gillard be a “better choice” when it’s patently obvious that the ALP will be all but wiped out if she’s stays in the job? The point that’s been missed is the main election issue (as far as the public is concerned) is Gillard herself. Her leadership (or lack of) has overshadowed all policy matters and is why Abbott has had such an easy ride.

    And the coalition would much rather face Gillard at an election than a revitalised Rudd. It’s like asking, “who do you want to play against in the Grand Final, Hawthorn or Greater Western Sydney?”

  5. deknarf says:

    I see that the ballot is on, and Gillard has said that ‘the loser should leave politics’. Couldn’t agree more on the position she has taken. I used to be a Rudd believer but have rapidly changed by views. I reiterate my view in the previous comment I made here. Rudd wins and (sadly) I suspect that Labor will lose!

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