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No one gives a Gonski about anything Gillard says

When you are impotent its rather difficult to convince your paramours that you can give them a scorching seeing to if they don’t do as you wish. thus I find that Gillard’s threats to the states about their majority  disinterest in he “Gonski ” education plan rather pathetic and just a little bit sad.

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Lets be honest here, NO ONE expects that Labor will be in office in six months time let alone the next six years which means that all of the threats about future funding are ridiculous and it demeans the office of Prime minister for Gillard to keep up the pretence that Labor stands a snowflake’s chance in hell of making good on anything it promises between now and September 14. Even if we were not in an Ersatz election campaign and Labor was not facing defeat beyond that which it received in Queensland there is the not so small matter of Gillard’s form when it comes to truthfulness which the voters are reminded of every time they pay their energy bills which always invoke a memory of the foundational lie of the Gillard incumbency ” There will be no carbon tax under a government that I lead ” still echoes for me when ever Gillard says anything at all and I’m very sure I’m not the only one who can’t forget or forgive her for such dishonesty.  If there is a song that epitomises Labor’s stench to the voters it has to be this:

While the alternative is not perfect it does not need to be to be better than the disaster that is the Labor party that is disintegrating more every new day. the only bright spot for Labor true believers has to be the fact that the  loopy Greens are likewise in substantial  decline and now struggle to get into double digits.

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Iain! you are starting to sound more like Andrew Bolt every day.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Richard has it ever occurred to you that he is sounding more like me every day?

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    She’s the lamest lame-duck PM in our history, Iain. She’s dead-in-the-water, a dead-woman-walking and whatever other hyphenated term describes someone who is in a position of power but has so little prospect of keeping that position that he/she is effectively redundant.

    For God’s sake ALP, this current session of Parliament is your LAST CHANCE to stick the knife in and remove Gillard in the same manner she removed Rudd 3 years ago.

    Just do it.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    We both know that its too late to save Labor by changing its leader, the rot has just progressed too far. I really think that the only thing true believers like your own good self can hope for is that from the ashes of Gillard’s folly a new Labor party can emerge. Anything done before the election will be pointless.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s not too late, Iain. Think about it – she’s going to lose big time and be out of the job as PM within 100 days and then the ALP will be forced to replace her. Even if she holds her seat of Lalor (and the way it’s looking don’t be surprised if she doesn’t) and doesn’t resign as leader post-election, how long do you think she’ll last? So they might as well do it now and just hope to salvage a few more seats. I agree they will still lose and need a massive rebuild but it’d be easier to rebuild from a base of say 50 seats than 25, don’t you think? Let’s face it, we NEED an opposition, not a rump. Seriously, if Gillard stays on the ALP is in danger of being extinguished as a political party. She has done so much damage that the rebuild needs to start now.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    I agree with you that the Labor party needs reform now… BUT I doubt that anyone, not even Rudd, wants the job now that Gillard has made Labor SO toxic as a political brand. After the slaughter it probably won’t make that much difference the the magnitude of the rebuilding job even if they are reduced to less than thirty MPs because the size of the task is all about the amount of reform that they have to do to the party and its polices before they can be electable again than it is about the brute number of seats that they will have to win back.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    No, Iain, you have a short memory. It’s not so long ago that the Liberals were in total disarray after the 2007 election defeat. Remember Brendan Nelson, anyone? Even when Malcolm Turnbull took over from Nelson they were still polling very poorly and looking like they needed major reform. Well, especially when Turnbull took over because he was the one who tried to reform the party but was ousted by those who wanted to keep it the same – hence the elevation of 50s man Abbott to the job.

    Now, since Abbott took over, the Libs stocks have risen dramatically but it wasn’t because of him or any reform or rebuild of the party, was it? No, of course it wasn’t – Abbott actually bought nothing new and promised nothing other than a repeat of the past. But what happened was Rudd was hit by something called the GFC and was highly criticised for his autocratic (yet correct) spending splurge and stimulus packages that saw his popularity dip (temporarily and nowhere near the low levels Gillard has subsequently reached). This allowed the idiots in the ALP’s NSW right like Arbib to install Gillard, leading to Abbott’s stocks rising even further … by just being there.

    Since then, well, we all know how Gillard has limped from one mistake to another, each and every one of them raising Abbott’s credibility as a PM and making the Liberals favourites to win, despite being essentially the same bunch of fools and rabble that we kicked out in 07.

    The bottom line is that the ALP’s ability to “rebuild” does not require “reform of its policies” but in reducing the size of its loss, so that when the coalition stuffs up (as they surely will because they don’t have a clue how to run the country), Labor’s stocks will again rise.

    And, despite what you say, there is no doubt whatsoever that Rudd would take the job in a heartbeat if it were offered to him on a platter. Equally, there’s no doubt that he would reduce the size of the loss – to start with, there’s Queensland.

