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AFL round 9 (2013) ‘expert’ tips

(by SockPuppet – your special investergator blogger)

It’s ‘Top Ten’ round

In keeping with Iains million milestone hits this week I bring you the top ten search terms of all time.

This is what the idiots search on Google for to come here to see:

  1. lara bingle ……. 27,118
  2. iain hall ……. 15,888
  3. brazilian wax ………. 14,959
  4. upskirt ……. 7,355
  5. abby winters ……. 5,997
  6. iainhall …….. 5,538
  7. clare werbeloff …….. 2,867
  8. christmas cards ……… 2,848
  9. richard ryan comments to iain hall …….. 2,796
  10. going commando ………. 2,455

I take credit for numbers 7 (seven) and eight (8) with my groundbraking expose on the Chk Chk Boob girl Clare and my Christmas Emailcard posts.

Iain gets credit for his Lara Bingle obsession and all the other porn. I am only surprised that “Tits” didnt make it. 

Richard gets credit for googling himself 2796 times to make his way here (have you ever heard of the Favorites button Richard?)

I think this top ten list proves conclusively that Iain runs the most intellectual blog site on the Internets.

Getting on to the footy (and proving I am a master sedge wayer) Rays Saints are not in ‘The Top Ten’ thisyear (and look more like fishining in the bottom4) but over in the real life world of AFL footy this round is actually called Indigenous round and marks the 20th anniversary of:

Saint Nicky Winmars world famous “I’m black and proud of it” moment

… in the face of the bogan racist Collingwood crowd at the filthy scumground of Victoria Park back in 1993 after Nicky had kicked 6 goals in a BOG performance to beat the stinking Pies.

So that is really sumpthing to be proud of I would suggest.

I would also suggest GD would hate this photo but if I said that he might have another hissyfit.

Good onya Nicky – your a bloody legend:

nickywinmar2Collingwood v Sydney: Because it is in Melbourne and Collingwood fans will put Adam Goodes off his game with more racial abuse. And I do not want to see Goodes lift his jumper like Nicky did.

Pt Adelaide v Geelong: The bubble has bursted for the Port who are exposed for the bogan mullet wearers that they are.

Greater Western Joke v West Coast: Bloody obvious.

St Kilda v Bulldogs: I reckon even Nicky could play in this one and still get 6 goals (hes 47). 

Richmond v Essendon: The bombers are what is called in footy terms fcuked. something about drugs and cheating.

Brisbane v Carlton: I am bravely tipping the upset here.

Hawthorn v Gold Coast: This game is a good Chance for ‘tough guy’ Buddy Franklin to prove hes a man and not some drunk yobbo who abuses women.

North Melbourne v Adelaide: The Crows have never been any good since they got rid of there aborigine players. They must be or are racists? 

Fremantle v Melbourne: Melbourne is so broke that there players are driving over to Perth in there own cars. And the club is not even refunding the cost of petrol and nor should they.

You can now Make a comment here if you like –

I have given up trying to convince you that footy is real life. 

yous will never learn.

(Click on “make a comment”(

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I dunno.





  1. SockPuppet says:

    Well I will make a comment on this if you lot wont.

    I have just seen a new search term on Iains stat page that is gaining popularity

    It is:

    gay docking

    Can someone explain what that means? I am lost.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Its obviously the shortening of tails from Gay puppies, I used to do it when I was breeding poodles…

  3. SockPuppet says:

    Or cutting the gonads off Iain?

    I think if gays had there gonads removed by law that would be a surefire cure for there gay illness Iain.

    Then the whole gaymarriage beatup would just go away.

    We should put this up for national discussion.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    I did tails not gonads Socky, somehow I doubt that amateur surgery on Gays would meet with social approval Socky 🙄

  5. SockPuppet says:

    Professional surgery Iain. By doctors. By law. I have emailed Tony Abbott with this idea and he likes it.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Where is the fun in that Socky?

  7. SockPuppet says:

    I do not think removing gays gonads is “fun” Iain. Leave it to the doctors. It is all in a days work for them. The only query is is it covered by medicare or the NDIS? Gayness being a mental illness according to Dr WHO.

  8. SockPuppet says:

    Not that Doctor Who Iain. The Doctor @ the W.H.O. meaning the World Health Organisation said homosex is a mental illness (*)

    (* I did not say it – W.H.O. said it. The U.N. wants gays deknackered, I Think)

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Putting it back on the topic of indigenous round, it seems that Sydney’s Adam Goodes has had his own ‘Nicky Winmar moment’ tonight too:


    Or so he thinks. The girl racially abusing him was reportedly about 14.

    This proves three things:

    1. Collingwood supporters have not changed and are still absolute scum.

    2. Adam Goodes is no Nicky Winmar.

    3. And he’s definitely gay!

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