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Equal opportunity in education regardless of gender does not require equal numbers from each gender into science and mathematics

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Pieces like this one which headlines today’s Brisbane Times and they usually take the same approach of suggesting that it is some sort of social tragedy if we can’t get more girls to study science to the nth degree. I think that this is a reflection of an unrealistic feminist dogma. Simply put this brand of Feminist thinking argues that unless women filling half of the places in every profession then the patriarchy is still dominating our society. Its the stuff of nonsense because it assumes that men and women are precisely the same in the way that their brains are “wired” and that women and men all have the same proclivities   for subjects such as science and mathematics.

Ah do I hear you thinking “Iain Hall is a dinosaur who thinks women are lesser creatures”? well that is not the case at all but I think that feminists like Natalie Bochenski  should be contented with the fact that those women and girls who want to devote themselves to science can do just as the boys and men in our society who want to be the primary care givers for their children can follow that path. As I see it the important thing here is that individuals can choose their own path with their choices unrestricted by the contents of their underpants. We have got to that stage in our society and I for one am very grateful that my daughter  could be anything she pleases, in this country there is no profession that a woman is excluded from because of her gender. That is how it should be. However we should likewise not be concerned if young women choose not to do science or engineering. Just as we should not be concerned if our young men want to go into professions traditionally the preserve of women, like early childhood teaching or nursing do not do so in the same numbers as women do.

In an ideal society we should encourage all individuals to play to their strengths free of the ideological preconceptions of feminist dogma and while I will happily cheer and endorse the women who succeed in science and  mathematics  I won’t lament that they are a minority of their gender and frankly those who do are being utterly stupid.

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we are all equal in our humanity

we are all equal in our humanity even when we differ in our abilities.

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