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With Polls Averaging 55-45 To Libs And Nats, Where Is Gillard’s Bounce?

Thanks for such a detailed and measured analysis of the polls concerning Gillard’s standing with the people and what they say about the results on September 14.
Personally, and this is based upon nothing other than my political instincts, I am expecting a Queensland level obliteration of the ALP because I suspect that a lot of Labor voters who are surveyed may keep the faith in response to the pollsters but when in the booth clutching the stubby pencil they will change their mind because deep down in their hearts they know that Labor no longer deserves their vote.
Cheers Comrade Yale

no real bounce for Labor on September 14

The Red And The Blue

THE SMOKE has cleared from last week’s federal budget, and the post-budget polls are out; the reputable ones average a 10-point Coalition lead that would see Labor lose 20 seats at an election. So why the media excitement about a “bounce” for Gillard? The truth is here; perhaps boring, it shouldn’t surprise.

It comes as little surprise that in some corners of the press, there have been loud headlines this week proclaiming recoveries, bounces and comebacks for Julia Gillard in the wake of last week’s budget and the polls that followed it.

There is virtually nothing in the relevant numbers to justify such talk; we’ll go through it, but deluded lefties getting excited about tiny movements within error margins are just that: deluded.

I’m not going to get misty-eyed about primary votes tonight, which in any case are most relevant these days in depicting the split of the vote for the…

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