    That’s why they need to do it, although it requires the likes of Shorten to swallow his ambitions to be the next leader and get rid of Gillard for Rudd. And that might be asking too much.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    But obviously they won’t do it:


    One of Kevin Rudd’s key supporters has likened the Labor Party’s electoral woes to the final moments of the Titanic.

    The MP has denied there is any chance of a comeback by the former prime minister, and has attributed recent criticism of Julia Gillard to general “crankiness” within the party.

    “It’s like the Titanic – we’re in the final scenes,” the backbencher told ABC News Online.

    “Third class has realised the doors are locked and they’re not getting out.

    “And first class are running around looking for a dress to put on.”

    The MP told the ABC it was “too late” to consider a return to Mr Rudd.

    I blame (faction leader and undersized idiot) Bill Shorten for all this. He could sway the party to dump her but he wants the job post the election loss, I reckon.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Ray have you seen the despair on Shorten’s face lately?

    Another thing to consider is that the greater the loss the greater the incentive to change will be.
    Finally I take issue with your claim that the Libs “can’t run the country” surely the empirical measure of that is the state of the budget now compare to 2007.
    Don’t forget this measure of Labor’s management skills:

  10. Ray Dixon says:

    You can’t compare the two economic eras pre & post GFC, Iain. That’s what you’re doing. And as for the boat people – it’s a universal problem. If that’s a Liberal Party ad then it says a lot about their shit-headed approach to what should be a non-political issue. We do not have a “failed border protection system”. Obviously we’re catching all boats or do you think some are landing and sneaking into Australia without going through screening? That’s laughable. Labor did not cause these people to attempt to get here and if you want to keep banging on about it you can count me out of the discussion. I’m pretty well sick of the no-policy coalition claiming they could do any better. They are indeed inept, Iain, and will prove to be so in government but rest assured, I won’t be using this false rhetoric you’re using here to point out their shortcomings when the boot is on the other foot.

  11. Tony says:

    Rudd’s latest public comment ?

    Kevin Rudd has told his Labor colleagues to focus on Tony Abbott rather than Julia Gillard, as they despair over the prospect of a massive election defeat.

    ‘I think it’s time everyone, and I mean everyone, just pulled their heads in,’ the former prime minister told reporters on his way into Parliament House on Wednesday.

    Instead, they should get on with the business of making sure Mr Abbott did not become prime minister.

    Poor old Mr Rudd. He would have to be either a fool, or the greatest masochist ever born, to take on attepmting to win the next election.

    Your 10:47 comment was spot on Ray, and generally the feeling of not only the electorate at large, but also I think to most Labor die hards ?
    Common sense really isn’t it ?
    It is unfortunate though, that Gillard and cronies, are using an under resourced education sector, as their own private little ego lifter, and economic chew toy, especially, when their is nothing in the bank to pay for it ?

    FFS Gillard, would you please drop your ego for five seconds, and do the entire country a favour, and jump back under the rock that you crawled out of ?

  12. GD says:

    Labor did not cause these people to attempt to get here

    Of course they did, they dismantled a border policy that was working.

    You can’t compare the two economic eras pre & post GFC

    The GFC ended years ago, Labor is still borrowing money at a rate of knots. You can’t blame the last three years on the GFC.

    $340 billion at last count and all for nothing save for green schemes and plasma screen TVs

    We do not have a “failed border protection system”

    I’ll leave that idiotic remark to a later comment.

    I’m pretty well sick of the no-policy coalition claiming they could do any better

    Well Ray, Howard had unauthorised arrivals down to a handful, whereas Labor has opened the floodgates. All Abbott has to do is reinstate that policy. Nothing has changed. Refugees, terrorists and illegal immigrants will always try to bypass Australia’s immigration laws.

  13. GD says:

    We do not have a “failed border protection system

    Bumper boat numbers for April – we’ve tallied the client numbers and the results are in

    3,436 new clients arrived in April.

    @ $180,000 per person to “process”, that’s just on $620 million in new costs for April

    109 boats so far this year delivered 7,295 alive clients.

    7,295 clients so far at $180,000 each is $1.3 billion – just for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr clients.

    – data courtesy of Michael Smith News

  14. GD says:

    As for Ray’s assertion that Gillard is the cause of all Labor’s woes, it’s hard to go past
    Professor Judith Sloan’s
    analysis of the other non-performers in this rancid regime:

    She begins with a withering appraisal of three time loser Stephen Conroy: his failed internet filter, failed media censorship and now failing NBN asbestos network.

    The senator’s performance removes any doubt about Conroy being a witless, unintelligent, immature and boorish grub who is completely unfit to be a Minister of the Crown.

