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For everything has its season

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This editorial must surely earn agreement from Rudd supporters like my friend Ray but I am still not convinced that Rudd will “go the distance” and challenge or that Gillard will resign. The simple fact is that the Labor party faces a perfect example of “Hobbsen’s choice” Neither Rudd or Gillard are electable so in the meta consideration it does not matter that much.

Essentially there is just one week  during which the leadership can be changed. They say a day is a long time in politics so we face an eternity and I for one look forward to the matter being settled so that I can stop having to do posts about the the eternal Rudd Gillard stoush.

Over to you then Comrade Ray




  1. Ray Dixon says:

    The Age has pretty much said the same things I’ve been saying, Iain – that Gillard is a ‘dead duck’ but that Rudd will at least make a contest of the election and force Abbott to talk policy.

    I don’t think Gillard will step down either. Nor do I think Rudd will break his word and issue a formal challenge. However, the impasse can be broken if just one third of Caucus petitions the PM for a leadership spill. So I think this edtorial puts pressure on the Rudd camp to put that petition together and force a spill. It would then remain to be seen if Gillard renominates and, if she does, if Rudd then throws his hat in. I think he would this time.

    And I don’t think he’s “unelectable”. If Rudd does get his job back, I think Abbott is likely to make the mistake of focusing on him and on the leadership issues. And that could backfire on him because the electorate wants all that put aside and to focus on the policies.

  2. GD says:

    the electorate wants all that put aside and to focus on the policies.


    Well the Libs have said they’ll stop the boats, ie put a halt to Labor’s failed refugee policy. The Libs have also said that they’ll rescind the carbon tax, due to rise July 1. The Libs will also pull into line the runaway debt that Labor has bequeathed Australia.

    Judging by the polls, these are important issues for almost 70% of the population.

    However, perhaps the Coalition is the ‘Noalition’. Their first hundred days in office will primarily be spent in rectifying the damage done by the Rudd/Gillard Labor government: the useless Green schemes, the wasteful and futile ‘Climate Commission’ and the winding back of Gillard’s trade union brown-nosing, or to put that more politely, the Libs will once again aim to establish an ‘accord’ between labor and management. Sound familiar?

    On the other hand, what policies has Labor got?

    Failed pink batts installation, failed cash for clunkers, failed grocery watch, failed Fair Work reforms, failed minerals tax (MRRT), failed border protection and an ongoing failure with the uncosted, decades behind schedule, NBN.

    Add to that an unnecessary increase in power prices and subsequently all prices come July 1, 2013 due to the entirely unnecessary carbon tax.

    Still talking policy? How about censorship and control of the media? This Labor government has been overt in seeking to control not only our internet but our media and our everyday speech. You can thank Stephen Conroy and Nicola Roxon for that.

    Thankfully those stinking policies bit the dust.

    So what other policies has Labor got?

  3. Tony says:

    I think labor are waiting until just before the campaign starts officially, to give Gillard the boot. This will give them an immediate poll boost, and may be enough to make a contest of it. Even with Rudd, (or whomever?), they can’t win, they have done too much damage for that to occur. At least the decimation can perhaps be minimilised.

    Whether or not Rudd wants the job, is something that no one has taken into account. He is still probably fishing for his ambassadorship, and to hell with the rest of it all ?

    To give Gillard the boot, will not do anything for her massive misdirected ego. When labor loses, if she is not in charge, she can still come back in the future, and say it wasn’t my fault, blame ????

    If I was the party leadership, I would admit that the next election will be lost, and let Gillard suffer the embarassment that will cause her, and more perhaps importantly, her misguided supporters. Teach the party, and more importantly, her, some humility ?

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    I think Rudd will be PM by the end of the week. Even Combet is calling for a spill now (although he doesn’t seem to realise it). Then we can talk policies, GD. If Gillard stays, there’s not much point.

  5. Tony says:

    I, like many others hope you are correct Ray.

    As for Combet, too shifty for my liking. Bob Hawke, he isn’t ?

    The bit that lost me, and probably a majority of the swinging voters, was Gillard’s line of :

    Not only am I going to lead the labor party to the next election, I’m gunna win it !”

    Oh bloody cringe ! That arrogance sent a shiver down my spine, and probably everyone else that was borderline. With a current poll of a primary vote of 29% (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-24/labors-primary-vote-drops-below-30-per-cent-in-latest-newspoll/4774760), she is so out of touch with reality, it is staggering ? I have voted labor, for the majority of my voting life, and never have I seen a leader, so headstrong, so ignorant, so apathetic, as to what is going on around them, and so intransigent. She is trying to push hard, to force a conclusion to all the speculation, virtually slapping Rudd in face with an armoured glove, daring him to challenge, to get it over and done with. She is still trying ?

    Personally, (probably like Rudd is doing), I would keep my mouth shut, and let her lead the party to the greatest defeat in history, and see what that does to her ginormous ego. Leave it to the Libs to fix the economy, and the massive debt left behind, and be the knight on the white horse, to come up, and pick up what is left of the labor party and rebuild it ? Gillard won’t qualify for the massive former PM pension, as she won’t get two consecutive terms under her belt. Neither does she deserve the massive golden handshake. Let her live of a more than us, generous superannuation benefit, and let her slide into historical oblivion !

    Long term, that would be labor’s only hope if you ask me ?

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    From the ABC article:

    Cabinet minister Greg Combet, who says he supports the Prime Minister, has called for the leadership issue to be resolved this week.

    “Kevin Rudd does need to decide what he’s going to do here,” he told Radio National.

    “But we cannot come out of this final week of Parliament with this speculation continuing all the way to the election.

    “It’s just got to be resolved.”

    Mr Combet says the “ball is in Kevin Rudd’s court” because Ms Gillard is not going to step down and neither will any of her senior colleagues tap her on the shoulder.

    “If Kevin Rudd wants to challenge, it is available to him to do so and ultimately that’s for the Caucus to decide,” he said.

    “But we must put this to bed.”

    Trade Minister Craig Emerson, who is one of Ms Gillard’s strongest backers, also says the matter must be resolved this week.

    “Whatever transpires during the course of the week, in the House, in the Senate, anywhere else – it must be the end of it,” he told NewsRadio.

    “If anyone thinks that going into the community after this week that this matter can continue to be pressed by those who aren’t happy with their positions in the party or the party’s position over all then that is complete folly.

    “We cannot leave this week as a disunited party.”

    Backbencher Stephen Jones has called for Caucus to vote on the leadership this week.

    “I think it has to be resolved,” he told Sky News. “Probably the best way to resolve it would be a ballot.

    So this is Gillard sending her lackeys in to force Rudd’s hand (again). A spill will be called for sure – probably by Gillard (again). She’ll renominate (again) but this time I think you’ll find Rudd will stand and win.

  7. Tony says:

    I don’t know Ray. there is still a long way until the election ? Even he won’t be successful in turning that around, all be it we would all love to see Gillard removed to the seat closest to the exit doors of parliament ?

    I think that if she forces the vote, Rudd won’t contest, rather, will leave it to Combet to continue the mess we are in. The guy has too many smarts to let himself be outmanoeuvered by her again ?

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