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Competency, not truth, will decide this election

Well Said Paula!
Your argument is the perfect antidote to those who whine on and on about “policy” being the important factor in the democratic process. It is always secondary to perceptions of which of the choices will be more competent.
The one factor that I would add to your argument is the “lesser of two evils” principle that is always in play when people are in the voting booth holding onto the the stubby pencil because the choice always boils down to which option exhibits the least amount vice rather than which one is closest to perfection. On that score Abbott is a country mile ahead of Gillard.

Cheers Comrades

Drag0nista's Blog

Guardian Australia’s political editor Lenore Taylor wrote that we’re heading to a post-truth election.

This might have come as a surprise to the many political observers who consider truth to be a quaint artefact from a golden age of politics that may not have actually existed. Truth, or its absence, has not been a deciding factor in politics for a very long time. Nor will it play a definitive role in the 2013 federal election.

The result will, however, pivot on the questions of trust and competency.

Taylor cites as evidence of the post-truth paradigm the Opposition’s current strategy of dismissing Government undertakings as lies or broken promises-in-waiting, while the Government paints its opponent as a bogeyman with manifold hidden agendas.

While “Politicians have always tried to paint their opponents in an unflattering way and cast doubt upon their promises and credibility,” says Taylor, these days “the story politicians tell…

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