    She then nominates:

    * The Treasurer (Swan), for his failure to achieve a budget surplus plus other assorted misdemeanors;

    * Workplace Relations Minister(Shorten), for pushing a brazenly pro-union piece of legislation to greater heights and overseeing some egregious appointments for mates;

    * Immigration Minister (O’Connor), for completely failing to deal with the uncontrolled arrival of boats and the implications;

    * Foreign Minister (Carr), for poncing around the world with his wife concentrating on the unimportant issues; and I’ll add, handing out millions of our borrowed money to warring Islamic tribes.

    * Climate change minister (Combet), for keeping faith when everyone else is retreating, wasting billions in green schemes and to agreeing to the most ridiculous predictions on carbon prices in the forward estimates;

    * Former AG (Roxy), arguably the worse AG we have ever had until the new one was appointed;

    * Childcare Minister (Ellis), for overseeing a disaster in the childcare space with ridiculously burdensome regulations and skyrocketing fees;

    * School education minister (Garrett), for promoting something he doesn’t understand and spending money we cannot afford which is actually just a sop to the Australian Education Union.

  15. GD says:

    hence the elevation of 50s man Abbott to the job

    I fail to see how Abbott is a ’50s man’ considering he is yet to be in government. Perhaps you should look at Gillard and the faceless men of Labor who have taken industrial relations back to the 70s, undoing all the good work of the Hawke-Keating years.

    Wake up Ray, it’s not just Gillard, it’s the whole of the current Labor Party.

  16. GD says:

    Did you enjoy that, Ray? I know the rest of us did 🙂

  17. Ray Dixon says:

    Careful, GD, self applause has a very hollow ring to it.

    So … 5 consecutive comments to make your points? And most of them just opinions (and not even your own opinions but someone else’s !!), all made in the dead of night, as usual. It looks like you just got home from the pub and let it all out. Here’s my response (note that I’ll only need one comment and I won’t rely on the words/opinions of others):

    The only facts you’ve presented are about asylum seeker arrivals this year to date. The rest of your comments are mere opinions and hardly worth responding to, although I’ll just point out that the GFC’s impacts are still being felt around the world or perhaps you didn’t know that Australia’s economic data (annual growth, unemployment, inflation, etc, and yes – even our debt!) is far healthier than all other westernised countries in the world, largely due to the government’s management. Or perhaps you conveniently overlook that fact – ie the fact that despite your bleatings, Australia under Labor has grown, prospered and thrived.

    As for asylum seekers, I concede the numbers have been large this year and the cost high. It does not mean though that we have a “failed border protection system”. That terminology (which is the coalition’s description) is incorrect and dangerously misleading, as it implies that we cannot protect our shores and that boats are arriving undetected and sneaking in behind our backs. I will guarantee you that that is exactly what half the dimwitted bogans in western Sydney actually believe – that people are getting into Australia “illegally”. And they believe that because that’s what Abbott et al keep telling them. It’s what you keep saying too. The reality is that we do not have insecure borders and we are indeed picking up all attempted boat arrivals, detaining them, processing them, screening them and then either accepting them as genuine refugees or sending them away. And yes, that costs a lot of money and that’s what Abbott will face too.

    To suggest that just because Howard cut back on boat arrivals (by demonising and punishing any who tried) so will Abbott is just typical of your backwards thinking. It’s like suggesting Abbott could return a surplus just because Howard did when the two eras are completely different. It remains to be seen if Abbott can handle the asylum seeker issue any better than Labor has and at what cost. This should be a non-political issue but I guess you’ve got to flog it for all its worth seeing that Abbott offers very little else to back up his claims for government.

  18. Tony says:

    Dead of night or not Ray, the comments and criticisms are still valid.

    Gillard’s “We have stopped the boats, and will continue to stop the boats” was not only an initial failure, but continues to be so.

    As for GD’s five continuous comments, it would probably taken another twenty to fully document Labour’s failures since Gillard took over, in this policy alone.

    It would only take a government, with a bit of guts, to turn one boat around, back to its source, and that would put the smugglers in Indonesia and the Arab nations out of business.
    Also, to close all on shore processing, giving illegals access to free legal to fight under a generous western law system. At our expense !

    Once the message gets back, (as it did under the Howard government), that we are no longer an easy target, the boats will simply go somewhere else. It worked under Howard, it is pretty tough to see why it can’t work again ?

  19. Tony says:

    Look at the jpg above, and that pretty much shows Labor’s failures in this regard.

  20. Ray Dixon says:

    I think GD can speak for himself … well, he can at least speak other people’s words for himself.

  21. Tony says:

    huh ?
    Was that a criticism of his resources, facts, or just rumbling from the wings Ray ?

  22. GD says:

    Ray I purposely chose to use five comments so you could perhaps digest the points more easily.

  23. Ray Dixon says:

    Hogwash. I think it’s more likely you needed a toilet break between points.

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