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Letting Allah decide in Syria

Sadly far too many of the compassionate left tend to think that when the people rise up in revolt against a despot the rebels must by definition be fighting the good fight and there for they should be worthy of both moral endorsement and material support.Back in the real world those of us who are more sensible realise that often its really a pissing contest between the despicable and the utterly contemptible.Thus I have been entirely unmoved and rather uninterested in the  whole “Arab spring” thing in general and the war in Syria in particular. When it comes to the endless killing in places like Iraq where we are seeing the centuries old schism between Sunni and Shia Muslims played out in the form endless bombings,and other acts of violence. The civil war in neighbouring Syria is another page form the same book and I tend to think that the desire to stop the blood shed there is virtuous however the reality is that any cessation of hostilities is hardly likely to have any permanence . Put simply you don’t resolve centuries old animosities with socialist good intentions. So I found my self in agreement with, of all people , Sarah Palin:


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Palin is right here when it comes to these internecine conflicts we should just let these idiots kill each other and let their god sort out who is right in the after life.  With any luck they will wipe each other all out in an orgy of religious fervour. My concern about this war is the number of Australians of Syrian extraction who hop on a -plane and go “home” to fight against Assad. This strikes me  as being the clear problem with notions of dual citizenship. I think that any Australian duel citizens who play soldiers in the war  overseas they should have to show cause why they should not be  stripped of their Australian citizenship especially if they have been fighting for an ideology that is antithetical to our secular democracy .

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  1. I’m of a mind that Islamic theocracies are not compatible with democracies, so we should tread very lightly in that part of the world, and be cautious in the way we welcome those who do not wish to assimilate.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for commenting Richard McCargar I think that you are probably correct about the incompatibility between a religious theocracy and democracy and it is that more than anything else that drives me to write about the problems with Islam and Islamic immigration.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    I can’t disagree with your take on Syria, Iain. Or with Palin’s (which worries me!). Yeah, let them blow themselves apart – it’s idiotic and ancient fighting for the sake of it. At least it keeps the extremists where they belong.

    But please don’t use that as yet another anti-muslim immigration point. If anything, the conflicts in their homelands are all the more reason for those fleeing it to seek safe haven here. Plenty of people have fled war-torn countries in the past and settled in Australia and made good citizens, Iain. Those muslims who do so will assimilate too, eventualy … I guarantee you that.

  4. While I realize that it is obvious to write “Islamic theocracy vs Democracy” doesn’t mix well, but I write that because all too often I find that people somehow believe that Muslims are interested in democracy. Although some may be, they seem to regularly lose out to the fundamentalists who remind them that man’s laws cannot supersede god’s laws.

    I’m not a believer, but I accept that someone who actually believes in their religion would feel that way. As that is the case, the interest in forcing multiculturalism is a disaster in the making, at least as it relates to Muslims and democracies.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    there is no way that you could sustain your Guarantee that Syrians would make good citizens there are just too many examples from all over the world of the way that other Muslim immigrants have been of limited benefit to the countries that have given them refuge. That said I am not even considering Syria as a source of future immigrants. I see no reason to believe that they would be good for Australia.

    Glad to see that you agree with may position on dual citizens who fight in foreign wars should have to show cause though.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    So Syrian’s are out as future immigrants, huh?

  7. GD says:

    Richard McCargar said:

    the interest in forcing multiculturalism is a disaster in the making, at least as it relates to Muslims and democracies

    Forcing is the operative word here, Richard. Our leftist government, for whatever reason, believes that it is in the best interests of Australia to open our borders to any, all and sundry, people from the third world without security checks. Should an Australian citizen disagree with that, they are immediately branded ‘racist’. You only have to read this blog to see that.

    So Syrian’s are out as future immigrants, huh?

    Huh, no Ray, huh, there is plenty of scope to properly assess potential immigrants landing on our shores as ‘refugees’. Being bloody minded as you are about the issue isn’t helpful at all. Of course Australia, or any nation, has a right to question who comes here.

    It’s not an ‘all or nothing’ issue as you have once again iterated. Humanitarian refugee policy requires handling by a mature government. So far, under both Rudd and Gillard, this hasn’t been the case. They have opened our borders to all-comers, while failing to install checks and balances as to who is being granted permanent residency.

    And all of this under the guise of being ‘caring’, while at the same time demonising any Australian who disagrees as being ‘racist’.

    Richard is right. The Left are ‘forcing’ multiculturalism on the rest (the majority) of our nation.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    Geez you go off on a tangent, GD. Firstly, my comment about Syrian refugees was about Iain deciding in advance that no Syrian would make a good citizen for Australia, which is an absurd blanket position to adopt. Secondly, your claim that the government lets in refugees “from the third world without security checks” is a blatant untruth. This typifies your extremism, GD. Thank Christ not even your precious Liberal Party supports your radical right-wing views.

    How is the vote decision going, btw? I guess you’re already out campaigning for Hanson in the Senate but you must be worried about finding somweone to vote for in the lower house. Someone who will ban all middle east immigrants. Is Kate McCulloch running in your seat by any chance? You could vote for her.

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