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Munching Mike’s cure for throat cancer


Hollywood, the place of flickering dreams and dancing shadows provides us entertainment in many ways. Most especially when its professional liars  (actors) make pronouncements that are utterly without foundation and are equally as silly:

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While the connection between HPV and certain cancers is not disputed I find Douglas’s claimed cure to be rather dubious to say the least. Ah well at least with the roll-out of the HPV vaccine there will be less chance of such cancers into the future so the precursor to casual sex will require a check of both HIV and HPV status…

Cheers Comrades

can we get a medicare rebate for Michael Douglas' cure to throat cancer?

Can we get a Medicare rebate for Michael Douglas’ cure for throat cancer?



  1. Tony says:

    There are so many rebuttals to this, that I could come up with, but they would all get me banned ?

    I just have to say, if you got to get any sort of cancer, and this one being predictable in its contraction, it would be the one wouldn’t it ?

    Still like the gif. Got to watch the bouncing ball ?

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    He’s confusing cancer with herpes.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    He is not confusing Cancer with herpes actually, there is no doubt that the HPV which causes genital warts is implicated in several types of aggressive cancers which is precisely the reason that have seen the roll out of a vaccine to pubescent girls in this country.
    I am a very laid back blogmaster who does not ban anyone for being frank or even un “PC” so feel free to say what you think about the topic 😎

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    I still reckon Douglas has herpes. Look at the pock marks, Iain.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    I would put Douglas’ ravaged appearance down to chemo rather than Herpes which does not usually leave substantive scaring

  6. Tony says:

    Seriuosly though…..
    It has seemed somewhat dismaying, that now, some forty years after aids, and other stds appeared on the scene, (or probably more importantly, were fully documented and tallied ?), all the advertising and programs introduced to help slow the massive reach of these diseases, we are still suffering thousands if not more, needless deaths because of these diseases.

    About the only thing that hasn’t happened, is the advertising of all forms of contraception on the electronic media.
    I stil find it amazing, that sex tours to third world countries still continue unabated.
    I also still find it amazing, that not only the younger generation are purposefully and blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions ?

    You would think, that after nearly fifty years of the society suffering these often needless deaths, we would at least have something of a cure by now, considering how many research millions are being pumped into the problem ?

    Bend over and cough gentlemen ?

  7. Iain Hall says:

    I have become far more conservative about matters sexual as I have got older and as my own children approach puberty. As much as I believe that personal liberty should dictate the rights of individuals to copulate with any other consenting adults of their choice as often as they please I also have grave fears of all of the pit falls of modern society with its “hook up” culture and casual promiscuity. Not the least of these is a fear of disease.

    That said I have welcomed the roll out of the HPV vaccine and I did not hesitate to authorise it for may daughter and I hope that it is as freely available for boys when my son is old enough because its benefits are not restricted to the fairer sex as Michael Douglas’ throat cancer demonstrates.

    Call me an old romantic but I want sex to be something more than a recreational contact sport.

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